Unhappy Being Single? 5 Possible Reasons

Always being home alone, whilst your friends are having fun with their "other half", can make you wonder if you will ever attract love and romance into your life.

Still Single Lady

Are You Unknowingly Blocking Love

Always being home alone, whilst your friends are having fun with their ‘other half’, can make you wonder if you will ever attract love and romance into your life. There is no reason why you can’t enjoy the same amount of affection and attention from a partner, companion or soul mate. There’s nothing wrong with you, except that you are unknowingly blocking love.

If you don’t love being single, and want to find your perfect love match, here are 5 reasons why you’re not presently loved up.

You Think You Have A "Type"

When searching for Mr or Ms Right, there will naturally be certain physical attributes that you find attractive. Height, appearance and personality, all play a part in determining your ‘type’. Being overly picky about the specifics however, could be seriously limiting your chances of finding the perfect partner for you. Being more open to the possibilities doesn’t mean that you are willing to settle for just anyone. When you throw away that checklist you simply increase your chances of connecting with someone to explore the possibilities with.

Your Heart Is Closed To Love

If you have been previously hurt or betrayed in love you are likely to create an invisible protective shield around your heart. You don’t trust, and you’re not willing take a chance on anyone. Keeping your guard up ensures that your heart remains closed to love. In order to attract and receive love, you must be willing to give it. This means opening your heart and embracing the experience and the possibilities that will come your way.

You’re Not Happy In Your Own Skin

No one wants to date someone who is miserable about their lot in life. To attract the perfect lover, companion or soul mate, you must be happy in yourself. Self-love means accepting yourself and being loving, respectful and compassionate. When you love you, other people are magnetically drawn towards your positive attitude and energy like a beacon. Boast your self-esteem and confidence by learning to love yourself. The ideal mate will show up in your life when you’re ready to share your awesomeness.

You Have Unrealistic Expectations

All relationships teach you important life lessons. Every romantic and platonic connection shows you how much you really value yourself. If you allow your lover to treat you badly, not only are your standards low but your self-worth and self-esteem is also. Raising your standards and expectations is part of your spiritual evolution. When you raise them too high, however, you are setting yourself up for potential disappointment. Be realistic. You can only attract like for like. If you dream about falling in love with someone extra special, you need to show the world your own unique specialness.

You Don’t Like Change

If you’ve been single for quite some time you have probably become used to your comfort zone. You like having your routine, your things, and complete control of everything. Relationships are based on give and take, and compromise and sacrifice. You need to be open to welcoming someone into your life, and to work together to see how you fit. If you don’t step out of your comfort zone your relationship status will never change. Be open to exploring all of the opportunities that the Universe presents to you.

The life you are currently living isn’t designed for two people. To attract a love relationship, go out there and meet new people. When you embrace change you will surprise yourself. You will also create a new life that is happier and more fulfilling.


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