7 Signs You're Dating A Narcissist

If you get caught up in a romantic relationship with a narcissist, you'll wish you'd never agreed to that first date. You'll never be number one in a narcissist's life because that position is already filled - by themselves!

Don't get stuck with someone like this!

In a world of selfies and social media, it's easy to forget that being obsessed with your image is not healthy. Narcissists are shallow people, who are slaves to their ego, needing money, sex, possessions and status to feel worthy. If you date a narcissist, you'll never be loved. Because narcissists can't love. Here are the signs the person you're dating is narcissistic.

1) Obsessed With Social Media

Not all people who love social media are narcissists. But all narcissists love social media! It's the perfect way to show off to the world how fabulous they are because everybody needs to know, obviously. If you are dating someone who's social media obsessed, you're probably used to coming second place to their need for online likes. So perhaps it's time to find someone who is interested in real world feelings, rather than virtual world appearances?

2) Emotionally Insecure

Do you always have to reassure your partner they are attractive? Do you find yourself having to feed his/her ego to prevent another awkward scene? It's no fun being with someone who is emotionally insecure. This kind of narcissist can drain the life from you because no matter how much you reassure them, their insecurity remains. Jealous accusations will wear you down. You'll spend your life trying to appease them but never succeed. You deserve better.

3) Argumentative & Impossible To Reason With

A narcissist is never wrong - at least in their own opinion. And this sense of infallibility makes narcissists impossible to reason with. They are quick to start an argument to show you the error of your ways, but they'll never compromise. It's their way or the highway. Master manipulators, narcissists will have you believing you're the crazy one in the relationship. You're not!

4) A Liar

It's all about keeping up appearances for a narcissist. Never ones to let a little thing like 'truth' get in the way of their plans, narcissists tell lies all the time. So if you're dating a person like this you'll never know when they are being honest with you because lying comes so naturally to them. It might start small with a lie about an achievement at work. But soon enough they'll be spinning a line about how badly someone treated them in the past, when it's not true. You'll become alienated from true friends and be totally confused.

5) Everything Is Your Fault

When something goes wrong (the car breaks down or a bill is paid late) you will always get the blame in this relationship. A narcissist cannot admit they made a mistake, so it must be your fault. Worse, they often accuse you of misdemeanours they have committed. If they are flirty, they will accuse you of having an affair. If they are rude to your friend, they will accuse you of being rude to their mother. You can't win, so don't even try. Just leave this relationship now.

6) Sees Insults Everywhere

The brain of a narcissist always overreacts. Because their fragile self esteem makes them see insults everywhere. What you might consider a passing comment will be turned into the biggest drama on the planet. You thought his/her scarf was nice. What do you mean by nice? Isn't that what people say when they hate something? Or I saw you talking to my friend, you obviously want to have an affair with him/her! You can't say anything right.

7) Entitled

Narcissists want it all their own way and if they don't get it they'll have a temper tantrum. Their needs are all that matters. You don't count, even if they say they love you. Actions speak louder. If you find your emotional needs ignored again, you know you're with a narcissist. They have no problem flattering and coaxing you to get what they want. But when it's time to pay you'll be thrown to the wolves without a second thought. Time to leave this relationship!


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