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Specialises in: Tarot, Healer, Intuitive, Empath, Clairvoyant, Angel Cards, Clairsentient.

A huge hug from Delicia. You need answers? I can be here for you, my reading style – Uplifting. I link with my Spirit Guides and Angels to your situations, people around you, their feelings and emotions. As a Clairsentient and Empath it is natural to me. Deeply Intuitive, I Psychically Sense by Clairgustance - the tastes I receive: also with symbology, pictures or signs – Clairvoyant, also I am Clairaudient – hearing particular sounds and with Clairolfactance - I sense particular fragrances. I am Claircognizant too, where I have that deeper sense of clearly knowing, as a healer, I use Chakras, Colours, Auras, Crystals, and connect also to Spiritual Guidance and Development. I use Tarot and the Pendulum and whatever your situation whether it is love, relationships, family, career, removing blockages or a general reading you need, I will always honestly tell you what I feel and see in your reading to help guide you with options, into the right direction.

I have a strong Spiritual connection and I meditate daily and instantly clear energies as a Crystal and Reiki Master Healer. I want you to feel at ease with me and will try to encourage you, if you are feeling nervous, so we can establish calmer waters for you. I am a good listener and even if your world has been very intricate, I will compassionately work through it with you at every level. Like many others before you, I aim to uplift you and offer opportunities within your reading so you can use your free will later, with a greater sense of purpose. I also work with angel cards, astrology, numerology and hands free, if that is your preference. I am Delicia - Delicately Compassionate, yet positively Delicious!  

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

Being that special light in their time of need. Hearing or sensing joy or gratitude after a reading/healing and returning clients. Giving restorative healing and balance. Bestowing empowerment, positivity and uplifting clients with insight, bringing clarity to your world. We discover that special place that becomes the centre path, where we connect. It’s a special place to be, of which I am very grateful and feel most humbled to provide the guided and always unique messages.

I’m told my voice is very calming which benefits the client during their reading, as there is this energy which I call the LFE or Linguistic Frequency Effect. This assists people to sense a set of calmness on many levels and many clients find they are feeling more settled after a reading with me.

My readings have that special spiritual and healing connectivity with the Angels which offer sensitivity to their readings. I must state the powers of the vibrations you will receive as a healing are very strong for you because I am a Master Healer. You will receive those energies which you are capable of receiving at that time, and will never be too much for you. I also make use of many modalities such as colour therapy, auras, crystal therapy as well as the vibrational fields of Reiki. These can help you to feel balanced again which is beneficial especially where you have been experiencing a traumatic time, sadness or other pressures in your life.

Joy from knowing, as I pick up your vibrational fields each time, that my Spirit Guides are always present to assist throughout your reading from the moment we connect. Knowing that what comes from your reading with me is always so uniquely apt, solely for you at that time. It is the knowing of connectivity that always shines through for each client’s reading and what I sense is what they receive, always an honest reading or powerful healing session. It is in the knowing, the 3rd eye energy which I possess which enlightens me to say, it is all about you receiving the knowledge and the best of what I do to assist you, that is what I also like the most. The rewards of satisfaction are endless.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

In some respects, I have certain traits which are in alignment with my natal sun sign. I also seem to have the opposite in terms of what people see about me! Many people say no, you are not that sign, you can’t be! But I think it is because of the many different planetary aspects which are present in my chart. There is one in particular, which I know makes me as bright as a button and deeper than the sky at night. This enables me to provide in depth readings when needed, where you may have varied complicated issues in your world. I will uncover those deepest emotions around the people or unravel those settings in your life. We can look at the brighter side of things, even if you feel your life has been turned upside down. We can discover the ‘Why’s and who’s’ in depth, set clearances and rays of healing light to your situation with options.

I can also explore why it is that you have those nagging feelings of being misguided by someone or something. A prevalent sign which is part of my chart reveals that I am mystical, fun with a great sense of humour yet I am grounded and dedicated to this work I do. I am also spiritually inclined and can see from the small to the bigger picture which clients often find useful when they are thrown into a set of circumstances, which has caused change or chaos in their life path. Ultimately I try to create a sense of positivity for my clients and their outlook.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

As an 11 year old, connecting with a spirit guide who had connections to my mother. From then on I was naturally inclined to reconnect with this guide which did happen. One occasion this guide’s message told me to carry on the psychic tradition of messages to others, helping people in the world.

I started receiving premonitions linked to my dreams and saw repeat truths occurring. I felt a strong connection to the angels at this time. I also began seeing signs prior to sleeping and on waking. My psychic journey had begun and felt strong and was one I could not ignore. I was very much into astrology in my teens and worked out astro charts for people. I was then having spiritual messages given to me whilst I was with individuals. Sometimes the messages, they seemed bizarre to me but the receiver always knew what it meant to them. Because of these things occurring to me, I had a crystal ball bought for me when I was twenty and spent many an hour scrying with it. The following year, my first traditional tarot deck arrived, another present from a friend. I was very drawn to the tarot and all things esoteric. I loved using those tarot cards. I do still use crystal balls and touch into the astrology in a reading if required. The rest is history!

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Each and every reading is special to me with so many amazing experiences, both for the client and myself, how could I possibly choose only one? What is great is when clients call me back to update and have experienced what came through in a reading I did for them.

From revealing clients’ life stories through a reading to people’s relationships being restored, renewed, new love, new jobs found, healing of many a kind, new love found, promotions, family issues restored, new house and accommodation found, lost pets found, all of these and more have been experienced via clients of mine who range from late teenagers to much older folk. Whether it is true love, truth, true friends, lacking direction for yourself, unsure of your next step with your career, family or job or maybe its promotion that’s on your mind, these are all areas that I can look at for you. Or maybe you’re just needing some direction in your life or wondering what is going to happen next? All you need to do is contact me and I will gladly look at it for you.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

Over 30 years’ experience, provides me with a wealth of knowledge, gratitude and understanding which is put to full use. I work holistically, that is to use my abilities, fully to encompass the client’s needs. I work as a therapist and healer picking up on the vibrations of the client and am able to use the tools which I am guided to, specifically for the reading with that client. A client can also choose how they wish me to work with them or if they wish to receive healing. Likewise the messages from my Guides are always unique and therefore a great addition to an Angel connection or Tarot Reading. I am a trained Feng Shui consultant including Chinese Astrology and a qualified holistic Therapist and have much energy work expertise. Maybe you are in need of a Chakra Workout to settle your inner self, then call me to receive.

I have a very close dialogue with animals, and I am a lover of nature, music and art. I love to see the expression and interpretations and I feel these traits do correlate to my natal sun sign. I link visually too many aspects of the readings or healing through colours, shapes and patterns.

A lifetime of personal experiences and wise knowledge adds a little seasoning into the mix too. I also impart my knowledge through teaching others which I feel is so invaluable for people at this time. I attend many shows and events in the North West region of England and Wales, seeing clients face to face, speaking online and by phone, my clients are international.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Having an open mind and trying to relax is always good idea plus being in a quiet place. If you have fewer interruptions it will enable you to absorb more information from your reading. Take a moment to jot down a question or two before you ring if you can, so that we can start to focus into your reading. Where you have had anxious or unsettling times, I know it can be harder to think clearly so still just go ahead and call me, and I will be able to make that special connection around your situation, for your reading at that time.

I will try to make you feel at ease and less nervous. And it is ok to say to me that you are feeling nervous, if that’s how you are feeling. I am open and will never judge you or your situations and my Spirit Guides will be present during our reading. I am a very spiritual person and you’re healing through any situation you have, is important to me. I do offer Spiritual Guidance if that is what you need and also it may come about through your reading.

My aim is for you and I, to have that special journey together, seeing those opportunities, with you feeling you are in a better space to continue along your soul path before you go. You are then able to use your own free will in your matters, knowing what you have experienced or what has been discovered in your reading.

Thank you for reading my profile and a Warm Hug from me again until you call Delicia xx.



What our customers say about Delicia

Wonderful reader for sure !

- Anon

5th August 2022

Amazing reader, highly recommend!

- Anon

3rd August 2022

Very kind reader and I really appreciated the reading xx

- Jane

27th July 2022

Thank you so much. This lady is AMAZING and honest. Sorry the call cut. Somethings have already happened and look forward to the rest. Thank you thank you. S

- Anon

17th July 2022

Reading 24/6/22 This was my second reading with Delicia i returned to her as she doesn't sugar coat and is so lovely and really helps you get all the answers you need without any judgement at all, Even picked up my doubts and insecurities regarding my POI, contact came in slightly earlier but was really pleased with everything i have been told seems to be showing to be accurate. i look forward to other predictions to come in and the month of August is showing to be very positive. I will be in touch Delicia for another reading. Thank you Gem xxx

- Gemma

24th June 2022

Very genuine reader. Didn't get the feeling she was trying to 'sugar coat' anything and was telling me what she was picking up. Everything she said resonated with me.

- Karen

22nd June 2022

I loved my reading with Delicia! She provides clarity with realistic guidance and addressing potential pitfalls, whilst at the same time delivering an uplifting reading! Lots of details delivered in a clear manner.

- amy

2nd May 2022

Wow you were right two of your predictions have come to pass... thank you Delicia ... xx F

- Anon

9th April 2022

I called you one early morning last week and you could just about hear me. One of your predictions has already come to pass you said around 20th 21st but happened on 17th. Thank you I will try and get hold of you again if I am lucky.... F

- Anon

18th March 2022

Hope you and your family are well Delicia. I miss you. Hope to chat soon. Sending you lots of love♡ x x x

- Jo

13th February 2022

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