Taurus Compatibility & Signs That Match

Being a symbol of strength and virility, the bull emanates this from their core - combing their earthy good looks and sex appeal to attract partners and seduce them with their wit, charm and brainpower.

Ah to be in love - is there anything better? The world seems a brighter place, the gloomy days don’t seem quite so bad, and you have someone by your side who is there to help you take on the world, together. There’s so much joy that comes from being in love, but this is not a decision to be taken lightly. Finding the right partner is more than just looks and attraction, it’s personality, shared values and adventures that you embark on that shake you and open you up to new possibilities. Finding love should be a choice you make every day, and a choice that impacts your life completely. But choosing love isn’t always easy. Therefore, with it being May, we wanted to enlighten the lovely Taurus star sign in their perfect partners, and ones they may be best steering clear of. And should you want any further guidance, we recommend a telephone psychic reading today.

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All About Taurus - Personality Traits, Compatible Couples & Natural Strengths

Taurus is a stable and grounded star sign - down to earth, practical and process-driven. This bull is both mentally and physically strong - always sticking to their guns when it comes to their beliefs, and not letting negative experiences drag them down. Due to this, it’s clear why they like being in charge, and won’t take kindly to a newbie coming in and trying to take over - especially when their mindset doesn’t align with their own. Challenging a bull head on is never advised, as the Taurus always knows how to come out victorious. What’s more, this Zodiac sign is highly intelligent, and knowledgeable about the world, and due to this - can express their point of view with clarity, passion and authenticity. They are great listeners who love to learn, and are very observant - their minds able to store new information, facts and data, and drawing on them when needed to back up their points in discussions, debates, and even arguments.

Being a symbol of strength and virility, the bull emanates this from their core - combing their earthy good looks and sex appeal to attract partners and seduce them with their wit, charm and brainpower. Taurus is a hard sign to resist - especially when they put thought into their dates, and show how much they care. Indulging in fancy meals, great exhibitions and artistic hobbies that get those creative juices flowing - if you’re ever trying to attract a Taurus yourself, these are great ways to go about it too.

When it comes to love, a Tarus is never afraid to wait - treading carefully where friendships are involved, due to risk of losing them if romantic feelings are not reciprocated. However, this waiting game may not always end in their favour. Taking baby steps and asking for an email address or number can show interest while not pushing the bar so to speak. Still, a Taurus in love is a wonderful thing, and will shower their partner with affection, adventures and memories that will last a lifetime.

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Taurus Compatibility - Best Matches & Compatible Couples

When it comes to levels of compatibility, the ideal matches for Taurus include: Virgo, Libra and Pisces.

Compatibility: Taurus & Virgo In Love

Both Virgo and Taurus are earth signs, meaning they are practical, reliable and place loyalty above all else. They’re also a mutable sign, meaning they know how to go with the flow, and not let the unexpected hinder their enjoyment of life, and life spent together. They build on their experiences - taking both the good and bad in their stride, and reach new heights beyond their individuality. With Taurus’s stability and knowledge, and Virgo’s need to meet goals to high standards, they can make quite the power couple - pushing each other to flourish within their talents, careers and life goals. Taurus’s sensuality can also help to bring a Virgo out of their shell, allowing them to feel comfortable in their sexuality, and express it with the one who loves them the most.

Compatibility: Taurus & Libra In Love

Perhaps the most surprising of matches, Taurus and Libra can make the most striking of pairs. This earth sign and air sign duo are both ruled by Venus, making them a solid love pair. As stated in Bustle: ‘’Venus in Taurus is "subjective" and naturally draws everyone to them, while Venus in Libra is more "objective" and gets what they want by charming everyone around them.’’ Both Libra and Taurus share similar values too - they want magical, mystical love that exists in the movies - with passion flowing throughout. Shared activities can always be found - whether they’re going on a quest for knowledge, adventure or an expression of their skill sets. They brighten up each other’s worlds, and never have a dull day between them.

Compatibility: Taurus & Pisces In Love

Nothing suits a fixed earth sign better than a mutable water sign, which is why Pisces and Taurus soulmates are a beautiful thing. Pisces tend to enter romantic relationships with a hopeful and idealistic attitude, which Taurus tends to appreciate, providing them with a stable and secure basis from which to express themselves. Communication is key in any loving relationship, and because both star signs realise this, they don’t hide their true selves, instead revealing their passions, likes and dislikes, and utilising this to their advantage for a happy life together. And even though Taurus seeks a more logical approach to life, and Pisces a more emotion-led one, the one value they share is incomparable to any others – love. They both want a love where both are treated equally, they both feel certainty and security, and most importantly - there’s respect and belief that each other makes them better, and stronger than two individual parts.

Taurus Bad Matches & Those That May Not End Well - Incompatible Signs

Not every Zodiac sign can be a winner when it comes to a Taurus love match, and unfortunately, this can be the case for Sagittarius, Gemini and Aries - the worst matches.

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Compatibility: Taurus & Sagittarius In Love

There are various astrological reasons why these two signs don’t get on well in love - for starters, the vast differences in personalities. Taurus prefers quiet stability and doesn’t fare well with massive changes that shake their very core, whereas Sagittarius is constantly seeking out the new and exciting, and would find a life with Taurus a life not well lived. Because of this, they don’t share in each other’s passions, and don’t have much to talk about when it comes to life - creating strained conversations that don’t lead anywhere good. What’s more, at times, Taurus can be prone to jealousy - even in committed relationships, which can make a Sagittarius bolt if they even detect a hint of possessiveness. Failure to understand each other can only spell disaster, and the only way to make a Taurus and Sagittarius pairing work is to appreciate each other’s differences and make space for both of them. 

Compatibility: Taurus & Gemini In Love

Quick to judge and with little time for home comforts and stability, Gemini just don’t have the patience required to love a Taurus wholeheartedly. They get bored easily, like to flirt for attention, and don’t always consider how this may impact their partners. It takes a strong star sign to match Gemini’s unique personality, and Taurus, just isn’t it. Another challenge for this pairing is finding common ground on a daily basis. Gemini thrives on new experiences and very rarely does the same thing twice, which can fill Taurus with anxiety as they try to keep up. All star signs need to feel as if their needs are being met, and in this pairing, this is very rarely the case. Onwards.

Compatibility: Taurus & Aries In Love

As many people know, Aries love conflict, competition and a challenge - where they can show off their talents and skills. Though Taurus thrive on their wisdom being appreciated, they’re not ones for deliberate debate - much preferring the peace and harmony where people just agree with them (they are bull-headed after all). Where differences of opinion arise, it can lead to heated debate where noise and frustration are all that come of these clashing personalities, rather than anything substantial, or useful. Aries needs someone who can give as good as they get, whereas Taurus longs for the partner who understands and appreciates them, and doesn’t pick fights for the sake of it. 

There’s a lot to love about a Taurus, but this bull is not everyone’s cup of tea, and when going into any relationship, it’s important to know whether it has a chance of working out, or whether it’s not worth the time and effort. For more information on any of the Taurus matches mentioned above, or for any others, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a psychic love reading today via a psychic phone reading. All of our trusted psychics want only the best for you, and to speak to one of them today, please call today on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or 01618640152.


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