Automatic Writing

Let your thoughts go with automatic writing

Automatic writing is a great way to download information from spirit and connect with you higher self in a safe and practical way. It can be therapeutic and very uplifting. Many people speak about the freedom they feel from within after they have sat down in a quiet space and allowed their thoughts to run loose. William Fletcher Barrett, physicist and parapsychologist wrote that "Automatic messages may take place by the automatist passively holding a pencil on a sheet of paper and allowing their thoughts to run wild. In spiritualism, spirits are claimed to take control of the hand of a medium to write messages, letters, and even entire books. Automatic writing can happen in a trance or waking state.

Edgar Cayce, one of the most remarkable characters in history also used a similar technique and was known as a psychic healer. He was often called the “Sleeping Prophet” as he became well known for slipping into trances and handing out astonishing information that people were often shocked by. As a young man he developed the ability to put himself into a trance and when he was awake he had virtually no recollection of what he had passed on to others, he didn’t even know where the knowledge had come from either that he had spoken about with his clients during his trance states.

Cayce was aware that while in a trance his mind seemed to be able to do two things at once; he could give readings for someone whilst having a personal dream and other times he would pick up someone’s personal thoughts whilst allowing himself to relax into a trance. He believed that his powers came from what he called the universal or soul mind, which is similar to that of Carl Jung’s concept of the collective unconsciousness. Cayce also described himself as having access to “Akashic Records” , which is what some people also use to describe what they have access to when automatic writing for others -it is known as a file spiritual information. Many famous writers tend to work in the same way as mediums or clairvoyants in the sense that they receive information without a physical source of explanation and speak about words “literally falling into their heads”.

All of us have it in us to write automatically. Sometimes we receive unexplained thoughts and ideas that we feel we must channel before losing contact with them – this is the moment where you need to pick up your pen and write! You may even find it useful to keep a Dictaphone handy or a mobile phone device.
Writing our thoughts down daily can help us to grasp the overall concept of automatic writing. We receive messages from all sorts of different outlets and it is impossible to record all of these but some of the information we receive daily could be an important spiritual message.

However it can be difficult to know if you are receiving the correct information when automatic writing but spiritual information has a high vibrational nature which often leaves you feeling very creative and jovial as this is how many artists work. It will also leave you feeling comforted and provide you with some clarity. You should also find that when you automatically write your mood will change diminishing negative thoughts.

You may also notice strange emotions as you go through all the motions within the mind and it is more than likely that you will feel lighter and more able to express what you are seeing or feeling to others. Lots of automatic writing tends to be poetic or unusual in some way with a spiritual essence or vibe to it.
You may also find that the information you receive relates to something that happened 5 years ago and you may pick up names that don’t necessarily make sense until six weeks ahead. This is why it is always important to keep copies of what you have written, so always back up your files.

You may find that you get yourself into a routine every day in doing it. Work out which time is best for you, some like to write first thing in the morning before they do anything so that they feel cleansed and ready for the day ahead, whilst others prefer to let go just before they go to bed. It’s whatever suits you and makes you feel good. Many psychic readers like to keep pens and pads with them when doing readings so that they can pass on accurate and precise information . Do not worry too much if you are automatic writing for the first time, the most important thing is to be in a relaxed state of mind before you do it and to let you mind open up as much as you can.

Here is something to help:

Write a note to yourself first on your paper or computer:

“I call upon my higher self, the angels, the akashic records” Or just whatever it is you feel connected to.

Breathe deeply then imagine yourself travelling into a special place with your guides or your higher self.
Make sure you feel relaxed and that you are comfortable with the tools around you. Perhaps there are some flowers near you? Or your favourite angel card? Then, when you feel relaxed enough simply imagine that your mind is opening up like a flower and reaching out to the universe. You feel calm and at ease. You are searching but you feel so very, very relaxed that you feel yourself reaching above the clouds and through the sky. You keep going up until you can see things that you wouldn’t normally see. Focus on your mind reaching out for lots and lots of information anything that you feel will help you or the person you are reading for.

Breathe deeply, don’t think too much , just write down the first words, images, places or names that come into your mind. Your writing should feel effortless and light and you should also start to feel a natural flow of energy surrounding you so that you can write confidently and clearly.
You will automatically know when to stop writing. Once you have , say thank you for the information received and then close in your mind again by imagining a flower closing its petals in.

Relax and reflect! Remember it may not make sense straight away!

Refs and further readings:

The Psychic’s Bible – Jane Struthers


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