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About Iona

Specialising in Love, relationships and career. I hold the ability to connect with both the client and their partner to ensure clarity in any situation. Using my natural gifts I sense both through voice vibrations and in spirit your best way forward. Aided by unique insights into Star Lore, I will offer you a reading to leave you feeling confident and empowered. Naturally empathic you will find me friendly and compassionate. I am also competent in areas of career in which I currently mentor as well as meditation techniques and Spiritual Development.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

My greatest passion is to build a spiritual bond with my clients which enables me to connect with them on a deeper level. I see each client as special and tailor my guidance to their specific personal needs. I love to ensure my clients are continuing on the right path in life and that they can depend on me to be there for them if the going gets tough. My aim is to leave my clients empowered with a new positive energy and confidence.

How are you typical of your star sign?

As a Piscean I am a natural born leader, warm and compassionate and sensitive to the emotions of those around me. I enjoy challenges and use my gifts to unravel difficult or complex situations.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

From an early age I was aware of what is sometimes called being a 'Seer'. At school I seemed to know what questions the teacher was about to test us on and this helped me greatly! Over the years I began to help others using my gifts and travelled around the Psychic Fairs before becoming a full time Professional Reader.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

There are many though one that I treasure concerned a lady who had been told in lots of readings that her ex-boyfriend would never return to her. She came to me and at first there seemed little hope for a reunion that would be long lasting. However, during the reading I picked up on a message which came in spirit in the form of a picture. It showed her ex-boyfriend with a suitcase and some flowers and on the flowers was a card with the clients name. When I told her this I don't think she was convinced but lo and behold, a week later she rang me to say he had arrived at her home without warning - complete with flowers! He had been away in another country and had secured a job there and wanted them both to start a new life together there. She accepted and I hear now that they are married.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have almost thirty years experience as a Professional Psychic offering spiritual guidance on life's most difficult choices. I have a large following of loyal clients who rely upon my insights into their future to be. I am a qualified Medical Herbalist with strong links to Natures spiritual virtues.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

I feel the most important thing is to remember that the Psychic may reveal things previously hidden which may in turn offer new scope to move forward and progress spiritually. The client is ultimately in charge of their own destiny and with psychic guidance the way ahead can be approached with greater clarity.

Iona's Availability

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What our customers say about Iona

Hello Iona, hope your well, I do need to have a reading with you, please come online xx

- Jan

14th October 2022

Beautiful reader highly recommended. Iona picked up on everything in the situation. Thank you.

- Laraine

14th June 2022

Quite a confident reader, to the point.

- Anon

11th June 2022

Iona, after getting a few false negative readings that told me his back was turned to me and was cheating on me , (described in great detail) from some popular low vibrational readers, you gave me such clarity and reassurance. You said to me straight away that there is nobody else and that he loves me and there will be an engagement and wedding. You told me to talk to him for 15 minutes in a meditation every day, which I did after our call. You said he would come forward within a week or at latest by the end of the month ad he messaged me tonight. You are a reader who helps us to engage with and manifest our destiny. Thank you so much xx

- Lena

7th June 2022

Thank you so much... I came on the phone with little hope but you helped me restore my faith in what I know why I've hung around... Iona is non judgemental, and very calm... Very in touch with her spirit guides.. thank you so much for the reading... I'll be in touch XXX big hugs x

- Kim

5th June 2022

Can’t wait for this tall dark handsome man with a silver car to come into my life July or august ….. let’s see what happens next

- Anon

13th May 2022

Lona’s readings are absolutely exceptional. She is always so spot on with her validations and gives you genuinely good guidance that comes from a place of deep connection with spirit. So many of her predictions have already come true! Her readings are truly amazing and helpful.

- Nahid

2nd May 2022

Sorry my credit ran out before I got to say good bye beautiful reading your such a lovely lady I'll 100% be back thank you xx

- Nona

23rd April 2022

Like other readers picked up on me getting a new job, this time dates of hune/July. Let's see and a rise.  Again like other readers said I'm going to have a holiday. Picked up on two people,  described them correctly.  Picked up on which one is the stronger connection again dates of may/July before anything happens.  Saud I would be making new friends and moving away, well he is moving 200 miles away from me. Then picked up on a third who is yet to walk into my life around August.  In the past I've been told I would be making a choice between three people.  Let's hope the months are right and it will be this year. I said I would leave another message if any of this hopefully happens by yhe end ofvyhe summer

- Anon

21st April 2022

By far the easiest reader on here to talk to!

- Vicky

14th April 2022

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