What Reducing your Sugar Levels will do for you Health

What Reducing your Sugar Levels will do for your health

Feel healthier and more energetic by cutting back on sugar


Do you have a sweet tooth? Because if you crave a daily sugar fix, you could be harming your health. The obvious high-sugar candidates are cakes, chocolate and fizzy pop, but you'll also find excess sugar lurking in cereal, sauces, yoghurt, ketchup, and fruit juice. Far from sweet and innocent, this addictive substance can have a damaging effect on your body and your energy levels. The good news is you can easily improve your health by cutting down on your sugar consumption.


For optimal health, you should be eating as little added sugar as possible but certainly no more than six teaspoons per day. This might seem like a tall order for chocoholics but when you see the benefits cutting back on sugar can bring you - it's worth cutting back on the chocolate cake. Here are some of the benefits of reducing your sugar consumption.


1 A Slimmer You

Sugary foods are low in nutrition and high in calories, meaning you will store more fat, especially around your middle. Cut down on sugar-laden foods and you will lose weight, look slimmer and start to feel much better within yourself.


2 Lower blood pressure

Added sugar raises your blood pressure, which puts a strain on your body because your heart has to work harder to pump blood around your system. Long-term high blood pressure can lead to heart disease. So give your body a break from sugar and see your blood pressure lower to a healthy level.


3 Increased energy

You might think you get a sugar rush of energy when you consume sweet foods, but the boost you get is short-lived and unhealthy. A spike in sugar is inevitably followed by a crash as your body releases insulin to try to balance out the sugar spike. This sudden drop in blood sugar makes you moody, shaky and hungry. Stabilise your energy levels by avoiding sugary foods. By eating nutritious food you will have higher energy levels throughout the day, rather than spiking then crashing on sugar.


4 Stronger Teeth

To keep your pearly whites bright and strong, avoid sugar at all costs. Sugar makes it easier tooth-destroying bacteria and plaque to grow in your mouth, which results in rotten teeth. Strong teeth are sugar-free teeth.


5 Reduce heart attack risk

Scientists have discovered that people who have higher added sugar intakes also have an increased risk of heart attack. So keep your ticker ticking over by ditching the sweet stuff.


6 Brain Booster

Stay sharp by cutting out sugar from your diet. Scientific research has shown that sugar may have a negative impact on brain function. It is thought to slow cognitive function and memory. So you can improve your brain power by saying no to that slice of cake!


7 Feel Happier

If your sugar levels are constantly dipping up and down - so will your mood. High sugar intake has been linked with depression and anxiety in older adults. Keep feeling cheery by avoiding sugary drinks and cereals.


8 Lower Cholesterol

A sugary diet causes bad cholesterol levels to rise and beneficial cholesterol to fall. Elevated bad cholesterol can lead to heart disease. Reverse this process by slashing sugar from your menu. Lower sugar intake equals lower cholesterol.


9 Stave off Alzheimer’s and dementia

Sugar reduces your ability to produce a chemical that helps the area of your brain connected with memory. People with lower levels of this chemical are more susceptible to neurological disorders, like dementia. Cut out added sugar from your diet to keep your brain healthy.


10 Look Younger

Sugar damages collagen in your skin, which is responsible for keeping your skin, plump, smooth and firm. Excess sugar will make your complexion look aged, wrinkled and dull. Give yourself brighter, more youthful skin by avoiding sugar.


11 Clear Skin

Some types of acne or other skin conditions can be triggered by hormonal changes caused by excess sugar. You'll have a better chance of having clear skin without added sugar in your diet.


12 Avoid diabetes

The risk of developing type 2 diabetes is reduced if you cut down on sugar. Excess intake of the sweet stuff can cause insulin resistance which leads to high blood sugar and the risk of diabetes. Just say no to sugar.



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