The Fool's Journey Through the Major Arcana (Part Two)

We return to witness the Fool's journey through the different Tarot cards in the Major Arcana, and the lessons he learns about life and spirituality

A return to the fool's journey

The 78 cards in the Tarot deck tell the tale of the Fool’s journey from naivety to spiritual awakening, as he faces life’s challenges and lessons. Last week, we followed the Fool as he began his journey through the first 11 cards of the Major Arcana, taking the first steps on his path, having experiences and learning lessons that began to open his eyes up to the world. We now join the Fool as he embarks on the rest of his journey through the Major Arcana. 

The Hanged Man presents to the Fool the lesson of sacrifice, and the importance of letting go when it is time. Sometimes we face situations and obstacles that are impossible to overcome, and feel defeated. The Hanged man represents the Fool; his life has been flipped upside down, and as a result, he now sees the world from a different point of view.

Death signifies change and new beginnings. The Fool now has to leave old habits behind and move forward. Though it doesn’t necessarily represent an actual death, the card suggests an old life is ending, and a new one is beginning, allowing us to move forward to even better things.

Temperance is the next card the Fool comes across. Ever since the Hermit taught him to look within, the Fool has experienced a mixture of emotions, but then he meets Temperance, who teaches him the importance of balance and control, and the practice of moderation.

The Devil represents the parts of ourselves that we don’t like, or even possibly fear. The complete opposite of Temperance, The Devil is a warning against letting our lives tip out of balance. We need to make sure that we don’t become slaves to our desires, not pursuing the things we want so much that we neglect the things we need.

Next, the Fool comes upon The Tower. Unfortunately, as soon as the Fool finds his balance, the universe gives him a cruel reminder that we are not in control of everything. The Tower signifies a belief system that is broken down. However, this can be a blessing in disguise; though the tower seemed like a safe place to hide, really it was a prison. The Tower breaking down means we can put behind outdated beliefs and ideals, and we can make changes, which at first may seem hard, but are for our own good.

Next comes The Star, the calm after the storm. The Fool has gone through a huge trauma in the breakdown of his belief system, but now he is stronger, and his faith in himself is restored. He is hopeful for the future, and is ready to face the world again with an open mind and heart.

The Moon then comes along to disrupt the calm, causing the Fool anxiety and fear. The Moon takes advantage of the Fool’s relaxed mind and plays on his imagination, reminding him of things he thought he had put behind him. This causes the Fool to feel lost once again, unsure of where to turn.

However, the Sun then comes out, and sheds some light on the situation, clearing up confusion. The Fool once again regains his sense of self and begins to understand his role and purpose in life. He sets off on his adventure again with a new enthusiasm.

After facing all of the turmoil and coming away from it, the Fool feels fresh and new. He has successfully got rid of his old habits and has forgiven himself for his past mistakes. He is ready to start again, with a clean slate. This is Judgement day, which gives us the chance to practice self reflection, and make smart choices about our future.

The Fool’s cycle is now complete, and he is ready to enter the World armed with the lessons he has learned on his journey. He is happy, healthy, and fulfilled, and has achieved spiritual enlightenment. However, now he must face the lessons that the Minor Arcana has to teach him, so why not join him on his journey? 


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