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About AMarie

AMarie is a natural born Clairvoyant Psychic who works with her Spirit Guide and Angels.  She currently works as a Platform Medium across London and outer London for the public in Spiritual Churches, Churches and Halls and has been doing so for over 24 years.

AMarie is very popular, has a good reputation and has had amazing validation as a Medium across England. She is honest, straight talking and gets to the point. AMarie has clients not only in England, but international callers worldwide. A French man nicknamed her 'The Real Deal'.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love the fact that I can tune into any situation and able to give my best advice to that client, as I would to my best friend. Bringing hope, faith and uplifting people from my readings. I like to help my client by bringing clarity and reminding them of their own strength and ability.  I love that my clients feel much better after my readings and that I have been asked to use my gift around England, helping various charities using my gift to raise money. It makes me feel my gift has great purpose, the fact I can help someone on this journey called LIFE.

How are you typical of your star sign?

Librans have a very strong caring nature and like to feel balanced. I have a strong sense of justice. Librans have great foresight and intuition. We are sensitive people and l love harmony and peace. I believe if you have peace, you have everything.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

I remember when I was 5 years old I was able to look into peoples' eyes and read their emotions, what they were thinking and their real character. I believed everyone could do this, and I still do.  I was born a natural Medium/Clairvoyant, but was first scared to use my mediumship. I often felt things as a child and made predictions. Sometimes it was just part of a conversation. I never thought it was unnatural, until this very day.

I remember as a teenager, I was told that I would be a popular Medium. At that time, I didn't know what the word Medium meant. I thought I needed to go on a diet. Then in my early twenties I was told it again, and then went along to a Spiritual Church. The Medium didn't turn up, the Chairperson was struggling, people's faces in the audience appeared saddened. As I felt their sadness and disappointment. Next minute, I felt like someone had lifted me to stand up. To my amazement, I was standing in front of an audience telling them 'Don't worry, I'll do it'. At that time I was a very shy person and would never speak in public. I knew my Guides and Angels stood me up, because I didn't stand up by myself.  That evening I took the service and demonstrated my Mediumship/Clairvoyant and Psychic abilities to an audience. I was 23 years of age. I then became a Platform Medium working in and out of London until this very day.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

This is a hard question to answer, due to the fact that there have been so many memorable experiences. You can imagine in public how many people I have seen and spoken to over decades. I have had many single clients who I've predicted that they meet someone or marry. It gives me great joy when they said I described their partners to a tee. One of my oldest clients who is in her middle 70s was amongst them, as I love a romantic story.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I am a Holistic Therapist/Spiritual Healer. I have run my own Development Circle to train other Mediums and Psychics. I have taught meditation in groups and on a one-to-one basis and plan to run my own classes next year. I currently work with Hammersmith and West London College teaching Workshops yearly on energy and strengthening intuition. However, life experience is the biggest qualification, as it's a never ending learning process. Everyone has to take part without any grading.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

In any reading you have, if you want validation of the future, you should get and receive validation of what's happening in your life now. That is how I work. In the spirit world there is no time, time is an Earth plain condition. So timing is not always a hundred percent, however know that it will pass. Be relaxed and open for your reading, take a couple of seconds to tune in to your vibration and my Guides.

Love ones don't always come through. It depends on their energy and my energy at that time. It is sometimes good to give 10/12 months if wanting to hear from a loved one. It really depends on their energy, which some need to build on before making contact with a Medium. It doesn't mean they are not around you, as they always are and always send love. Even if it's a Grandmother that you've never met. We all have intuition. The more you use it, the more it strengthens. It's like a muscle. I am a guidance only in your life. It is your life. I will always try to do my best, but you will have to do the rest.

Much love and light to you all and may you always stay blessed on this journey called life. xxx

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What our customers say about AMarie

I’ve spoken to many mediums in my life time but this lady is the best I’ve ever had the pleasure in speaking to she’s so gifted and her connection to spirit is phenomenal as a medium myself I know who’s got the gift and this lady most definitely has she knew and could see things only I knew! Thankyou so much amarie you made me feel so positive xxx

- Kerry

4th August 2021

she is a wonderful person straight to the point and she gave me validiation on what i wanted to know she is non judgemental and she is caring and passionate in her work will have another reading with this lady

- lesley

14th April 2021

Lovely to connect with you again. Thanks for the much needed upliftment & reassurance from my loved ones in spirit. I will push forward with my spiritual path. I will be a butterfly & spread my wings..???? Many blessings to you Amarie.

- Karon

2nd June 2020

Sorry got disconnected.Thank you for a wonderful reading and connection to my brother and dad.Had several readings off you and always perfect and spot on. Thank you again.x


11th September 2018

Reader linked straight in ... validated before continuing and then the information flowed in a gentle, sensitive manner. Information was accurate and very helpful. Would absolutely recommend this reader.

- N/A

1st June 2018

Amazing, uplifting and always accurate. Such a beautiful soul ❤️ Thank you

- Shante

29th May 2018

Thank you for VALIDATING my decisions :) U literally read my mind with regards to my relationship. Xoxo

- N/A

18th May 2018

Thankyou for reading for me this afternoon. You have given me so much hope in a difficult time. Yes, I have been miss fix it all my life and now tired and exhausted. I look forward to my future and the happiness it is bringing. I do need to start cleaning, cleaning, cleaning lol! God bless you Amarie. You are an earth angel xx


9th May 2018

Absolutely amazing. Quick connection, picked up on so much that was very true. My situation is so complicated and Amarie gave accurate validations. Thank you so much. X

- Maria

16th April 2018

Super Kind, funny, honest and compassionate! Thank you AMarie!! ' When people tell you who they are, believe them.' Maya Angelou.

- F

8th March 2018

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