Gorgeous Gaspeite Australia's Rare Crystal

Gorgeous apple green gaspeite is known for its metaphysical properties that help aid healing, weight loss, and clearance on an emotional and physical level. It minimizes distress and increases assurance.

Gaspeite Photograph

What Is Gaspeite?

Green and brown colored crystal that possesses strong healing attributes and properties. Primarily located in Kambalda and Widgiemooltha in Western Australia, Gaspeite has been used for decades by local Aboriginal people who use the stone for healing purposes.

Rare Mineral

Gaspeite is a form of nickel carbonate that belongs to the calcite crystal family, and is named after the area in which it was first discovered - the Gaspe Peninsula in Canada. The first deposits were found in 1966 and were initially discarded as a byproduct of mined nickel sulfide.

Australian and Canadian deposits of the unusual gem quality specimens are now depleted, which means that today gaspeite is considered to be a rare mineral. Although there are not many related gemstones available on the market, there are quite a number of stones that have a similar appearance – these include: chrysoprase, jade, chrysocolla and the green variety of turquoise.

The dense pale yellow green to bright apple green gaspeite crystal features veiny inclusions of brownish colored rock that runs through the stone. When found in its natural state, gaspiete is opaque. Typically, the crystal is translucent and exhibits a vitreous to dull luster when it is cut and polished.

Crystal Qualities

Gorgeous apple green gaspeite is known for its metaphysical properties that help aid healing, weigh loss, and clearance on an emotional and physical level. It minimizes distress and increases assurance, and helps to attract friendship.

Grounding gaspeite embodies a high potent energy that is beneficial for enhancing spiritual connection and communication. Holding the crystal in your hand allows you to pick up on the strong healing energy so that you are able to expand and extend your consciousness. This gives you a better understanding of how to live a grounded spiritual life.

Spiritual Development

Gaspeite strongly resonates with the heart chakra and can help you release feelings and emotions relating to past hurts. It can also help you to forgive so that you are able to move on. Because gaspeite is a distinctive yellowy-green color it also resonates with the energy of the solar plexus chakra, which is associated with the color yellow and is linked to personal power.

When used as a tool to enhance your healing and spiritual development work, gaspeite is beneficial on an emotional and physical level. Gaspeite can help you release issues associated with inner child work, and to strengthen your psychic skills. The vibration of the crystal can also help you to recognize that life events are synchronistically unfolding to mirror your own spiritual evolution.

Artisan Pieces

Rare Australian gaspeite is not easily found. The most recent large gaspeite deposit found in Australia was used to make carved ornamental objects and jewelry, and was also set into silver artisan designs. Gaspeite is one of the gemstones that is often associated with the Virgo star sign. Cabochon or plain-cut oval pieces of gaspeite are mostly set in pendants or used to make beaded jewelry. Wearing a piece of gaspeite jewelry every day helps to awaken your spirituality. The crystal’s powerful grounding energy is beneficial for people who feel disconnected at times.


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