March Birthstones & How To Harness Their Power

We've put together another one of our in-depth guides to birthstones for the month of March, taking a look at the healing powers, protective energy, and strength that can be drawn from these beautiful rocks.

Since the launch of our first birthstone campaign back in January, we've been blown away by the level of intrigue and excitement that has been generated, so we thought we'd come back with a bang! This article is all about March's birthstones, some of the most interesting birthstones of any month of the year! If March is your birth month, you know somebody who was born in March or are just curious about learning more about the different birthstones that are associated with this month, you're in for a treat! We've put together another one of our in-depth guides to birthstones for the month of March, taking a look at the healing powers, protective energy, and strength that can be drawn from these beautiful rocks. Before you invest in your own sacred stone, you'll want to be sure that you know the vital information surrounding it - in this guide to birthstones, we're going to take a look at the different birthstones associated with March (yes, there's more than just one), the meaning behind these stones, the powers that each stone possesses, and the best protection tips for keeping your gem in the best condition possible! 


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What are the March birthstones? 

For the month of March, there are two different stones that you will commonly see cited as the representative for the month - the most popular of which is aquamarine. This is a beautiful light blue, almost turquoise stone that is believed to have great power in both a physical and mental sense, with many cultures over the course of time placing a great deal of importance upon aquamarine in a variety of different situations and circumstances. Aside from aquamarine, bloodstone is also seen as an alternative birthstone for March - this heliotrope has a dark green colour and is infused with flashes of red - again, throughout history there has been much intrigue and importance placed upon bloodstone by many cultures, including Ancient Greece. Whilst the two stones are relatively different in terms of appearance, they share a striking number of shared powers and beliefs, which makes them both the ideal match for March when sorting the birthstones by month. The properties and powers possessed by the aquamarine stones and bloodstone are plentiful, but it's important to understand these stones before you try to use one of harness their powers - below, we'll give you a breakdown of each stone, including the meaning of their name, a review of their colour, and the uses of each stone throughout history!

Aquamarine, the gem of the oceans

First up, we have aquamarine, a beautiful blue stone that has held great value over time, particularly in the 19th century, when the sea green colour variants were the most popularly traded. Today, aquamarine has more of a light blue colour that is very fitting when considering the origins of its name; aquamarine is derived from the Latin word for seawater, thanks to its shimmering blue tone and translucent structure that gives a water-like appearance. The element of water is a big focus when it comes to aquamarine - it is said that when placed in water and drank, the stone has the power to cure sickness and restore health, making this a truly powerful stone that is of great benefit to the wearer. In the modern-day, the connection to water remains, but in a slightly different form; modern healers believe that aquamarine helps the body to retain water more effectively, which again signifies a connection to water and protective powers that stem far beyond the blue colour that the stone is adorned with. With this in mind, it's no surprise to see that birthstone jewellery is becoming incredibly popular in modern times - it provides a simple, stress-free way to keep your stones - and the magical powers that they possess - close to you at all times so that you can make use of the positive energies that they provide whilst keeping negative energies at bay. It is thought that for each person, aquamarine has the appearance of a body of water that is instantly recognisable - the different shades of blue that these beautiful stones feature each harks back to times of looking out across the sea and feeling at one with your spirit and soul, which is a power that very few stones can replicate. 


Aquamarine isn't just for healing and protection in a reserved sense, however - according to tales of folklore, aquamarine is a stone that's used to bring success and victory to the holder in times of battle or dispute, particularly in cases of legal disputes, rather surprisingly. Whilst this can denote characteristics of wisdom or courage, many see this as a symbol of passion and peace; the stone helps to end disputes and battles, which is the only way to find balance and prosperity in life. In a final call back to the ocean, we have one more tale of aquamarine's uses over history: the stone was used during ceremonies in the hopes that it would summon rain when needed, or drought for their enemies, this again signifies the strong relation between aquamarine and the water that we use to survive each day. Thanks to its powers, aquamarine stones can be used as healing stones or protection stones, which allows them to make use of the spiritual energy that surrounds you to ensure that you're safe and healthy.

Whilst some months may only have one stone, those born in March are lucky enough to have two stones to call their own...

Bloodstone, the traditional March birthstone

The alternative birthstone for March is bloodstone, a deep green rock with flecks of orange or red entwined within - these intricately coloured rocks are not just great to look at - they can also be your stone of protection or stone of wisdom, helping to you tackle life with the confidence that you have the right divine guidance steering you in the correct direction. Whilst bloodstone may have varying degrees of purity, one thing is for certain; it's one of the most beautiful stones that you can have on your person each day - the deep green jasper combines with iron oxide to produce an aesthetic that is, in all truth, mystical. Bloodstone is seen as the more traditional birthstone for March and has deep-rooted examples of use dating back to the Babylonians, who would use bloodstone to create amulets and talismans that were believed to provide healing properties to anyone who would wear them. Thanks to these long-standing uses throughout history, bloodstone is viewed as the traditional stone for March, however, in modern times it is aquamarine that has been seen as the main stone used to symbolise the month of March. This is likely due to its prominence and popularity in the 19th century, where aquamarine became one of the precious stones used in jewellery and as a favour between grooms and their bride. 


The powers or bloodstone are well documented in history, with many cultures believing that these amazing stones had many mystical properties, such as the ability to control the weather on Earth, the power to predict the future and fortune, or even increase creativity and imagination, which lends itself fantastically to the astrology charts of those born in March. In astrology, Pisces (who make up the majority of people born in March) are artistic beings who put a large emphasis on expression and compassion, which draws obvious similarities to the powers associated with bloodstone. With powers such as these, it's no surprise to see the beauty of bloodstone used in amulets that adorned a family's coat of arms, to be used in signet rings or even as a wax seal press.

How to use your birthstone

With both of March's stones, there's a huge emphasis placed on the themes of courage and creativity - whilst it may seem difficult to find a way to use your stone, it's much easier than it seems when you focus on the themes associated with the gem. Whether it's in love, friendships, or your career, it's important to be courageous and approach situations without fear - the progression and success that you may be rewarded with by showing courage you're sure to be led one a path towards happiness, with all obstacles of negativity removed. 

Of course, courage is only one side of this progression and you'll likely need to lean on your creativity and intuition to identify ways to improve your relationships and prosper in your chosen field. One great example of this is with writers - whilst creativity is something that these people excel with, it isn't always easy putting these images into writing. With the help and focus provided by both aquamarine and bloodstone, it's easier to reach a state of serenity and harmony that makes articulating your stories a much easier task. How you choose to use your birthstone is entirely up to you; you may choose to keep the valuable stone in the space where you work, you could opt to have the stone integrated into your jewellery as a ring or amulet, or you could use the gem during meditation sessions where you're looking to manifest positivity and prosperity for your future. This is a fantastic way to alleviate mental tension that is causing you to face energy blockages, removing any anxiety that is holding you back to ensure that you're able to express your personality and reach your potential in all walks of life, from work to romance. 

Caring for your March birthstones

In scientific terms, aquamarine is a member of the beryl family of gems, which makes is very close relation to emerald - this is a fierce green gem that has held high value over many generations. One of the major aspects of beryl gems in their unique sparkle and twinkle, which is incredibly evident in aquamarine thanks to the oceanic blue colour that mimics the crashing waves of the seven seas. If you're the owner of an aquamarine crystal, you'll need to know how to keep it in the best condition possible, as it would be a shame to see such a beautiful rock turn dull and battered over time. Thankfully, cleaning your birthstone can be done relatively easily - you'll just need a container to clean it in, some warm water, a soft brush, and a cleaning solution (this can be a specific jewellery cleaner or just a mild soap solution).

1. First, you'll need to fill the container with warm water, then add your mild soap solution or jewellery cleaner into this container. This creates a safe environment in which to clean your aquamarine stone without causing any damage. 

2. Next, you'll need to submerge your aquamarine into the solution. Once you've done this, leave it for a few minutes so the soap can work its magic on the stone. 

3. After the stone has been in the solution for a couple of minutes, remove it using a strainer to remove any excess soap and water, then gently brush the stone all over. Be sure to get into any tight corners and underneath the stone's casing, where lots of dirt and grime can build up over time. During this step, you must be very careful not to use excessive force that could damage your gem. 

4. Finally, give the stone a rinse with some clean warm water, then dry off with a soft lint cloth to remove any dirt left behind. Once complete, this should leave your March birthstone with a dazzling sparkle that's sure to radiate positive energy all day long. 

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