What's Your Star Quality?

Are you a dynamic self-starter, a productive hard worker, or a flexible innovator? Astrology can reveal where your talents are strongest! The twelve signs of the zodiac are traditionally grouped into three categories, called qualities.

Star Signs

Astrology Uncovers Your Hidden Talents

Are you a dynamic self-starter, a productive hard worker, or a flexible innovator? Astrology can reveal where your talents are strongest! The twelve signs of the zodiac are traditionally grouped into three categories, called qualities. As the name suggests, these groupings give a glimpse into your qualities, strengths and talents, offering a good guide as to which career path or general life interests at which you might excel. The three categories of qualities are: cardinal, fixed and mutable. Cardinal signs are the instigators - the ones who kick-start things, while fixed signs take ideas and make them work through perseverance, and mutable signs are resourceful, versatile operators who know how to turn changing circumstances into successes.

Cardinal Signs:

Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn

You are the initiator of events and ideas. Yours is the primal energy that kick-starts projects and inspires others to follow. As natural leaders, although each cardinal sign has very different leadership styles, you are gregarious and sociable. You're always searching for new projects and are happiest in charge of projects or situations. Learn to have patience with those who don't share your energy.

Aries has the potential to kick-start ideas on a global scale. Think big because you have the talent to inspire other people. Take your vision and run with it. But be careful not to trample over others along your way. Karma is ever-present.

Cancer can break down emotional barriers and bring people together for the good of everyone. You don't always take the easiest path but you are sure to succeed if you stay true to yourself. Be careful not to use your intense emotional power to manipulate those weaker than you!

Libra has a multitude of ideas flying out of his/her brain. You are an inspiration powerhouse. But give yourself a minute to fix on the best one, rather than allowing lots of thoughts to float around without being realised.

Capricorn makes things happen with its grounded nature and sense of authority. You will make your dreams come true if you move steadily forwards, not allowing others to distract you.

Fixed Signs:

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius

You take the ideas of the Cardinal Signs and make them happen. With you the ideas take form, they become stable and put down roots. You have the discipline to focus on one idea, seeing it through to completion. However, as your quality suggests, take care not to 'fixate' on one narrow view. Keep your mind open to new ways of operating.

Leo needs room to express his/her bold personality. Your talents lie in entertaining others. You are the sign most likely to succeed in the fickle world of showbiz as your big personality, matched with your fixed, determined quality is unstoppable.

Scorpio craves esoteric knowledge. Spirituality, mysteries and personal insight all appeal. But your fixed quality means you have the potential to move from spiritual seeker to actually uncovering the answers you crave.

Aquarius has the potential to invent and create new technology or innovations. As a futurist, your eye is always scanning forwards, thoughts running ahead of everyone else. Be careful not to fixate on the future to the extent of missing out on the present.

Taurus creates solid foundations that will last a lifetime. You have all the tools you need to shape life the way you want it. Don't fixate on a set way of being, though, stay open to new ideas.

Mutable signs:

Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

Flexibility and adaptability are your key strengths. You don't fear change - you thrive on it! Your talent is for bringing the originators and idea workers together to circumnavigate any obstacles and make it all come together. You are a cool head in a crisis.

Sagittarius will flourish when jumping from new idea to knew idea. Learning and seeking knowledge is what makes you happy. Finding the truth among all this knowledge is your life purpose.

Pisces is the counsellor of the zodiac who loves to advise and help others. A true team player. Learn to keep your emotions separate from those you are helping, though, or you'll become emotionally overloaded.

Gemini thrives when exchanging ideas and communicating with others. Try to delve more deep under the surface of some of those ideas to achieve a deeper knowledge.

Virgo practical and focused you have the ability to precision-finish whatever you start, with the added bonus of being able to adapt as you go along. Don't get bogged down in self-criticism.


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