Test trials over - Saturn moving out of Libra

What lies ahead

Saturn is very significant to the cyclic activity that we all go through in life including relationships, work, money, you name it!  He may seem heavy but he is ultimately the protector in life, he is a grounding energy that keeps us on the straight and narrow.

He has been sitting in the sign of Libra who ruled by Venus strives for harmony and love for the past two and a half years, which doesn’t make relationships as straight forwards as one might have hoped. Saturn in Libra wants fairness and balance and won’t settle for anything less. We can feel terribly fearful of rejection when Saturn is in Libra and there can be a strong urge to unintentionally shut down because the energy that Saturn in Libra provokes is so demanding – basically, it wants the truth!

Therefore many of us may have been experiencing stagnation or test trials in love and relationship situations. You may have undergone a period of “push and shove”, swaying backwards and forwards, feeling as if you have been banging your head against a wall. Saturn in Libra would have been testing relationships to see if they really are desirable, let’s just say that by now you really should know if they are! It’s been about “make or break”.

Since Libra is the sign of balance, harmony, beauty and art and Libra is happiest when sharing, Libra is not usually happy if he/she is on her own. Because Saturn has been sitting in  Libra for the last two and a half years some of us may have felt incredibly restricted, particularly if you relate well to Libra.  Many of you may also have Saturn in Libra which would have put a slight strain on relationships. Saturn can often test us in what seems like a harsh, cruel manner, a little bit like a Father grounding a child - he watches over us making sure that we have done everything correctly, and if we have then he will so reward us.

Because Libra is such an artistic sign this may have also tested our creative ability in some form. We may have felt compelled to work incredibly hard over the past few years or simply felt that our work isn’t being rewarded enough. Well now you can take a deep breath! Because believe it or not Saturn is now moving out of Libra on Friday and into intense Scorpio where he will stay for the next two and a half years.

When Saturn is in Scorpio he urges us to get right to the bottom of things, so if you resonate well to Scorpio, are a Scorpio or have Saturn in Scorpio you may feel a strong desire to get things done. There will undoubtedly be persistence and perhaps a strong need for power, there can even be a psychic force of energy that forces us to fix anything that has been put on the back burner.

Things to watch out for when Saturn is in Scorpio is control issues and obsessive behaviour. Scorpio doesn’t do anything by halves and neither does Saturn, so when the two merge together there can be a double whammy of control and power which can work tremendously if used correctly.

Career wise there should be some great opportunities available for Scorpio and some deep thinking for sure! This will be a great time to get serious and reclaim lost identity. This is now a time for rebirth for all of those Scorpio minded people. Be warned however, that there will be no cutting corners - persistence and endurance are crucial!


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