Acknowledging the inner child

Some information about our inner needs and desires

Do you ever feel as if the people around you have completely misunderstood you? Do you feel as if there is something else within you dying to be revealed? This is called the inner child, and some of us our in touch with this child and some of us aren’t. If we fail to listen to our inner child we can often attract people into our lives that bring the inner child out for us as they resemble a part of our being and our make-up. It isn’t usually until much later on that we begin to take note of the rhythms and the cycles in our lives.
The programming of our self-conscious mind can often play tricks on us, we lie awake at night and wonder, we find ourselves in cahoots and we constantly argue with ourselves.
But rather than arguing, it is important that we take time out to talk to ourselves and form an understanding of where it is we belong. We often forget that there is an inner child within us that needs constant love and attention.

What many of us may fail to recognise is that no matter how much work we do with a healing therapist, psychic or counsellor nothing can dissipate the negative cycles of our thinking unless we choose to acknowledge them in their true form first.  This can be a very creative process as we begin to unravel the true depths that align our souls. 

We start to remember how we once were as children, we take note of our surroundings and find ourselves diverting from old routines that once made us feel cluttered and dejected. The gift of the inner child, is the know it all. Children love to try our new things and express their ideas, they love to look at pictures as it captures their imagination and just because we have become fully grown there is absolutely no reason as to why we can’t flick through old story books or fairytales, after all life is based upon a fairy tale as it helps us to understand that need to fight the dragon before being able to enter the castle.

So once you are in that castle ask yourself, what is it that you want to do with the castle? And now you are inside it what goals have you reached? What are you going to do to nurture and take care of that castle? We all have the ability to build castles, we can sculpture them in whichever way we wish.
It’s when our illusions about life no longer make sense that we need to step back and view the castle from a completely different angle.
The big secret about the inner child is that the child has a lot of moody, irascible feelings that can be knuckled into shape. They can be transformed through visualisation, meditation and lots of self talk! Our poetry bleeds out of us when we feel desperate and vulnerable and we are able to express ourselves with perfect clarity and crystallise the frustration that have taken place within us. When a child is hurt or upset it shouts and tells everyone! Sometimes parents are astounded by the depth of expression, so reaching into that inner child can only be a blessing as it can conjure up all sorts of different art. It is important to remember that most of our thoughts are neatly compact in the back of the sub conscious mind so being able to re-programme some of the negatives are a bonus, as you can make them twinkle and shine!
When you are ready simply form a private meditation just for yourself. Ask yourself what it is you want to achieve from the meditation. Is it art? Do you want to create something meaningful? Or is it a positive affirmation that others can use too? Perhaps you are using the  process to write a self help book, whichever one you are just about to make an amazing self discovery.
You can record your daily inner child thoughts in a diary and go over your findings.
What to do?
Simply sit and chat!

For example, if you are feeling wounded and are unsure of why you might be, talk to yourself like you would talk to a child. Simply ask the child why it feels so sad, has someone said something? Trace back your days, when did the sadness occur? If you arrive at what triggered it then take time to analyse it and simply tell the child that you are going to remove the nasty wound and instead replace it with healing dust – a positive thought or even a kind gesture! This process may seem utterly ridiculous, but most of us self talk anyhow and using the exercise to release the inner child will enable you to gravitate towards a more profound goal in your life.
This  could be anything!

Love and relationships, peace and protection, removal of negative thinking, freedom and prosperity, peace and spirituality, creativity and abundance, happiness and friendships.
Although talking to ourselves and nurturing the more vulnerable part of ourselves seems like a ludicrous thing to do , remember what it does:
  • It removes unnecessary clutter that festers and creates more of the same thinking patterns
  • It gives you back your control
  • It enhances your intelligence
  • It allows you to deal with people in a more positive manner
  • It frees you from resentment and instead gives you something to look forward to and focus on as it automatically opens up new doors where you are no longer holding yourself back from past hurt!


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