Upping Your Meditation Game!

Once you get into the flow of regular meditation practice it can be very easy to get comfortable in the beginner level.



Once you get into the flow of regular meditation practice it can be very easy to get comfortable in the beginner level. As you enjoy reaping the benefits of meditation every day you may be wondering how you’ll ever manage to advance your practice.

If you’re keen and ready to progress to the next level, there are many ways in which you can go deeper, for longer, with meditation. It’s important that you commit to a regular meditation schedule before you step it up. Your commitment is the motivation that you need in order to fully benefit from the deeper connection with Self.

Build A Solid Foundation

Before focusing solely on deepening your meditation practice it’s a good idea to consider examining your preferred seating arrangement. If you meditate in a seated position it’s essential that you are comfortable, and that your spine is straight. Lotus position seating is optional.

Try out different seating positions in alternative places and spaces until you find the one that works for you. Use a cushion for support and spine alignment if necessary. The more comfortable that you are, the longer you’ll be able to meditate for.

Upgrade Preparation

Relaxation techniques that enhance your breathing can help you take your meditation practice to another level. Using pranayama breathing techniques, that are used during yoga practice, can shift your focus so that you become more relaxed and alert during meditation.

Practice yogic breathing exercises for short periods of time. Gradually extending this practice will enable you to naturally adopt a focused breathing style when meditating.

Group Meditation

Meditating in a group environment is a great way to share a collective consciousness, and to meet like-minded new people. You can join a meditation circle in your community or get together with friends who share your interest in spiritual awakening and awareness.

Meditation in numbers can have a positive and significant effect on collective consciousness. When you are gathered with others in a space, meditation can have a group focus that benefits all, in a similar way to healing practice.

Sacred Space Meditation

The space that you meditate in can have a positive or negative impact on your meditation experience. This is why it’s important to find a quiet and restful environment. Creating a special place in which you can chill out and meditate will encourage you to keep up your regular daily practice.

If you have a meditation room, or special area in your home in which you like to sit, make this place as comfortable and inviting as possible. Enhance your space with comfy cushions, a blanket or throw, candles, flowers, crystals and other personal items. When meditating outdoors in nature visualise yourself seated inside a sacred space bubble to elevate your spiritual connection.

Combination Meditation

Meditation is not just about sitting still for as long as possible. Meditation is an inward-focused practice that can easily be combined with other activities. When you combine meditation with physical exercise you greatly advance the psychosocial benefits. Being fit in both the body and mind will also boost your inner calm and happiness.

Take your meditation practice to the next level by strengthening your physical core and muscles whilst enriching your spiritual connection. There are a vast number of ways in which you can combine exercise with meditation, so you will easily find a combination that appeals to you. Start off with gentle walking meditation practice and gradually introduce meditation into your regular form of exercise. Beside the discipline of yoga that perfectly unites with meditation, you can experiment by introducing meditation into your running, swimming, cycling, or gym work exercise schedule.


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