Everything That You'll Ever Want To Know About Scorpio

Considering whether your Scorpio partner is the one for you? Maybe you’re wondering whether you’re in the right career, because it’s just not challenging enough. In this blog devoted to Scorpio, you can learn all about this wonderful star sign.

Do you ever wonder why you’re so drawn to mysteries and hidden worlds? Considering whether your Scorpio partner is the one for you? Maybe you’re wondering whether you’re in the right career, because it’s just not challenging enough. In this blog devoted to Scorpio, you can learn all about this wonderful star sign, and hopefully find the answers you seek.

Quick Facts:

Date: 23rd October - 21st November

Symbol: Scorpion

Element: Water 

Ruling Planet: Mars & Pluto

Main Motto: ‘’I desire’’

Birthstone: Topaz

Lucky Colours: Black and Red.

Lucky Day: Tuesday

Lucky Numbers: 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81 and 90

Positive Qualities: Bravery, Faithfulness, Magnetism, Focus and Self Assurance.

Negative Qualities: Impatience, Dominance and Vengeance.

Tarot Card: Death 

Perfect Careers: Detective, Musician, Surgeon. Psychologist, Pharmacist and Chemist.

Most Compatible With: Cancer, Pisces, Taureans, Virgos and Capricorns.

The Constellation:

The Scorpius constellation is found in the southern sky, and is the 33rd constellation in size, occupying an area of 497 square degrees. Representing the scorpion, it is associated with the story of Orion in Greek mythology. The zodiac sign was first catalogued by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century, though Scorpius itself predates the Greeks, and is one of the oldest constellations known. 

Scorpius contains four Messier objects - Messier 4, Messier 6, Messier 7 and Messier 80. It also contains 13 stars with known planets. The brightest star in the constellation is Antares, Alpha Scorpii, which is also one of the brightest stars in the sky. Neighbouring constellations include Ara, Corona Australis, Libra, Lupus, Norma, Ophiuchus and Sagittarius.

Personality Type: 

  • Passionate, romantic and always want to show they care - loving the process of getting to know the ones they love, they’re also very intense, showering their lovers in attention, gifts and affection.
  • Serious and relentless - If you give them a meaningful and positive purpose then they will throw themselves into it, and ensure that nothing gets in their way.
  • Loyal, dedicated and understanding - There’s no better person to have on your side than a Scorpio, as they are fiercely protective and loyal to those they love.
  • Curious about everything...EVERYTHING - Nothing scares a Scorpio off, and the more twisted, gory or disturbing it is, the better. Anything unresolved, mysterious or hidden draws them in, and they love finding out the answers.
  • Brave and daring - Scorpios aren’t afraid of challenges in life, and situations that may seem crazy to a more conservative star sign, is just a normal day for the adventurous Scorpio.
  • Faithful and compassionate - Scorpios follow their hearts more than anyone might ever expect, and they’re incredibly invested when it comes to their relationships. Strong, loving and devoted until the end, they ensure the ones they love know that they love them.
  • Dominating - If you think that control freaks are bad, then you may want to avoid Scorpios when they’re on the warpath. Scorpios like to dominate any situation they find themselves in, and certainly don’t like to be dominated.


What Do Scorpios Enjoy Doing The Most?

Favourite Things:

  • Visiting new and exciting places where no-one knows who they are.
  • Supernatural and the occult, and understanding hidden secrets of the universe.
  • A challenge, and if they don’t have one in their life, they’ll be sure to go find one.
  • The kindness of others.
  • Learning what makes people tick.

Least Favourite Things:

  • Disloyalty, and people who relish in lies and disloyalty.
  • Falseness of character, and will not take kindly to those they perceive to be untrustworthy or indecisive.
  • Fearfulness, as in, people who run at the first sign of trouble.
  • Mind games.

Scorpios In Love

Scorpios Demand Honesty

  • Because they truly value honesty and are always honest with their partners, they expect the same in kind, and will call your bluff if you try to lie to them.
  • They can take a joke and don’t have an issue with teasing, but they can quickly turn serious should they sense you are trying to mislead them.
  • Their memory and attention to detail shows itself in the positive things they do for their partners. They would never take their partners for granted, so when you have a Scorpio partner, you know they have given you their heart.

Scorpios Demand Loyalty

  • Because Scorpios in love are doting, faithful and protective, they have very high standards, and therefore, are less likely to forgive and forget than most star signs.
  • Love, trust and honestly really turn a Scorpio on, and will make you work hard to gain that back should they still want you in their life should you hurt them.
  • Scorpios are very articulate and great conversationalists, and therefore you know that with them, they’ll be open, honest and loyal to you.

Scorpios Love Privacy

How To Attract A Scorpio:

  • Because Scorpios love a good mystery, master the ‘play hard to get’ technique and let him/her try to figure you out.
  • Be honest and open about all of the things that excite and intrigue you, and don’t pretend to know about topics to gain favour. A Scorpio can always detect a liar.
  • Never be afraid to speak your mind and display confidence in your voice when you talk. Scorpios are drawn to passion and honesty - it’s actually one of their biggest turn ons.
  • Watch their back, and always have their side, but give them space when they ask for it.

Scorpios, Employment & Finance

Because Scorpios are great with problem-solving and creative tasks, they do well in management positions, taking a thorough approach to every task that comes their way. Their ability to focus with determination makes them very capable, as is their understanding that mixing business and friendship is not always the best way forward.

Their intelligence lends itself well to a variety of roles, including scientist, physician, researcher and detective, as well as psychologist. Their constant quest to understand the world makes them perfect for these positions, and this is shown in the respect they receive (or should receive) from their peers.

Unlike the lavish Leo, Scorpios know how to stick to a budget, and know that hard work can put themselves in a better financial situation. Money means security and a sense of freedom for them, allowing them to invest as and when they see fit.

Famous Scorpios

There sure are a lot of great Scorpios out there, including:

  • Hillary Clinton.
  • Drake.
  • Katy Perry.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • Bill Gates.
  • Caitlyn Jenner.
  • Puff Daddy.
  • Calvin Klein.
  • Shailene Woodley.
  • Lorde.
  • Emma Stone.
  • Ryan Reynolds.
  • Julia Roberts.
  • Kendall Jenner.
  • Willow Smith.

The Top 5 Reasons To Love Being A Scorpio

  1. You’re fiercely loyal and people know they can trust you.
  2. Whenever a plan needs execution, you know the right way to go about it to ensure it sees success. You always have a goal that you work towards.
  3. You aren’t afraid to have the tough conversations, and to explore your emotions on a deeper level with those you care about and trust.
  4. You’re passionate about the things that interest you, so much so that you encourage others to follow their passions too.
  5. You can read people like a book, so that nothing gets past you. You can spot a liar from a mile away, and you can also detect when people need your compassion and support.

Aren’t Scorpios delightful? To learn more about Scorpios, please click here. You can also find your daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes here, and get in touch with our astrologists here.


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