7 Superpowers of anxious personality types

Fixed thought patterns of anxiety and worry can leave you feeling physically frozen and mentally stressed out for no good reason. But, surprisingly, an occasional tendency to worry or being mildly anxious can be beneficial for you!

Superhero Anxious Powers

Feeling Anxious? You May Have Sensory Superpowers!

Are you a worrier? Do you feel anxious that everything could go wrong, so you carefully plan for every eventuality? Excessive anxiety and worry are not healthy. So stop it! Fixed thought patterns of anxiety and worry can leave you feeling physically frozen and mentally stressed out for no good reason. But, surprisingly, an occasional tendency to worry or being mildly anxious can be beneficial for you. Examples of being a mild worrier or mildly anxious are: thinking carefully about how to deal with a new situation, or planning how you might react in an emergency. Mild anxiety can sharpen your senses, motivate you and ensure you thoroughly think your way around an issue. In short, mild anxiety can give you sensory superpowers! Read on to discover the supernatural abilities you have.

1) You are super-intelligent

Intelligent people are more likely to be anxious people. It's true! Your brain is always ticking away, thinking about every possibility. You look at all aspects of an issue or situation instead of just seeing it one way. So you are more likely to find new solutions to your problems. This can be a sign of anxiety but it is also a sign of high IQ. Just remember to stop thinking and relax once you have your solution. Your brain needs time to recharge!

2) You are highly empathetic

Anxious people tend to be sensitive people. So you easily pick up on the energy and emotions of others without them having to say a word. You know exactly how it feels to be stressed, anxious or worried, so you empathise with others when they are experiencing those feelings. You are happy to offer comforting words when somebody is worried or offer a shoulder to cry on when somebody is anxious. You know how irrational those feelings can appear so you don't judge other people for experiencing them.

3) You never miss a detail

Anxious personalities over-analyse! While this can be negative if taken to extremes, it can also be beneficial in moderation. You've already thought through every possibility for a situation so you're not going to miss an important detail! This can be very beneficial in business situations, where you might have to change your focus depending upon how the work project unfolds. You'll be ready to face any situation.

4) You are a life saver

Worriers are by nature highly tuned to the survival instinct. You are always planning for emergency situations. You know exactly what you'd do if something went wrong. So you are a very good person to have around in a crisis. You are a protective force for others as well as yourself. You have a sixth sense for danger and can sense if a situation might be bad. You keep yourself and your loved ones out of harm's way.

5) You are motivated

Being anxious, you're never going to sit back and think 'let's just see what happens here'! Instead, you'll be working hard to turn your ambitions into reality. You worry they will never happen unless you work super-hard. So you will have prepared, planed and doubled checked everything. You are motivated! No need for an alarm clock for you - you're always ready for action.

6) You have an inbuilt truth or lie detector

Worriers don't just accept something as true. You search for the facts and figures to back up the story. You are used to looking in-depth at every situation - because you worry! So if someone tries to tell you a lie - sooner or later your analytical mind will find them out. You can also detect if somebody is telling you a lie or being truthful because you can pick up on their energy. Anxious people have the super power ability to sense if somebody is being sincere or if they are being dishonest.

7) You are imaginative

Your mind works overtime - thinking, wondering and imagining. You can't help letting your mind imagine what might happen. So use your fantastically wild imagination for beneficial purposes instead of for worrying. Find a creative hobby: art, photography, writing, cooking, gardening, sewing. Anything to get your creative juices flowing so your boundless imagination can re-focus on something positive. By doing this you'll find you worry a bit less often, too!


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