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12 Magical Flowers To Transform Your Home

You can see fields and gardens full of flowers in full bloom and glowing with bright colour, at this time of year. The delicate petals attached to each slender stem flutter with an array of dazzling shades from bold red, soft pink, soothing white and more ...

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11 Ways to heal Love Betrayal

It's the subject of a million pop songs about heartbreak: infidelity. The ultimate betrayal. If your partner has been unfaithful it can seem as if you'll never be happy again. But believe it or not, you will eventually heal. ...

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7 Ways to a Spiritual Spring

You can use the inspiration and power of this fresh-start season to clean and clear out areas of your life, making room for new energy to propel you forward to greater successes. ...

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9 Ways to Judgement Detox

Judging others can often be a way of coping with our own insecurities - Learn to let go of toxic thought processes. ...

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Break Your Psychic Ties!

Still infatuated with your ex? Or perhaps you still feel angry with a friend years after they wronged you? It's time to cut those psychic cords! ...

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7 Superpowers of anxious personality types

Fixed thought patterns of anxiety and worry can leave you feeling physically frozen and mentally stressed out for no good reason. But, surprisingly, an occasional tendency to worry or being mildly anxious can be beneficial for you! ...

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7 Ways to Fight your Phobias

Do you run screaming from a tiny spider? Or perhaps you're too afraid to get on an airplane? You have a phobia! A phobia is an irrational, overwhelming and debilitating fear of something. ...

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Invest In Yourself

Personal development and spiritual awakening teaches you all about yourself. You get to understand and appreciate your uniqueness, and your contribution to the world. ...

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How To Fill Your Home With Positive Energy

Fortunately, bringing more positive energy into your living space is not difficult to do. ...

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4 Simple Spells for Self Esteem

Spells are about transformation: turning the energy of your thinking into reality. You begin with a positive intention, then you focus that intention to create a new, improved reality. ...

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14 Signs You Are A Natural Healer

Being a healer is one of the most important callings in life because you are helping others in a direct and impactful way. If you think you might be a natural healer, you should try to develop your gift by using it whenever you can. ...

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10 things to give up to be happier

New Year's resolutions rarely last - here are a few simple ideas to changing your negative routines in 2017 ...

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