How To Sense And Feel Crystal Energy

The powerful but subtle energy of a crystal can affect mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. When you hold a crystal in your hand, the energy that you sense can have a positive impact on your attitude.

Crystal Energy

Benefit Positively From Crystals

Crystals are minerals that possess natural characteristics and healing properties. Each individual crystal has a unique shape that is formed and developed over thousands of years, and it also has the power to hold energy. When you work with the subtle energy of crystals you create a personal healing experience that is unique and beneficial to you.

Crystals For Healing

The powerful but subtle energy of a crystal can affect mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. When you hold a crystal in your hand, the energy that you sense can have a positive impact on your attitude or feelings. Crystals can also affect the energy of an environment or space, and are sometimes positioned on, or around the body for healing.

Different Types Of Crystals:


Crystals that have no notable facets, and are chunky and solid in shape are ideal for carrying in your pocket as a portable healing stone.


Cluster crystals consist of a crystal that has naturally grown, smaller crystals attached. These are perfect for cleansing and calming an environment.

Cut Crystals

Crystals that have been cut and polished into shapes sometimes contain amplified energy.

Single Terminated Wands

A popular crystal for healing, meditation practice and cleansing, these crystals are pointed at one end, and have a rounded or rough tip on the opposite end.


Tumblestones are small crystals that have been tumbled until smooth.

Sensing Energy In Your Body

Life force energy is the subtle energy that every living thing has. Whilst you cannot see this energy it is possible to feel it and sense it. The palm of each hand has a chakra (energy center) that gives and receives energy. To test this, hold out one hand and focus your attention on a tingling or heat sensation. You will soon start to feel this subtle energy in the center of your palm.

Sensing Crystal Energy

The energies of crystals work differently for individual people. It takes a little patience and practice to sense the energy of a crystal when you begin working with these beautiful stones. The more you practice the easier it will be for you to sense the unique energies of each crystal. You can then learn how to program crystals for healing. To charge a crystal, simply hold it in your hand and set the intention of filling it with love. As crystals are super sensitive to energy they can absorb negative energy too, and therefore need to be cleansed regularly.

Working With Crystals

Choose a crystal that you are naturally drawn to. Rub your hands together to awaken the chakras in your hands, and to form an energy field. This may feel like tingling or warmth. Hold your chosen crystal in your hands and tune into its vibration frequency. Pay close attention to anything subtle that you may feel.

Check how your body feels. Do you feel grounded or spacey? Hot or cold? Next, check how you are feeling emotionally. Are you excited, energized or relaxed? Finally, tune into your mental wellbeing. Do you have clarity of mind or is your mind overactive and busy? The crystal is drawing your attention to things that need to be healed or released. 

Continue to hold the crystal and ask it to show you how it can help you. You may want to hold the crystal against your heart chakra for this. Trust your intuitive skills will interpret the feelings and sensations correctly. You may already be holding the perfect crystal for the healing of your physical ailments, or mental or emotional benefits.

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