Discover Your Venus Sign

A study of the relationship compatibilities of the different Venus signs

Did you know that the secret to finding your perfect partner could be written in the stars? According to astrologers, the position of the planets when you were born could reveal why you are attracted to some people or see others as friends.

Your Venus sign is the position the planet Venus was in at the time of your birth. Venus rules love and emotions. Understanding your Venus sign can give you insight into romantic relationships, friendships, and family ties.


Your Venus Sign

Find your Venus sign by tapping your birth date into one of the many sites internet that will calculate it for you.

Venus in Ares

*Fire Sign

Sizzling Arians are prone to having intense love affairs that will burn brightly then fizzle out. But you are exciting to be with so you never find yourself short of a date. You seek out inspiring people and search for cutting-edge culture. You have no problem making friends, although some people may find your passionate nature a bit intimidating. 

Perfect Venus Match: Fellow fire signs or air signs.

Venus in Taurus

*Earth Sign

Finding the right partner is not something to be rushed. So you will take your time before you make a firm commitment. You want a person who is emotionally strong and stable and it's important to you that a prospective partner is responsible in financial matters. On the other hand, you do love to indulge your beloved with the finer things in life every so often.

Perfect Venus Match: Fellow Earth signs or water signs

Venus in Gemini

*Air Sign

You love to meet new people and rarely turn down a social invitation. You are seeking an equally sociable partner who can make you laugh as well as share your intellectual pursuits. But you can be flirtatious and find it difficult to choose one partner with so many interesting people in the world! You have a wide group of friends, although you may find you don't have a truly close friend of the same sex.

Perfect Venus Match: Fire signs or Air signs

Venus in Cancer

*Water Sign

Truthfulness is the most important in the game of love for you. If you feel deceived, you'll retreat back into your shell. You're looking for a lover who can offer you security and who can be a nurturing presence in your life. You are most comfortable at home and your house is always open to friends. People flock to you to experience your generous hospitality.

*Perfect Venus Match: Fellow Water signs or Earth signs

Venus in Leo

*Fire Sign

Generous and warm-hearted, you are an excellent friend. Your famously good cheer will liven up the dullest of social gatherings. You are attracted to equally exuberant people as lovers and with the right person you will be a formidable team. Your good nature stretches a long way but if you discover you are being taken advantage of, you find it difficult to forgive.

*Perfect Venus Match: Fire signs, Air signs or Earth signs

Venus in Virgo

*Earth Sign

You are a person with strong ties to the home and family so in love you also like to know your partner will be equally loyal and home-loving. Emotional drama and displays of wealth are distasteful to you. You prefer quiet, dependable people both as a lover and as friends. Once you're committed, you will bend over backwards to help lovers or friends.

*Perfect Venus Match: Fellow Earth signs or water signs

Venus in Libra

*Air Sign

Romance is very important to you. You don't feel complete without a partner by your side. You will thrive when you find the right person but be sure to keep a keen sense of your own identity. You need a partner who can match your style, good looks and intelligent nature. You are a social butterfly who has no trouble attracting friends. 

*Perfect Venus Match: Earth signs, although you are attracted to Fire signs

Venus in Scorpio

*Water Sign

With the right partner, your love can be transformative. However, your intensity and propensity to obsession can scare off a potential partner. You have a natural charisma that many find irresistible and you can see the hidden beauty in life. Friends will flock to you if you let down your natural guard a little. You are a passionate person who sometimes lets your attraction to the drama of life take control.

*Perfect Venus Match: Earth signs, or fellow water signs

Venus in Sagittarius

You don't like love to be too serious or too heavy; you prefer to keep things fun and frisky. You enjoy aesthetically pleasing pursuits and people. Constantly seeking excitement and adventure, you are on the lookout for fellow easy-going thrill seekers. If you begin to feel constrained by a relationship you are likely to bolt.

*Perfect Venus Match: Fellow fire signs, or air signs

Venus in Capricorn

Family is the most important thing in your life. So you are drawn to romantic partners who can provide a solid, stable base for you to create a happy family life. Successful people and wealth is an aphrodisiac to you. Tradition and authority keep you feeling balanced so you will seek out friends who follow the rules, just like you.

*Perfect Venus Match: Fellow Earth signs, or occasionally Fire signs

Venus in Aquarius

Freedom is important to you, so you don't often like to be tied down in a conventional relationship. When you do meet the right person, it will be because you are a good intellectual match. You are drawn to friendship groups who are campaigning for a cause. Changing the world is more important to you than hearts and flowers so you need to meet a partner who shares your forward-thinking ideals.

*Perfect Venus Match: Fellow Air signs.

Venus in Pisces

You are a romantic who loves being in love. You're looking for a partner or friends who share your spiritual and emotional views. Your best relationships will grow, naturally, from creative collaborations or shared hobbies or business interests. You like warm-hearted, spiritually curious people with whom you can exchange views and ideas. Your ideal date would be at an art gallery or to see a theatre show.

*Perfect Venus Match: Fellow waters signs, or sometimes Earth signs


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