Using Astrology And You

An insight into how astrology works

Once the foundations of astrology has been laid there was a way that was devised to represent the heavens on the paper and the positions of all the stars, constellations, stars, planets and constellations and houses can be plotted.
The way to do this was a circular was used with the earth in the centre surrounded by heavens. The sun was named as a planet and this was very important, this was also depicted as revolving around the earth with all the other planets.
How Astrology Works
An unexpected turn of events in 9,000 years of observations in astrology showed that when planets are in certain positions some things are much more likely to occur however, nothing is set in stone, and therefore, nothing will guarantee that events will turn out in a particular way, the probabilities were based on lots of observations by many people.

It is said that Astrology can foretell the basic nature of your personality and character and it is up to you the individual to decide if you wish to believe in this. It has been proved that the sun can influence radio reception on earth in quite different ways. We are as human’s sensitive creatures and there are more things to be discovered on a scientific basis to astrology that we are not yet aware of.
Finding your star sign
Each start sign is represented by a mythical character of an animal and this animal symbolizes its inherent nature. Your star sign will advise you of the constellation that was behind the sun at the time of your birth. This does not however, give you as much information as plotting your whole chart, but it will help you to understand yourself in an astrological term.
Your Personal Chart
The zodiac chart is quite intricate and mathematical, it will show the exact moment in history of the universe at the time that you were born, this then starts your own personal history, you chart would only be identical to another person’s if they were born at exactly the same moment as you and in exactly the same place, which is rather unlikely.

The zodiac will show the earth as the centre and it has 12 constellations, the 12 houses and the 12 planets surrounding it, there are additional planets such as Uranus, Neptune and Pluto these are fixed planets as they move very slowly indeed and they influence a whole generation.
The position of the planets in relation to one another are known as Aspects and they are major or minor and this is determined by the angle to one another, this is what affects you as a person.
Your character is revealed by your sun sign and is the fundamental you. The part of your personality is about how you come across to others, this is revealed by your rising sign at the time of your birth. For example Aries is a dynamic sign that has leadership qualities and a person who has a forthright approach to life, but an ascendant in Cancer may also take those qualities but in a somewhat softer and kinder way.
If you have an Aries with a Scorpio ascendant their lead would be far more rigid and they would be very authoritative manner. An Aries with Sagittarius ascendant would be possibly happier being in a smaller environment and a smaller number of people.
There are 12 signs and 12 ascendant s giving 144 possible combinations.
Your sun sign is the “real” you and is modified by your rising sign and by the position of the moon in you chart. This will give you four distinctive parts to your character and there are an amazing 20736 possible combinations
The top of your chart mid heaven will dictate which constellation was overhead directly and the points to when you were born this dictates your possibilities in career:-
  • Libra would be suited to working in design.
  • Cancer a caring profession some form of therapy or counselling.
  • Aries are best suited to a job as a leader and would be dynamic in the working environment.
  • Taurean’s are best suited to horticulture or farming.
  • Gemini’s are suited to a career as a sales person as they are excellent communicators.
  • Leo loves attention such as an actor.
  • Virgo’s are very good at research and planning and this is an environment that they would be at their best.
  • Scorpio appears to like secrets such as a private detective or writing novels about crime.
  • Sagittarius this person likes to travel therefore a job in this area would be ideal.
  • Capricorn is very organized and will be good at any job that requires good organisational skills.
  • Aquarius inventing and anything to do with Science.
  • Pisces these people are good at resolving issues and would be good at astrology, and advertising.
The moon tends to drive your emotional side of you and the sun rules your outer personality. Your moon is the secret and is the loving side of you that will keep hidden except in a trusting and loving relationship. The moon sign which is next to the sun is the most important part of your chart and this shows your emotional side and also your relationships with your children and parents as well as your, goals, aspirations and dreams. The moon rules Cancer, and which is the sign of home, security and protection. If yours and your partners’ moons are close together then the more compatible you are, if they are in the opposite direction then the less compatible you are and you will clash.

Astrology can be very useful indeed as you could use this to know how your business may grow, or how your partner may respond to different challenges.

Bright Blessings


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