Gemini Season 2024: What to Expect

If you're wondering how to approach 2024's Gemini season, you've come to the right place. Our experts have given their best readings for each star sign.

Well, Taurus season has finally come to an end and it’s time to welcome in Gemini. 

The sign of the twins is always an important season and for 2024 it’s no different. 

But as a mutable Zodiac sign, it can be hard to know where to focus your attention. 

Hopefully, this article will provide some insights as to where to spend your time in this year’s Gemini season. However, if you would like a specific reading, why not get in touch with our team of experts?

They’ll be more than happy to give you a reading. 

gemini season

What Do We Know about Gemini Season So Far?

Gemini season starts on May 20th and will end on June 20th when Cancer season begins. 

As the first air sign of the year, we’re craving the light, bright, and fun energy this zodiac brings. 

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, during this time you can expect that this is a time when your brain, rather than your heart, is what rules. 

No matter your star sign. 

Therefore, if you’ve been thinking about having important conversations - either at home or work - now might just be the right time. However, as a mutable sign, it’s important you get to a decision and feel confident in it!

With Jupiter expected to move into Gemini on May 25th, you can expect more opportunities. 

Plus, Mercury and Uranus are expected to join forces at the very end of May which could lead to breakthroughs that could catch you off guard… in the very best way. 

With a new moon coming on June 6th, this lunar event will pair up with Venus leading to new horizons in your romantic and platonic relationships. 

How Will Gemini Season 2024 Affect Your Star Sign?

Now to the stuff you actually want to know. 

Here’s how 2024’s Gemini season will impact your zodiac sign. 


May 20 - June 20 

It’s only right to start with the birthday peeps!

Geminis, this is the month you will shine so whatever goal it is you’ve been wanting to achieve - be it work or personal - now’s the time to get started. 

The actions you put into place today are likely to have a long-term impact… so choose wisely!


20 April - 20 May

Now Taurus, it’s time for a bit of tough love. 

As we mentioned earlier, this is a season of intelligence and thinking… maybe a bit too much. 

But perhaps it’s time to shake up your core beliefs and view them from a different perspective. Who knows, it may just be the new viewpoint you’ve always needed. 


22 December - 19 January

It’s no secret that Capricorns are slightly on themselves and this season is going to bring that to a head. 

Look to see if there’s any way to simplify your schedule to ensure you’re still being productive, but without leading to burnout.

Capricorn, you deserve a little self-love and this is just one way to do so. 


23 July - 22 August

Been feeling a little lonely Leo?

Don’t worry, this Gemini season will see lots of new friends come your way - which isn’t surprising given the social tendencies of the twin sign. 

Who knows, your new BFF might be just around the corner…


21 March - 19 April

You’re a busy bee aren’t you, Aries?!

Not in a bad way, your social battery must be full from all those engagements with friends. 

You’re trying lots of new places and activities this month - just don’t be afraid to say no every once in a while…


22 June - 22 July

This month is all about youCancer!

It may feel like you’re alone a lot, but use this time to your advantage. Find out what you want out of life and make a plan to get it. 

Don’t forget, it’s your season next…


23 August - 22 September

If you’re feeling under pressure, Virgos, we understand. 

There are a number of people who want things right now, including your managers and leaders at work. 

We know it may seem like you don’t have time for everything if you knuckle down and try your best, it may just be worth your while…


23 October - 21 November

Scorpios, it’s time to tune in to those deep feelings. 

We told you Gemini season is about intelligence, and for this star sign, it’s emotional intelligence. 

All of this work may be challenging and you may feel like running from it, but we promise that the hard work will be worth it. 

You’ll leave Gemini season feeling lighter and ready for new challenges. 


23 September - 23 October

Adventure is out there, Libra!

Even if it’s just to the next town over, we recommend going on a trip. Putting yourself out there is a great way to meet new people and introduce some variety into your life. 

Not only will it expand your horizons, but also your social circle. 


22 November - 21 December

For some reason, Sagittarius, the idea of settling down doesn’t feel as scary now. 

If you are in a relationship, now may be the time to broach the ‘wedding bells’ conversation or if you’re single, get ready to mingle!


20 January - 18 February

Confidence is key to everything this season, Aquarius.

Whether it’s work, relationships, or loving yourself, being your genuine self will pay off.

People will love you for who you are, you just have to believe it… 


19 February - 20 March

In this season, Pisces, you’ll find yourself wanting to be a homebird. 

However, that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop!

Why not invite your friends around for a dinner party or host a family games night? 

This season is all about reconnecting with your loved ones and you’ll be better for it. 

Want to Find out More about Gemini Season? Our Experts Are Here to Help!

So, that’s what’s in store for your star sign this Gemini season. 

If you want a few more snippets of information about what to expect, why not reach out to one of our Psychic Sofa readers?

They can advise you on how to walk through this Gemini season with love and light. 

You can reach them on 0905 789 7752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or instead on 01618640152


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