Elemental Magick

Looking at the five elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit and how they affect you.

Elemental Magick
Look around the natural world and everything you can see is a balance of the four physical elements plus one spiritual element: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. The five elements are the building blocks of the world around you. A flow of energy, the elements reveal the interlinked relationship between you and the natural world.

Even your body is a fine balance of Earth: bones, skin, hair, teeth; Water: blood, saliva, sweat, tears; Fire: appetite, thirst, pain, sleep; Air: breath, movement; Spirit: your life force.
When talking about the elements, we're referring to them in a metaphysical and spiritual sense. So Earth is not only soil, it's all natural solid matter; Water is everything that is liquid; Air is everything that is a gas; Fire is transformative energy that can change ice into water into steam. The element of Spirit is the metaphysical centre or heart or the other four elements. The idea of the elements as a powerful force is a key part of many spiritual systems, especially Wicca and other strands of Paganism, and also in ancient Greek philosophy.
In mythology, each element has an elemental spirit attached to it. They are said to embody their element and be guardians of their element as it manifests in nature. The elements are used widely in spiritual divination, such as tarot cards. In particular, the tarot Ace cards are thought to symbolise elemental energy in its purest, most potent form. Astrology also uses the elements, separating the star signs out into groups according to their element. These astrological groups share the characteristics of their element. So Capricorn and Virgo are Earth signs and have some of the characteristics of Earth element (generally practical, grounded), whereas Sagittarius and Leo are Fire element signs (generally passionate, driven).
As suggested by astrology, the elements are present in your personality to varying degrees. The spiritual aim is to have the elements balanced and in harmony in your body and personality. The elements are neutral but the way you use them produces either a positive or negative result. For instance, if you use too much fire energy, you're in danger of burning yourself out or succumbing to uncontrollable anger. But if you take a balanced measure of the element of Fire, you can tap into a creative, energising force that will help you achieve your goals. Learn more about the five elements below.
Physical: Solid and stable, it sustains life.
Spiritual: Mother Earth is the source of life; sustaining and allowing growth.
Key words: Grounding, fertility, practical, sensuous, abundance and growth
Excess Earth: Hording, materialistic, stubborn, resisting change, obsessed with work, lecherous
Elemental Spirit: Gnome
These pint-sized creatures of myth are elves, brownies, imps, dwarves, satyrs, dryads. Usually depicted as wizened old men they are the guardians of the Earth.
Direction: North
Season: Winter
Tarot suit: Pentacles
Astrological sign: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Physical: Life's breath. Cleansing breaths sustain the body yet air in the form of wind can wreak devastating hurricanes on the land. Feeds fire and holds water.
Spiritual: Air is thought and intellect that flows around you like a gentle wind.
Key words: Feelings, refreshing, movement, freedom, knowledge, study, inspiring, reason, mind.
Excess Air: Remoteness, ego, indecision, superficial, sarcasm, judgemental, abusive
Elemental Spirit: Sylph
Depicted as beautiful winged spirits of the air, Sylphs may take the form of fairies or nymphs. The sylphs are meant to inspire humanity into creative and artistic endeavours.
Direction: East
Season: Spring
Tarot suit: Wands
Astrological signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Physical: Light and heat. Destructive and transformative
Spiritual: Fire creates energy and is a catalyst for change. Fire gives you the passion to pursue your dreams.
Key words: Creativity, banishes negativity, courage, will power, passion, drive. Excess Fire: Bossy, vengeful, anger, tactless, unthinking, out of control
Elemental SpiritSalamander
Represented as fiery balls of heat and light or light flashes, salamanders are thought of as the most powerful of all the elemental spirits. Believed to have the power to help awaken your kundalini or spirituality.
Direction: South
Season: Summer
Tarot suit: Swords
Astrological sign: Aires, Leo, Sagittarius
Physical: Purifying and sustaining but also destructive in the form of floods.
Spiritual: Water represents the ebb and flow of your life on earth and also of your live in the universal context of space and time. It is concerned with expressing your emotions and communication with others.
Key words: Healing, cleansing, psychic, love, peace, friendship, dreams, intuition, emotions.
Excess Water: Manipulative, slave to emotions, psychic vampire, idle, careless
Elemental Spirit: Undine
Graceful humanlike spirits with a greenish hue, in legend, the Undines inhabit lakes, seas, rivers, waterfalls and caves. They are concerned with protecting the plant and animal life that come to drink at their cool waters. Undines can help you work through difficult emotions. Water Undines include nymphs, mermaids, naiads, and oceanids.
Direction: West
Season: Autumn
Tarot suit: Cups
Astrological signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Spirit is the centre and source of all the elements. Also called Ether or Akasha, Spirit is everything.
Key words: the source, life force, centre of energy, deep soul, transcendence, rebirth
Elemental Spirit: Angels
Direction: Centre


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