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About Ruby

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

Welcome, my name is Ruby and I can help you to find peace and harmony as a result of a reading. I like to share positive energy during a reading, offering choices and direction. I know I was given this gift with the peace and harmony it brings in to my life and I like to share and guide others to feel the same way as I do. I am a good listener and work intuitively with honesty and patience.

How are you typical of your star sign?

My Taurus birth sign is very much the way I am; I like everything perfect and I do not give up on situations unsolved. Taurians are supportive and wise in life situations. I am typical of my star sign as we like no stone unturned and like to get to the bottom of situations.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

I have been receiving messages from a very early age.  I was brought up with family being able to use their psychic abilities, also it was much later in life I decided to share my gift with others. My grandmother was a psychic and had a crytal ball which amazed me as a child. I used to feel positive energy when I looked at it and handled it.  I remember feeling different to others at around 10 years old and my grandmother told me that she was a child also when she became aware of her gift. She would tell me to look up into the sky and see the beauty around us. I always felt inner peace and contentment with myself and I was in my late 20's when sadly my grandmother passed. I knew then that I had to carry on with the treasured gift. The most treasured gift was that of her crystal ball and I still feel her around me to this day. She guides me towards the right path and I miss her dearly.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

A lady was in a relationship which was causing so much unhappiness, but found it hard to break away.  I felt her to move on and leave this behind.  I could see a man in uniform around her.  Nine months later the lady got back in touch to tell me she had met a nice man and was very happy.  She had met him at a pantomime and he was in a fireman's uniform.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I am a clairvoyant psychic and  I use empathy and clairsentience to look into how you are feeling emotionally. I also pick up on voice vibrations to give you clarity and a better understanding of the way you are feeling at the present time. I can use my crystal ball to guide us through our reading together.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

One of the most important things when having a reading is to be open-minded and honest with yourself. Focus on what you need your reading to be about and be open to choices and believe in yourself.

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What our customers say about Ruby

What a lovely talented reader you are!! You picked up straight away my current situation thank you so much

- Amanda

14th October 2020

lovely lovely lovely person to speak to!!!!!!!! Honestly took the words out of my mouth without me having to say anything didn't sugar coat anything, was very honest & straight to the point!

- Weya

6th October 2020

Hi Ruby thank you for a phenomenonal reading you were a delight to talk to you we're spot on with everything you told me no one's brought my nan through thank you so much for the birthday wishes and thanks for a lovely reading xxx

- Karen

28th February 2020

Had several readings with Ruby. She not comes up with names of people but tells peoples star signs. Very accurate predictions too.

- Janet

7th January 2020

Top reader if ever I have spoken to one. Ruby you are one of life's true gems. Gill

- Gill

4th January 2020

Thank you for an amazing reading, it was nice to get confirmation from someone I haven’t tried on PS. I would highly recommend a reading with this lovely lady, she connected straight away, didn’t ask any questions and described my partner.Loved her energy too, straight to the point and very gifted.A fellow reader xx

- N

26th October 2019

What a lovely lady so kind and funny she is straight to the point no beating around the bush a very nice kind lady thanks so much love and hugs Gina 2/10/2019 xxx

- Georgina

2nd October 2019

She is such a nice lady, Picked up accurately on my situation and people. Thank you, Ruby, xxx

- Sangeeta

23rd September 2019

Beautiful soothing lady with a calm serene aura. Spot on with the reading she did for me. So accurate with ppl and places. Thank you Ruby.

- Nindy

9th August 2019

Just had an amazing reading with Ruby! So spot on. Helped me decide what to do in a confusing situation. Don’t hesitate to call

- Lindsey

27th July 2019

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