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Hi,I am from an Irish famliy with Romany roots, I have always known I was different growing up I knew things before others I also felt very spiritual as if spirit were watching me and guiding and protecting me. I was aware of people and their feelings with their energy. I had a few experiences in life also of where spirit have been in and around me. When I tell people things, I would go really cold and still do around my shoulders down my arms and thighs of my legs! confirmation to me that I was never alone and there was someone protecting and letting me know I was right with what I was saying to others. A friend had passed when I was in my 20s and as I was spiritual, I believe she came to visit me although I didn't see her, I felt her in my room. I knew the room energy was different to how a normal night would be. I had been around her parents’ home for nearly 2 weeks serving teas and coffee and just support for the family as it was big shock at the time.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I have a passion for spiritual things, anything connected with the unknown and the energy field around me at times, knowing something is there and a validation which gives me great confirmation and comfort to help others. I get all sorts of things when doing readings anything from dragon fly to a song I don't really understand at times but the person I read for will understand. I am compassionate and hold a lot of empathy and like to know I have made someone happy and that they have the validation on questions asked from me. This makes me feel good and overwhelmed that I have helped someone in their time of need. I like to hear the clients voice and not silence for a good connection.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am fun loving bubbly and friendly and very emotional and very intuitive. I have two fishes in my sign, and some say we are the day dreamers. I do not believe this we are deep in thought about things and can see a lot more than people credit us for at times. I like nice things in life and love to be by the sea where I am most at peace and touching the grass under my feet to connect with the outside and the spiritual world.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I was always aware from as young as I can remember but nothing really happening or sensing things until I was around 12 when I knew there was bad energy around me of a man who turned out later to be abusive to children. the thing is who was going to believe at this age and time.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I remember reading for the client the tarot and telling her she was going to have a few options for travel and living overseas it was matter of weeks, she come back to say she had been offered two jobs abroad and how brilliant and spot on I was with giving this information and how did I know? It still amazes me to this day how I can see sense and tell things.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have been reading for friends for a long time and they will not go anywhere else for their readings. I work with astrology, pictures and compatibility. I do say it as it is and don't give waffle, I like to be open and honest how I see the client situation and they are paying so I don't like to waste their time. I have a gift and I like to use it to the best of my ability I use various methods in my readings and different things come through from names and places to numbers it is all significant to the person.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Please choose the reader you are drawn to, we all have different spiritual gifts and work in different ways with spirit, some are good for animal readings some are good for dreams others for mediumship and cards or Astrology. I am not judgemental and all I say remember is not set in stone you have free will to change your pathway. Look at what we offer and go with how you feel about what they can do for you.


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What our customers say about Twinkleone

Amazing! What a lovely lady, we were both in tears. I couldn’t extend the reading because I was crying so much. No hesitation or doubt in her reading. On the money. Thank you. S xx

- Anon

3rd September 2022

I love this lady, she's kind and will answer all your questions and everything she tells you will happen sooner or later. I said I would update as she saw me signing a contract for my temp job, which I didn't know about and something she mentioned happened a few days after the reading. Has been spot on in her validations abut situations and people, makes me laugh about them, and, unlike some, has never altered her cards or predictions for longer term. Such an honest reader too, won't say things just to please you but kind and never upsets. Thank you Twinkleone. Tina X

- Tina

30th August 2022

I had a reading a couple of days ago with this lovely lady. She was very kind and made me feel comfortable as it was my first reading. It was very interesting to see all the things she could get from the cards and she was quite accurate in the things she mentioned about my past and present. I would definitely recommend her and I will be seeing her again soon!

- Alex

12th August 2022

Such a lovely reader. This is my second reading, the first one I didn't believe, but it all came true! Straight to the point, down to earth and said everything in a compassionate way. A genuine reader. I'll keep you updated. Thank you

- Joanna

1st August 2022

I spoke to this lovely lady yesterday, she picked up on alot going on with my situation, the chat flowed nicely and she put me at ease alomose immediately, I will update futher down the road when hopefully predictions come to light, I most definately will phone back for more of an update, thank you so much xxx 26.07.2022

- sandra

26th July 2022

Amazing pick up on my situation straight away! Will be back in touch when it happens 😊 thank you for making me feel better Sharon x

- Sharon

14th July 2022

A go to reader; predictions for first reading in May 22 surprisingly happened and now another prediction has manifested the same day after my 2nd reading. Wastes no time and gives no sugar coating. Highly recommend.

- Hayley

20th June 2022

Love this reader! Please log on more often lovely. (Aquarius lady)

- Tamanna

1st May 2022

Wow you are absolutely amazing Thankyou so much , predictions have come in line with other top readers my mind is absolutely blown away !!! You are going to be extremely busy

- Catherine

21st April 2022

Dear Twinkleone, just to tell you that the big worry I had has been happily resolved, I got good news yesterday as you said I would. I look forward to updating you re the predicted job, choice of man and move. Love Tina X

- Tina

14th April 2022

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