Introduction To Angel Card Readings

Every single one of us has the ability within us to read Angel Cards - all you need to do is believe in yourself and your want to connect with your spiritual Angels.

If you’ve always wanted to know how to use Angel Cards, then you’ve come to the right place. These oracle packs comprise inspirational and encouraging words, phrases and imagery to help guide you through your life, and provide comfort when you need it the most. The great thing about these cards is that they are suitable for individuals of all ages, and are completely safe for children too. Offering affirmations, advice and the confidence to chase your dreams, it’s no wonder that they are so popular. Every single one of us has the ability within us to read Angel Cards - all you need to do is believe in yourself and your want to connect with your spiritual Angels. To tap into your capabilities, please follow the easy steps below, and for further help, why not give our telephone psychic readers a call today.

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Angel Card Readings - Finding Your Pack & Getting Started

The first thing to note is that there are various decks out there, and these can be found in bookshops, new age shops and even online. Some cards have full Angelic messages on them, while others have imagery with instructions that expand on their meaning. We recommend choosing a pack that you are instinctively drawn to. Which images and messages seem to resonate with you the most? What can you feel a connection to? You’ll know when you’ve found the right cards, and your guardian Angels will too. When chosen, open up your deck and have a look at every card to familiarise yourself with them, and to create an attachment, shuffle them with your hands. We know some people like to bless Angel Cards too, which is wonderful, and can be done by holding them close to your heart. Easy to follow instructions might appear: on the box itself, on one or more cards, or on a leaflet inside. Some decks come with an instruction booklet. You may find the booklet/instructions helpful at first, but with a little time and practice, you’ll instantly know the messages from the cards. The images may also suggest a different meaning to you than the description in the pack, and we here at Psychic Sofa suggest going with your instinct, as not only are we trying to strengthen it, but this is what will be right for your specific situation.

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To read Angel Cards:

  • Quiet your mind, hold your cards close to your heart to infuse them with your energy, and ask the Angels to communicate with you through the cards. Thanking them for their guidance and wisdom is always recommended, as it shows appreciation for their gifts and talents.

  • When conducting a reading for yourself, you can either ask your Angels to answer your questions, or, ask that they tell you that which they want you to know - ie, by guiding you to the related cards.

  • When doing a reading for a friend, family member, or someone else, dedicate the cards to that person, so that their Angels know who to speak with. To dedicate the cards, you can say something along the lines of, ‘’I dedicate the cards to my beautiful mother, who was born 7th July, 1962 in Liverpool, and has always had the kindest heart. Angels, please help me to give them a true and accurate reading that will help and guide them in the best possible way that we can”. This dedication can either be said silently, or out loud - either way, the Angels will hear your words, and will open their hearts.

  • Shuffle the cards until you feel an urge to stop, and then choose the first card that your instincts guide you to. You may like to choose one card or continue on to do a three card spread using the same instruction. Whichever feels right in that moment, will be alright with your Angels too. Three card spreads are popular with Tarot Card readers too.

  • With the cards drawn, take guidance from the messages on each card. You may want to consider or pass on the exact wording that the creator of the cards has written for each card, or you may want to put your own interpretation into the meaning, depending on how confident you feel. As stated above, always trust your intuition when reading your own cards, as your first instincts will be the right ones. If the reading is for a friend, family member or someone else, ask them to do the same - letting their instincts guide them in the right direction, to ensure a more accurate reading.

How To Boost That Instant Connection - Our Talented Psychics Give Their Advice

We asked some of our most trusted psychics to give their guidance on how they enhance their connections to the Angels, and this is exactly what follows:

Getting to grips with Angel Cards may appear tough at first, but there’s no real right or wrong way to go about it. So long as your intent is clear, and you use your cards with admiration and love for the spirits, then that is what you will get back in return. For further information on Angel Cards, or to have a psychic reading for yourself, why not call one of our readers today on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 01618640152. 


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