How To Find Out Your True Spirit Animal

From the brave bear to the beautiful butterfly, each animal totem can carry teachings, and to learn more about them, we recommend you read this helpful guide.

From the household pet to the horses running free in the wild, animals are ever-present in our lives, and bring much joy to all they interact with. However, we often lack the knowledge in understanding their symbolic and truest nature, and the traits that define them. It’s through these traits that we can learn more about ourselves, the events we find ourselves in, and what we must carry forward into the next chapter of our lives. From the brave bear to the beautiful butterfly, each animal totem can carry teachings, and to learn more about them, we recommend you read this helpful guide.

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What Are Spirit Animals & How To Discover Yours?

Traditional shamans state that spirit animals are shown to us to help guide us through life’s journey, and protect us when life may bring with it difficult times, or we’re in need of transformation or change. They provide great insights into our subconscious mind and bring forth important messages that we must take heed of. Your power animal is meant to serve as a guide and bring attention to parts of your life that need work, exploration and enhancement. 

To discover yours, it actually needs to discover you. Typically, your spirit guide will present itself when you're in a calm state, and able to wander freely - ie, during dreams or mindful meditation. However, they can show themselves in physical form - displaying strange behaviour or appearing in places that species wouldn’t usually. 

To ensure you don’t miss any important information, we here at Psychic Sofa recommend that you:

  • Observe nature, and pay attention to the wildlife around you.

  • Take note of animal encounters and interactions, and be open to their wisdom. If an animal keeps appearing, consider its symbolism, and how this may be reflected in your real life (more on this below!).

  • Conduct a spiritual ceremony to call on your spirit animal, by burning calming plants such as sage and palo santo, and asking that they show themselves to you in either a vision, dream or live form - as you require their guidance.

  • Document your dreams, and write down any that feature animals, and the messages they bring. You may find that a recurring animal appears, as do certain situations. These may represent feelings and desires that are deep within you, and are yearning to get out.

  • Go on an adventure that feeds the soul. Embrace opportunities that come your way, and, using the skills of your spirit animal, utilise their wisdom, kindness and positivity always.


What Different Animal Guides Mean

From the bear to the butterfly, there are various spirit animals that want only love and safety for their wards. Each however represents values, traits and characteristics that could indicate what you may be lacking in your life, and what you should be seeking out. Let’s take a look at some of these now:

The Bear Spirit

  • Symbolises strength, confidence and taking action and leadership in all aspects of life.

  • Bears are often associated with shamans and shamanic healing, suggesting this is a time for care, whether that’s your own, or using your healing abilities to support others - both physically, emotionally or spiritually. You can call on the bear spirit guidance to focus your energy and help you navigate this appropriately.

  • As the bear prefers solitude, appearing to you may indicate you need some rest, some time to reflect and be one with the world by being alone for a while. Perhaps you need to regroup and set some boundaries with others, allowing you to feel comfortable. A great grounding spirit, the bear can aid meditation and introspection too. 


The Butterfly Spirit

  • Represents transformation and a time for change. An adaptable creature that welcomes development with grace and beauty, they know how to fly in the face of adversity.

  • Butterflies suggest that a renewal or rebirth is necessary, or eminent - perhaps a different way of being, a new thought process or an elevation from earthly matters, and an attunement to the emotional or spiritual levels. It might indicate the need to look at a conflicting situation with more lightness and a different perspective - ensuring that happiness and success prevails.

  • Colourful creatures who love to showcase their beauty, the butterfly tells their wards it’s time to express themselves and show off your wonderful personality. Especially if you feel like you’ve been hiding a key part of yourself, now is the time to let it shine.


The Wolf Spirit:


The Fox Spirit:

  • When the fox appears, it may suggest that you need to pay special attention to the people or circumstances that may not appear as they seem, or could potentially be leading you down a path of understanding that doesn’t serve you well. The animal guide may be asking you to be more perceptive about certain relationships - both romantic and professional, and use your cunning and wisdom to outsmart them all.

  • Linked is the belief that when a fox spirit appears, it has teachings regarding obstacles and how to deal with them head on. You may be guided to learn from challenging situations, and realise that life isn’t always fair. You may not like what you learn, but in the end, what you learn will serve its purpose soon enough.

  • As foxes are most active at night, by affinity, you may find that in the calm and quiet of this time, you can bring your creativity and problem-solving attributes to the fore, without the distractions of daily life getting in the way. 

red fox

Other animal spirits and what they indicate include:

The personal path to finding your spirit animal is best found through observation, attention and intuition. Whether through dreaming, daily meditation or simply getting back to primal nature, discovering your spirit animal results in motivation, inspiration and feelings of empowerment. In that moment, remain present, open your mind, and connect to the love that surrounds you. And for further connections to the higher realms, why not give one of our telephone psychic readers a call? Available 24/7, with great understanding of the spirit world, they are always happy to help. To reach them, and for your own psychic reading, please call 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or 01618640152.


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