9 Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day if you're Single

If you are single, you must hate Valentine's day, right? Wrong! Valentine's can seem like the enemy when you don't have a romance. But thinking like that is missing the point of the day of love.

Love yourself on Valentine's day


Focus on what YOU need for super-indulgent day



The blessing of love comes in many forms, besides romance. Love is self care, it is caring for family, friends, the wider community and care for animal companions. So forget all those smug, loved-up couples as they are packed, like sardines, into over-priced restaurants! Focus your love on those who matter to you. And guess what? You can definitely enjoy celebrating Valentine's day as a single person.


1) Love yourself

It's about being comfortable in your own skin. Knowing who you are and liking who you are. Feeling happy with your appearance. All these things are about loving yourself. And if you don't love yourself, how can you expect anyone else to love you? Use the days around Valentine's for a little introspection. List your positive qualities and list the things about yourself you'd like to change. Decide how you can make those changes and start the process. But learn to accept and like the things you cannot change. It's what makes you unique and precious.


2) All about you!

Do whatever makes you happy on Valentine's day because you don't have to compromise or pretend to please a partner. So whether you ignore the day completely or spoil yourself with a little treat - it's your call. It is all about taking back your power. Stop thinking of yourself as a victim of Valentine's! You can choose to mope about and be lonely or you can chose to get out and enjoy life.


3) Indulge

If there's a perfect day for a little self indulgence - it's Valentine's! So do something that makes you feel good. Go for a run, have a spa day, eat a bit of your favourite chocolate, cook an amazing meal, have a bubble bath with candles and a glass of prosecco. Whatever little luxury makes you feel happy - go for it.


4) Be thankful for your friends

So romance is not on the cards for you at the moment. But don't forget about the love and care you get from your close friends. That's priceless. So take Valentines as an opportunity to remind them just how much you value them. Suggest meeting up for a natter and treat your friend to chocolates or a home-cooked meal. The supportive love of a good friend will see you through your toughest times. Thank them for their love.


5) Reflect on your wisdom

Think of all the things you have learned since last Valentine's day. Good or bad, all this experience has helped you grow in wisdom. Every relationship teaches you something. Perhaps you can celebrate your courage in ending an unhealthy relationship, or you have finally realised what you need from a romantic partner. With every connection, your wisdom grows. So reflect on what you have learned about love over the past couple of years and use it to guide your future decisions.


6) Plan for your future

Without a partner to take into consideration, the future is yours to live exactly as you please! A very exciting realisation. You can afford to be selfish for now. So take advantage of this opportunity. Make any big changes you like. Move to a new town or even a new country. Travel as often as you can. Put all your efforts in to climbing your career ladder, if that's what you want to do.


7) See your family

In the USA, Valentine's has become a day to tell everyone you love how much you care, rather than just being about romantic love. So that means friends, family and even pets! It's a great idea. So let your family know you love them on Valentine's day. Thank them for their support by doing something nice for them.


8) Be glamorous

If you're feeling a little despondent about not having a partner (you shouldn't be!), but if you are, lift your spirits by making yourself feel glamorous. Dress in something comfortable but flattering and make sure you wear a dash or two of bright colour. Go for a hair cut and make sure you are well groomed. Make-up can be fun, if that's your thing. Taking care of your appearance will give you a little boost.


9) Have a film marathon

If Valentine's evening is stretching before you like a yawning, gaping black hole - get a grip! But seriously, if you want something to fill that evening, ask a few friends around for a movie night. Watch romantic comedies or watch horror films! Whatever appeals. Have a fun with your friends and realise that valentine's day is just another day.




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