The Essential Guide to Cleansing Your Aura

Learn how to cleanse your aura and bring back some sparkle to your energy with this essential guide.

Now we all know how important cleanliness is in life. From a young age we’re taught that cleanliness is next to Godliness and if you don’t clean behind your ears then bad things will happen to you. But if our personal hygiene is so important in everyday life, then why isn’t our spiritual hygiene? Can there be any benefits from a daily, spiritual cleanse?

Our auras – that ever-changing energy field surrounding our being- can become a hotchpotch of spiritual confusion if we don’t seek to cleanse it on a regular basis. Think of your aura as a magnet; an aura acts as a sponge for all the vibrational frequencies around us, and is so strongly affected its direct surroundings that if it isn’t well maintained it will continue to absorb energies nearby, regardless of whether they are positive or negative. Eventually, such imbalance can play havoc with a person’s mental and physical wellbeing, and cause detachment and numbing from natures magic.

On the flip-side, a clean aura indicates that a person has a clear, charismatic and serene mind, which naturally encourages stronger, longer lasting relationships with others as well as heightened awareness to the world as a whole. And while most of us may not be able to see another person’s aura, we can still sense it. A person whose aura is cleansed will not only be more appreciated by others, but they will also be shown more consideration than those whose auras don’t shine as brightly.

So why don’t we give into spiritual temptation and treat ourselves to a much needed aura pamper session?

Cleansing your aura on a daily basis is a simple and easy way to keep both your mental and physical wellbeing in check. And guess what? It only takes a few minutes! When we leave our auras to fester for long periods of time between a cleanse, you may feel as if your spirit is getting bogged down, and it may take greater periods of time to get it back up to its prime level of radiance. On the other hand, if you regularly took part in aura cleansing it would only take half the time and keep your energy levels in constant balance. For instance, you may start having more negative thoughts than usual if you do not maintain your spiritual health. These negative thoughts will not only impact on your wellbeing, but they will also affect our aura, making it loose its vigour. If your aura gets into such a state, it may take many sessions of meditation and healing to reveal the brightness underneath the dirty, greyish energy surrounding you.

In an ideal scenario, I would ask everyone to do an aura cleanse at least twice a day –morning and night. But let’s be realistic, not everyone has the time or patience to do so. So instead, I have created a short guide that you can follow in your own time, in the comfort of your own home. (But preferably before bed and at least once a week!)

If you follow these short, simple steps then your astral body should soon be freed up from all those spiritual nasties, leaving you to lead a happier, more fulfilling and spiritual life. So what are you waiting for! Read below for my quick, essential step-by-step guide to cleansing your aura.

How to Cleanse Your Aura


Now, before taking these steps the most important thing to do is make sure that your work space is the ideal location for an aura cleanse. For me, I try to make sure I am in an area that is not heavily surrounded by technology. If you can, find a place outside or with as little electric interference as possible. Turn off all technology. This will help ensure a quieter surrounding during your cleanse. Maybe you have a favourite type of incense you like to burn, or a comfy pillow? Bring them all into your little work space. Once you have found your perfect little location, then begin with a few breathing exercises to help centre your energy and allow your mind and body to relax. Let your body relax, perhaps in a meditation position if possible. Are you ready? Then we’ll begin.

Take a breath, close your eyes...

Step 1 – Visualise Your Aura

Focus on your breathing. Be conscious of every inhale and exhale, and feel the air guide itself throughout your body, and outside your body. Once you feel as if your body is totally relaxed, now you may become aware of your outer extremities. Feel the tingly sensation at the tips of your toes, fingers, the top of your head. Allow your mind to form a gentle, white light and have it surround your being. Let it play and interact with your body. It will not harm you. This is your aura. Feel as it passes from the top of your head, down through your spine and into your toes. Let it envelop you.

Step 2 - The White Light Check-Up

Now focus on the power of the White Light. This pure white light healing energy flows back up your body to its source at the top of your head, through your Crown Chakra, and cascades back down - washing over your soul in glorious, unconditional love. Let its rays of love, joy, vitality and wellbeing awash your being and nurture every possible ray of positivity within. Breathe in the White Light. Clutch and invite it to your very core. Surrender your negative emotions to the healing, White Light and let them dissolve into it. Feel your positive energy thrive. Now is a time to burn with brilliance and embody the White Light. Let it heal your soul and pulsate its magnificent rays like a shining star around you. Chant the mantra,

“I accept this White Light Healing. I embody the power of the pure, White Light and am blessed with its unconditional love, tolerance and acceptance. I am beloved.”

Step 3 – Create Your Protection Bubble

Now you have focused and cleansed your aura with the brilliance of White Light, so too must you protect with it. Blend its energy into the space around you, extend it out into infinity and feel it slowly neutralise and soften everything around you. You are now at one with your surroundings. Now it is time to embrace your true self. What do you want to see in your day, week or month? In this moment you are truly free to express yourself. You are safe, you are protected. No judgement can take place here. Right and wrong no longer exist. What do you want? Internalise that want and protect it. No negative energy can break this barrier.

Step 4 – Smudge

Smudging –the ceremonial burning of sage- is ritual alchemy. By smudging your sacred space with white, ceremonial sage you seek to draw your healing session to a close. By smudging immediately after an aura cleanse not only do you cleanse the physical, but you cleanse the metaphysical. Let the vapours around you connect your spirit to the unseen world and vanish any leftover negativity from your space. This is especially advisable if the space you are working in is inside your home. Think of it as another protection bubble top-up, just for a physical space around you.

And if you have a little extra time on your hands...

Take a Salt Bath

If you have a little extra time on your hands, why not treat your auric field as well as your physical body to a luxurious salt bath. This is a wonderful way to end a cleansing session and has some brilliant extra benefits. Soak up in a steaming tub of water and add a generous amount of good quality unprocessed salt (my favourite is Himalayan rock salt) and allow it to soak into your skin. Not only will it draw out toxins from your skin, but can also relieve physical pain and allow your body to draw in much needed essential minerals too.


Of course, everyone’s auras are different and there cannot be one defined method that works for all. But hopefully this basic guide has given you some insight into the basics of aura cleansing and how essential it is in maintaining a balanced spirit and mind.

Have any more suggestions on aura cleansing? Why not drop us a comment below with your ideas!



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