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About Mich

I am a natural intuitive psychic and Tarot card reader.  I use my wide range of skills across the spectrum of the parapsychology, to connect within the readings. My readings cover everyday life problems and I use my gifts to assist others with career, family and relationship areas, whether this is a problem in their life or simply needing to find clarity to move forward in a new direction, where choices are on the table and the querent isn't sure of their pathway. It gives me pleasure to open up to the spiritual realm and use the gifts as guidance and share healing.  I will always aim to give you an honest and down to earth reading.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I feel empowered to help people in a kind and empathetic manner. Life is not easy at times and knowing there is someone to help you forward, or find an answer, can be rewarding and healing. I like to give clients the option to move forward or seek closure in areas of their lives; or simply find new approaches to areas they had not thought of.

How are you typical of your star sign?

I am determined, empathetic and warm-hearted, with tenacity. Sharing with others.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

I have generally always been aware of my gift, but perhaps chose to ignore it initially. From a young age, I could sense information and see auras, and connect to events before they occurred. Strong premonitions, visionary dreams. Everything speaks to us and it is only our fears that dispel our true inner calling. There is a tremendous power when we are just still, as in the stillness we not only empower ourselves, but we give others permission to do the same. 

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

There really are too many to mention. I feel some of those best experiences are when the client and the reader have a good connection and the information being channelled just flows and that in turn is validated. Some of the special readings are those where a client wishes for a connection with a loved one in Spirit. More recently a young woman called and in the opening of the reading, she had lost a dear friend, whom she missed terribly. I was drawn towards the wrists by her friend and given the symbol of jewellery as a connection to the client. Actually, the spirit was showing me two tattoos, which are a form or jewellery or artistic ordainment on the body. Then I was given the image of a plait. This was the caller's daughter, who often wouldn't stand still for her hair to be plaited. Her friend in spirit had a sense of humour! The connections are not always as you the caller imagine. Another example was a family friend, they called to test me! What colour did I have on my nails today? Lilac I replied as that was what was channelled. She was in awe. However, as the caller you cannot demand of the reader or the connection to spirit will be blocked and even we have our 'off' days as readers. 

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have worked with volunteer groups and workshops and circulated assisting others who are at a disadvantage in their lives. I have a counselling certificate and those skills can be implemented within the reading if needed, but this depends on the caller's situation.  I was taught and mentored by a renowned psychic medium. I continue my evolvement and research as part of the learning process and I now have a special interest in Ancient Astrology and I am developing these areas of study and knowledge. My life path is becoming more spiritual as each day passes and we move forward at different times. I use Tarot, intuitive psychic, visionary, ancient and modern astrological phases, crystal advice and healing. Spiritual counselling, Spirit coach and Life coach.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

To acknowledge that none of us has all the answers to every situation and spirit guides us, but ultimately we all have free will to choose. Being open and honest with yourself about which areas you wish to focus on will help you and the reader. The most important aspect is that you have a genuine connection with each other.

Be receptive to the reading and acknowledge the reading is for guidance as you ultimately make the final choices and decisions in your life path. If you feel you cannot accept change then perhaps it is not the right time for you to connect to the psychic. Acceptance is a huge key for the caller to open up the information being channelled by spirit via the reader. It’s great to help others find a new pathway or enhance their lives and happiness within. 

If you are happy with your reading please remember to use the feedback forum as it is good for others to hear about your experiences. I look forward to speaking with you. 

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What our customers say about Mich

I had a really good reading Mich is very good in reading she is spot on i will always use her

- Samantha

6th July 2015

Lovely reader, empathic and spot on with her descriptions. Good explanation. 2 nod reading with this lady and will certainly come back. Pity the phone call ended just as you had said about his ex- wife! I am certain they are separating and I need to be patient. Many thanks, I will start looking after myself more. Lots of love.

- Cathy

23rd May 2015

Thank you for an enlightening reading Mich! Very clear, picked up on lots of important things. Has a very calm clear way of reading. Will be calling again! Xx

- N/a

10th May 2015

Very empathic, clear, say it as it is, guidance. Lovely lady, professional and talented. Will definitely talk again. Thank you Mich x

- catherine.robinson@oxfordshire.gov.uk

14th March 2015

Just had a reading with Mich, she just went for it and the information and validations just flowed. She picked up on my character very well and covered all areas of my life in the call. Her reading was exactly what I needed and I will definitely be calling again.. as a reader myself that is a huge compliment. Thank you Mich. Love and light, C x

- Claire

11th October 2014

I've had a few readings with you and a couple of your smaller predictions have come to pass. You said that a friend of mine has a child which I am unaware of. Well, I recently found out that his partner is 4 months pregnant! You also said that I would receive some feedback in relation to work - you were right! I received an unexpected appraisal within a week of your prediction. I now look forward to your prediction regarding a permanent job next month. Thank you and Love & light x

- Pam

28th September 2014

Thanks for your extremely accurate reading. I am still loving this man, but am feeling better. You are a kind hearted and talented reader. Thanks for your help throughout this month. You are a true angel on the earth!

- N/A

10th July 2014

Thank you for the accurate reading. Mich picked up on everything going on around me without any prompting or need to ask questions. I now have a lot of clarity regarding situations that were very confusing.

- N/A

16th June 2014

Thanks again, Mich. You just see the truth in situations and that is what counts in life and our relationships with others!! A very talented reader and spiritual counsellor. Much needed and appreciated. Love and light.x

- N/A

20th April 2014

thanks for a brilliant reading....i did not have to give you any information yet you picked up on everything that is going on in my life and at the moment that is a awful lot....from the family problems to university to the men in my life and more....thank you again xx

- julie

18th April 2014

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