What do 'Scorpio Season' memes mean for you?

Let's dive into what makes Scorpio one of the most magical zodiac signs and find out which traits tend to make the biggest splash on social media.

Running from the 23rd of October to the 22nd November, Scorpio season is all about turning up the intensity and getting the most out of the emotional connections in your lives.

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the Zodiac, depicted by a scorpion and the 'fixed' sign of all the water signs. Those who are born under this sign are known to be deeply passionate, sensual, and observant - which are feelings that become all the more powerful during the events of this season - reflected by their colours of deep red, maroon, black, and brown.

Because of this, Scorpios can be misattributed for a sun sign falling within the realms of fire, with many being mistaken for Sagittarius, Leo and Aries instead. However, this simply makes these observant, emotional folk some of the more mysterious members of the Zodiac. 

scorpio sign

That doesn't mean that the meme potential is absolutely off the table. Scorpios might be famous for keeping all of those feelings looked up and shoved down - being children of the planet Pluto, they like to keep things that might rock the boat at a distance - but they are also incredibly resonant. 

So let's dive into what makes Scorpio one of the most magical zodiac signs and find out which traits tend to make the biggest splash on social media. 

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Hit the controls

Thanks to its incredible connection with Pluto, the eighth house, Scorpios are linked with destruction, death and rebirth. While these are pretty big concepts, making many of us think we're constantly in for a tough or difficult time, these are vital for our development both mentally and spiritually! 

This means that Scorpios have a lot on their plates, with heightened emotions (more over Cancer) and sensitivity that comes full circle during their astrological season. To keep a lid on all these feelings, Scorpios are known for being white-knuckled when it comes to being in control of their situation - often becoming sharp when it is challenged. 

Much like their namesake, Scorpios can get snippy with anyone trying to take over, often clapping back with a sassy burn or well-placed comeback. 

This is especially reflected in meme culture, with plenty of screenshots from Mean Girls and iconic pop divas who perfectly capture this energy!

Sensual feelings

Pour a glass of wine and get a bit of Marvin Gaye on, because Scorpios are perhaps most associated with sensuality and those high-charged feelings. This is down to their enigmatic nature, which is intensely attractive to those who want to delve deeper and discover the many different facets of personality that this sign actually hides. 

On the surface, Scorpio seems to be constantly pinned to more 'sexy' activities - namely because these scorpions rule the more private areas of the human body. But it isn't just about the physical act of lovemaking, which many memes latch onto. Scorpios also need emotional stimulation, on account of their deep, watery connections with their own feelings and what others can provide. They also crave those to be in near physical proximity and deeper discussions, which give an all-around sense of intimacy that often gets missed in favour of the raunchier stuff. 

Scorpios, at their cores, can be big softies. Just don't say it to their faces! 

Reinvention is key 

Scorpios are the type of people to hit a bump in the road, go away, dig deep and come back as an entirely 'new' person. They are masters of the makeover - whether that's in the wardrobe or in the brain - which is down to their connection to rebirth and transformation. 

Scorpios are at the forefront of reinvention, knowing how to not only switch up their looks aesthetically but also change the innermost parts of themselves. They have an innate talent for letting go (or cutting off) the things that no longer serve them or bring joy to their lives, releasing them to become better situated on their path. 

scorpio sign

This makes them fantastically intuitive people who aren't afraid to confront the messier parts of the human psyche, using that introspection to evaluate memories, emotions, and past experiences to help them tackle new challenges. 

There's a reason the internet dresses Scorpio up in Matrix-style dark glasses and a sleek black coat. They are the best-dressed for any funeral, especially if it's for their past selves. 

A sting (of love) 

Despite sharing an emotional connection with its watery siblings, having Scorpio as a sun sign is to wield quite a venomous sting to ward off unwelcome advances. Scorpios know their limits and are not afraid to fight back, especially when it comes to defending those they care about and their deeply-held values. 

Numerous memes are made about these quips, often making Scorpio appear vindictive. If anything, Scorpio only strikes when they feel they have been treated fairly, lying in wait until the perfect moment to nab their prey with the perfect barb. They will gladly hold off from acting rashly for months on end, preferring to play the long game to ensure the pay-off is worth it.

When it comes to life and love, Scorpios don't hesitate to work hard to achieve what they desire. Who can argue with that?

What comes next after Scorpio season?

After Scorpio season ends, it's time for the element of fire to once again take centre stage. So if you're wondering what Saggitarius season might have in store for you, or if you're looking to take careful consideration within a particular area of your life, such as relationships, why not get a personal telephone psychic reading from Psychic Sofa?


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