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About Asha

Hello my dear friends. I am a tarot reader who is also gifted with psychic, clairvoyant and healing abilities. As well, I possess clairaudient and clairsentient abilities. I have a very broad knowledge and understanding of spiritual matters having studied these from a very young age across many religious and other belief systems. At all times my mantra is that I work towards thinking thoughts, speaking words, and taking actions that have only the highest of intentions and effects on everyone in my life. This applies to my personal and professional world.


What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

First of all, I love interacting with people because I just LOVE people. I feel I am blessed to be able to engage with people because everyone is unique and has special abilities and capabilities and giving readings enables me the opportunity to meet all kinds of wonderful people. I also enjoy the fact that I am able to put to good use the qualities that I possess and can help people with their lives, no matter whatever they may be experiencing. One of the abilities that I have is the ability to connect with or see a higher picture around any circumstance that my clients may be presented with, and this enables me to help them to see their way through in a more understanding, less stressful and harmonious way. Seeing the way that this creates a much more positive outlook for my clients also in turn as a reader makes me feel positive and enjoy the work that I do.


How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Virgos are known for being perfectionists and wanting to be there for people and are often found in positions of caring or teaching or guiding others for instance. All of my life I have played these roles which I enjoy thoroughly mainly because first and foremost my own personal development is of tantamount importance to me. As a perfectionist I have always felt that you can’t help anyone unless you yourself are able to learn to help yourself first. So, the two go hand in hand. I always strive to do the very best for my clients; wanting to ensure that at all times they are left with a sense of peace and harmony about their lives. I am of the view, speaking from experience, that even though life can be a roller coaster at times we can still deal with what is happening to us in a centred and calm way. So, helping my clients to feel this sense of peace, harmony, and clarity on their way forward in their life no matter what and how they are experiencing this, is of utmost importance for me.


When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I first picked up on my abilities at a very young age, around about the age of 6-7 years. I realised that I was able to pick up on things that others could not see or sense. At first, I didn't realise that I had this special ability to tune into people and situations and used to wonder how and why information that didn't seem to always relate to me kept popping in and out of my awareness. It wasn't until later on in my life where I found myself picking up on information in my work environment in the corporate world, I realised that I wanted to train myself to use this ability in a controlled and helpful way to benefit other people’s lives. I think, like a lot of psychic clairvoyants to begin with, I just wanted to ignore my gifts which weren’t really working for me. Once I started to work with them, I found a sense of relief and joy.


What is your most memorable experience with a client?

The memorable experiences with clients for me have been whereas a result of working together it has changed the client’s life in a positive and powerful way. One of my clients was having problems in her relationship with her husband who from the day they had married, had just made the wedding, missed the honeymoon and this continued into their life. After working with myself and helping her to heal herself and her energies the client found that a week later without any prompting from her, her husband had booked a second honeymoon to make up for the way that he had treated her earlier in their relationship. Since then (even though my client was ready to give up on her marriage before working with me) their relationship has gone from strength to strength.

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What our customers say about Asha

Asha is outstanding and non judgemental. Kind and supportive. Simply the best on this site. I always feel better after speaking to Asha. The best Thank you Asha X

- Anon

11th February 2024

Lovely person she calms my anxiety right down . I saw him u was right was short visit . He was more loveling like u said he will be

- Rhea

3rd February 2024

This beautiful reader is totally amazing and was spot on with everything she said. Thank you for a fabulous reading. Will deffo call again. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

- Clara

3rd January 2024

Thanks a lot Asha. I will do exactly as you have advised me. And I will hope and be positive of good things happening soon.


11th December 2023

I have been contacting Asha for over a year now. She is a beautiful lady. Her insights regarding my ExH and work were outstanding. All predictions have come to pass within the time frame, especially my bew job. Asha said I wd b working before Christmas - I start my new job on 4 Decenber. God Bless Asha soonx


28th November 2023

Lovely reader, spoke confidently of a very powerful past life connection with a man I feel spiritually connected to in a non-judgemental and empathetic fashion. Everything she picked up on made perfect sense and I’ll be back for another reading! Thank you x

- Anon

26th November 2023

Bang on the money! Asha nailed the going on with my relationship from the get go. Very impressed and super lovely. Thank you

- Anna

25th November 2023

Dear Asha, Five months ago you told me four things which would happen to the man I adore. You were right on the timing, what happened and where he would go to live temporarily. I only found out in October and then I realised that your information was spot on to the exact week. You are amazing and a very talented reader. Huge thanks Fxx

- Anon

7th November 2023

It's taken me a long time to get through to Asha and she was worth the wait. A very confident reader who put my anxieties at ease and showed great empathy to my situation. I will definitely call her again xx

- Nicola

2nd November 2023

AMAZING!! I gave been speaking to Asha for over a year now and her insight and her predictions have been amazing. Her insight are all correct and predictions have cone to pass on relation to my XHusband and also work related. Asha is dksi so lovely when delivering a reading and is clear with her predictions and the way forward for ne. Thank you Asha for everything will chat soon Mx

- Anon

27th October 2023

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