4 Simple Spells for Self Esteem

Spells are about transformation: turning the energy of your thinking into reality. You begin with a positive intention, then you focus that intention to create a new, improved reality.


Boost Your Feelings Of Self Worth With These Magical Spells

Everyone has days of feeling a little lacklustre. It might be sunny outside but inside you feel tired, grumpy or just a bit blue. You can't feel sparklingly fabulous all the time but you can gradually transform these negative feelings by working on boosting your self worth. Raising your self esteem will make you feel better about being you, chasing away any negative vibes. What better way to spiritually transform from grey to golden, than by using a very simple positive spell?

Spells are about transformation: turning the energy of your thinking into reality. You begin with a positive intention, then you focus that intention to create a new, improved reality. Spells must only be cast with positive intent for your higher good. Spells meant to harm or for greedy intentions will eventually backfire, bringing bad karma. So keep your spell intentions light and bright.

Simple Self worth Spells

Cleanse & Release

If you are holding onto feelings of anger, guilt, anxiety or resentment, your self worth will take a tumble. Negative emotions hold negative energy inside you, which will leave you feeling bad. So release this negativity with a cleanse spell.

*Write down everything that is dragging you down: the argument you had with your partner, the work colleague who irritates you, frustrations over a situation and so on. Write as much or as little on each negative feeling as you wish.

*Then light a dark coloured candle, black or dark purple or dark blue work best. Carefully burn the paper with your negative feelings written on it. The dark of the candle absorbs the negativity. Say, 'it is done' three times, as you watch the paper burn. Feel the weight of useless negativity disintegrate from you as the paper goes up in smoke and you release the negativity you were holding on to. You feel lighter, filled with positivity.

Crystal Love

If you don't love yourself, how can you expect anyone else to love you? But loving yourself is not about the narcissistic vanity of taking selfies. It is liking yourself as a person, feeling content with your personal qualities and knowing you are a good person. Use the power of crystals for this loving spell.

*Rose quartz has a gentle, loving energy that can melt away self doubt and anxiety about your abilities. It is a healing stone which will help you to love yourself for being you! Charge rose quartz with your intention by first rinsing it in cold running water for two minutes to remove residual energy. Then hold it in your hand and imagine a soft pink light surrounding you. Call one intention to mind, for example to be more confident, or to be kinder to yourself. Think of this intention for a couple of minutes while holding the crystal. Then carry the crystal around with you everyday, in your pocket or purse so its effects travel with you.

Esteem Booster Spell

Self esteem begins in your brain. But your positive points can get lost in the hustle of daily routines as you race to get everything done during the day. So setting your intention to appreciate your strengths helps you to see exactly how amazing you are and boosts your self worth.

*Every morning for a month write down two positive things about yourself. These could be personal qualities, abilities, achievements or compliments you received. Begin each sentence with: 'I am glad that I ...'.

*After a month, read over your esteem booster list and take in all the good things about yourself. Then fold up the paper and place it under a small white candle. As the candle burns down, think about all the positive things on this list. All the positivity and good that you have in your life.

*Imagine the positivity from this list combining into a glowing white ball that travels around with you wherever you go. Tie up the folded paper list with a white ribbon and place it somewhere safe. Look at it when you need a boost. But remember the glowing ball of positive energy can travel with you at all times. So see it in your mind's eye, if you are feeling low.

Tap into Tarot

Using the power of tarot as your talisman, you can focus the potential positive energy from these cards, transforming it with you intention, into active positive energy for you.

Choose a card brimming with positivity and potential from the tarot deck, such as the Sun, the Star, the World or the Ace of Cups. Place this card in a special place in your home, which will be your altar. Your altar can be a space on a shelf, a windowsill or on a desk, just make sure the altar space is clean and uncluttered.

Place clear quartz and rose quartz crystals around the tarot card to focus positive energy. Put any small trinkets which are precious to you around the card, also.

Spend a couple of minutes everyday in front of this altar thinking, focussing and meditating on one positive emotion, such as increased confidence or being content with your appearance. Touch the card as you meditate. This spell will help you build positivity within yourself.


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