Christmas Horoscopes

A light-hearted look at your Christmas horoscopes, and what is in store for you over the festive period.

Gathering family and friends close at Christmas is one of the main joys of the festive season - but it can also cause tensions to rise if personalities clash and people have differing ideas of how the day should be celebrated. Prepare yourself for the rush of relatives along with their foibles, with this insight from the zodiac.

Christmas Horoscopes


March 21-April 19

Symbol: The ram

Element: Fire

Personality: Competitive, honest, caring, bossy

Christmas loves: Aries will be the first to get out the Monopoly board after lunch but he will definitely sulk if he doesn't win. Aries loves showing off so dress him in a Santa suit and ask him to entertain the little children in the family - he'll love it!

Christmas hates: Aries is very impatient so don't expect him to wait until after dinner to open his presents.

Ideal gift: Exciting, glamorous and fun - nothing too practical; possibly a sports-related gift.



April 20-May 20

Symbol: The bull

Element: Earth

Personality: Practical, stubborn, patient, loyal, self-indulgent

Christmas loves: You can trust Taurus to work out the budget for your Christmas party - with his eye on the money you'll never overspend.

Christmas hates: A hungry Taurus is a grumpy Taurus. Always make sure he has some nibbles to graze on while you're waiting for the turkey to roast.

Ideal gift: Luxury food or a gourmet cookery lesson.



May 21-June 20

Symbol: The twins

Element: Air

Personality: Sociable, persuasive, fickle, curious

Christmas loves: Gemini loves a party. Make sure she's the first to arrive as she's an expert in getting people chatting.

Christmas hates: You'll have to insist on a mobile phone ban at lunch or else Gemini will be texting her friends non-stop as she can't stand to be out-of-the loop even for a second.

Ideal gift: Technology based game or gadget



June 21-July 22

Symbol: The crab

Element: Water

Personality: Emotional, intuitive, sensitive, sympathetic

Christmas loves: You can rely on Cancer to bring extra homemade dishes of food - just in case. Cancer will also be happy to help you decorate your home for the party - let Cancer dress the tree, it will look perfect.

Christmas hates: Don't sit sensitive Cancer next to a blustering Fire sign at lunch as Cancer's delicate sensibilities are sure to be offended by forthright Aries, Leo or Sagittarius in conversation.

Ideal gift: Being around family is reward enough for homebody Cancer - but a box of old fashioned sweets or chocolate would be appreciated



July 23-August 22

Symbol: The lion

Element: Fire

Personality: dramatic, idealistic, romantic, courageous

Christmas loves: Leo loves Christmas: the drama, the excitement and the gifts. He is a fun star sign to have at your party as he loves to entertain a crowd.

Christmas hates: Don't let Leo dominate the conversation - quieter star signs won't be able to get a word in!

Ideal gift: Something flashy and sparkly: from jewellery to a techno gadget



August 23-September 22

Symbol: The virgin

Element: Earth

Personality: Perfectionist, dependable, analytical, critical

Christmas loves: Virgo loves organising and preparing, so Virgo will arrive five hours early and proceed to help you prepare the perfect Christmas lunch - but you'll be grateful of their help.

Christmas hates: You'll find Virgo clearing up the wrapping paper the instant it's been torn from the presents. Virgo cannot stand untidiness!

Ideal gift: A book on gardening or ecology - just make sure it's very neatly wrapped



September 23-October 22

Symbol: The scales

Element: Air

Personality: Artistic, diplomatic, indecisive, sociable

Christmas loves: Libra will be sure to talk to every person at the party; he likes everyone to have an equal share of his attention. Libra is good at diffusing disputes and tensions that may arise.

Christmas hates: Libra will worry about pleasing everybody. Don't make him choose between your party and another family member's party - tell him he can go to both with your blessing.

Ideal gift: A beautiful silk scarf or an album of music



October 23-November 21

Symbol: The Scorpion

Element: Water

Personality: Passionate, secretive, loyal, determined

Christmas loves: Scorpio loves making a connection with new people. If you have a shy guest this Christmas, sit them next to Scorpio who will give them her intense and undivided attention.

Christmas hates: Don't pry into Scorpio's private life - she likes to be mysterious and she will probably not want to give you all the details on her new partner.

Ideal gift: Designer sunglasses; a book on spirituality



November 22-December 21

Symbol: The Archer

Element: Fire

Personality: Generous, honest, confident, enthusiastic

Christmas loves: Outgoing Sagittarius will be the first on the dance floor - keeping your Christmas cheer going into the small hours.

Christmas hates: Sagittarius has a tendency to make verbal blunders that can upset more sensitive star signs. Keep Sagittarius busy and active so he doesn't have time to get himself into hot water.

Ideal gift: Subscription to a travel magazine; a photography book



December 22-January 19

Symbol: The goat

Element: Earth

Personality: Responsible, conventional, hardworking, unforgiving

Christmas loves: Capricorn works hard and values her money. Put Capricorn in charge of sorting out the food and drinks for your party and you'll get top-notch fare for a rock bottom price.

Christmas hates: Capricorn can be uptight, finding it difficult to relax and have a good time. Encourage Capricorn to open up and into the Christmas spirit.

Ideal gift: A moneybox; a book of money-saving ideas



January 20-February 18

Symbol: The water bearer

Element: Air

Personality: Independent, tolerant, unpredictable, perceptive

Christmas loves: Aquarius is a technology whiz, he will look after the soundtrack for your party. Ask Aquarius to talk about his latest passion - you could be in for an education!

Christmas hates: Aquarius' emotions can bubble to the surface very easily at this sentimental time of year. Have a box of tissues on hand to mop up the tears.

Ideal gift: Ethically produced anything; donation to charity in his name



February 19-March 20

Symbol: The fish

Element: Water

Personality: Sensitive, compassionate, imaginative, idealistic, secretive

Christmas loves: Pisces enjoys Let Pisces provide the Christmas cake for your party - it's sure to be a work of art.

Christmas hates: Pisces has a tendency to take the weight of the world on his shoulders, making him often maudlin. Keep Pisces in the Christmas spirit by reminding him of all the good that exists in the world.

Ideal gift: Aromatherapy kit; cashmere blanket


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