Tarot cards for beginners

In this post, we're going to focus on the use of cards in Tarot readings, which are known as Tarot decks. Whilst this can be considered as a deck for beginners, it's important to know what you're doing with your cards.

If you've ever taken interest in the psychic arts, you're probably already familiar with the concept of the tools that are used during readings. These items can range in size, structure, and use, but the main focus remains the same; they're a medium that's used for the reader to be able to take a reading of the sitter, drawing on their energy and aura to gain insight into the desires, challenges, and questions that the person may have. One of the most common tools that you'll find are the many different card decks that are used in psychic readings - the main two decks that you'll find are Angel cards and Tarot cards, which have many similarities and many differences too. In this post, we're going to focus on the use of cards in Tarot readings, which are known as Tarot decks. Whilst this can be considered as a deck for beginners, it's important to know what you're doing with your cards; these cards hold great power in terms of foresight and should not be used sparingly - the predictions that the cards make can have a huge influence on the sitter, so it's important that the reader is giving informed advice founded in their knowledge of the meanings held by each card in the deck.

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Whilst conducting a reading for yourself using cards that you have bought can be a fun way to get involved in psychic readings, you'll likely find far more value in a Tarot reading conducted by a gifted psychic reader. Here at Psychic Sofa, we've got readers who are gifted in a range of different forms of intuition, from clairvoyance and mediumship to card reading and astrology, so you're sure to find a session that's right for you. To take part in one of our trusted psychic readings, give us a call on 0905 789 1111 (calls cost 80p plus your network access charge), or opt for one of our online psychic readings right here on our website!

What are Tarot Cards

If you're unfamiliar with Tarot, your first question is probably "what are tarot cards?" - that's a great place to start, so here is a look at what exactly this deck of cards is before we start to talk about how they're used.

In simple terms, the Tarot is a deck of cards containing 78 different cards, which when selected and spread will form a message for the Tarot readers to interpret and deliver to the sitter. Each card in the classic Tarot deck his it's own vivid imagery and meaning behind it, so to have selected a specific card from such a large deck holds significant importance. The cards are split into two different types - the major arcana and the minor arcana. In the major arcana, you'll find cards that are designed to represent the biggest lessons in life, whether that be karmic or spiritual. The cards depict these lessons in a way that's open for interpretation, which can then differ depending on the other cards drawn alongside it. The events depicted in the major arcana are not insignificant; these are hugely important events that likely only happen a few times in the course of your lifetime. On the other hand, we have the minor arcana, which are more focused on the smaller things that we're faced with each day. In these cards, you'll see the trials and tribulations that we commonly face throughout our lives, offering advice on how best to tackle them the next time you face them. There are 78 individual cards, with the cards split into 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana cards.

Within the minor arcana cards, you'll find 16 court cards - these are cards that represent the various personality characteristics that we display as human beings. Whilst each card may seem hard to read meaning from individually, they paint a far more comprehensive later on in the reading when presented as a full spread. To complete the deck, the rest of the cards are numbered and split down into 4 suits, with 10 cards in each, very similar to what you would expect from a simple deck of playing cards.

How are they used?

Now that you're more familiar with how the deck looks and what it is going to contain, you're ready to take a look at how they're used. The most common usage that you'll see for these cards is as part of a psychic reading, where the reader will use the cards to learn more about you as a person, including any problems that you may be facing, then form a judgement on the card meanings, from which they'll be able to offer spiritual guidance and support to the sitter. In many instances, this advice is the reason the sitter has taken part in a psychic reading, whether that's a telephone psychic reading, a psychic phone reading, or a physical session in person with a reader. Before your session, you'll want to ensure that you have a question in mind to ask the deck to answer - this way, you can be sure that the session begins on the right foot.

Whilst many see Tarot as simply images on pieces of card, it's far more than that - the cards are used as a blueprint upon which we're able to read the story of a person's life - we can see the troubles they face, the challenges ahead, the traumas of their past, and their personality traits too, so the reader is able to form a very detailed idea of what advice and guidance you're needing. One of the most important things to remember with Tarot is that it is not a divide used for predicting the future or making absolute predictions and fortune tellings; instead, Tarot decks are a tool that allows the reader to better use their intuition to provide useful guidance that's based upon the real-life events in a person's life. At the moment that the cards are drawn, the vivid imagery instantly unlocks your intuition and the subconscious mind - by doing this, you're more open to the powers and wisdom of the spirits and energy around you. By opening yourself up to this power, it's easier to make the positive changes required to achieve goals.

The next point of importance that you need to master is the different types of spreads - there are lots of different ways to spread the chosen cards, some of which are more complex than others. For beginners, a simple three-card spread is recommended. This spread features three cards which are selected by the sitter from the full deck, each of which represents the past, present, and future respectively. Alternatively, the three card spread can be used to symbolise the mind, body, and spirit of the person that is being read. If you want to advance beyond this, you can use a six-card Tarot spreads, which feature a card for each of the points that we have mentioned here.

For more advanced readers, the Celtic cross is a popular spread format - this uses 10 cards, laid out in  

a very specific Celtic cross formation. Each position in this formation has its own meaning, which then relates to the card that is placed there and adds further depth to the reading that is given. By combining all 10 of the symbols, the reader will be able to give comprehensive advice and guidance to the sitter using the information deciphered from the cards. The positions in the Celtic cross relate to the following factors in life:

  1. Present
  2. Immediate challenges
  3. Distant past
  4. Recent past
  5. Best outcome
  6. Immediate future
  7. Factors affecting the situation
  8. External influences
  9. Hopes and fears
  10. Final outcome

As you can see, the reading from traditional Tarot decks can be very detailed and cover lots of different life points, so don't be surprised to receive a reading that feels incredibly accurate and in-depth when sitting for a session with a Tarot reader. If you'd like to try out one of these formations, you're in luck! These formations can be used with all traditional decks and modern decks, making them a great start point for beginners.

What can they tell us?

As we mentioned earlier, Tarot cards are not designed to predict the future but instead provide insight into your life path based on your current situation and your potential future and past. By taking a look at this life path, you're able to understand what action you need to take in your everyday life in order to make the most of the situation that you find yourself in. This could mean continuing on the path to success and wealth or potentially diverting your current course to avoid the dangers and problems that you may currently be set to encounter if you were to carry on as you are. Whilst a single card may not explain much, they take on much more value when read by a person with psychic abilities or who practices the art of Tarot reading on a regular basis. These people have far more expertise and will be able to offer greater insight into the meaning of the story that the Tarot cards tell.

Here are a few examples of the cards that you may see drawn along with some of the meanings that could be detracted from these cards being shown in a reading:

  • The Fool - this card is one of the most famed in the deck. In your first reading, you are said to embody The Fool. Don't take offence to this, as The Fool is actually known as the wisest and most knowledgable card in the entire deck. The Fool has an eternal soul and is a symbol of true enlightenment, also symbolising now cycles, trust, and innocence when presented. You'd have to be a fool not to respect The Fool.
  • The Empress - this card is said to symbolise the Goddess, or Great Mother. The Empress is a symbol of the planet Venus, which is known as the planet of love, beauty, and fertility. The Empress does not just reference these things, however; she could also be a sign of wealth and peace. In certain circumstances, The Empress could be used to represent your own mother, or your relationships with the women that are in your life.
  • The Lovers - as you'd imagine, the most common interpretation of The Lovers is that love is, quite literally, on the cards. Whilst this can be the case, it is not always the case - the card can often indicate choices that have been made or which will be made in the future. In any given reading, The Lovers can represent heaven, Earth, love, communication, and balance.
  • The Devil - alongside the Death card, this is perhaps one of the most feared cards for those who aren't too in-the-know when it comes to Tarot, but for those who are informed on the topic, it's actually one of the most intriguing cards that can. The Devil does not, in most cases, signify evil or despair as many think - instead, the card can reference a trick, deception, greed, or temptation, which can all be seen as branches of evil, but certainly not evil itself. To other readers, The Devil can be used to symbolise your own shadow and unconscious - the parts of your own existence that you seem to have no control over.
tarot card reading deck

Tarot card readings with a psychic

Whilst Tarot readings can be done anywhere by anyone, the true value of Tarot comes to the fore when taking part in a Tarot reading with a gifted psychic. With a psychic, you'll be able to discover much more about the situations and emotions that you're going through, with a deeper look into your history and future helping to form a path of life for you to follow. If you are to follow the steps outlined by the psychic reader, you'll be able to use these as a guide for a more successful and prosperous life, which is ultimately what we all seek.

To take part in an intuitive reading, all you have to do is get in touch with our readers here at Psychic Sofa - we've got specialist dedicated to every medium you can imagine and a range of ways to format your payment, so however you want to have your reading, we've got it covered. For a telephone psychic reading, give us a call on 0905 789 1111 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge), or alternatively, visit our online readers page for a psychic reading online!


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