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Hi, my name is Crystalrosa I am a psychic who has been giving messages for many years. I have also been utilising the tarot cards, with my insight for the last 6 years. I incorporate my psychic abilities and also use good spiritual guides and my higher self, towards helping others with positive guidance. A bit more about me is that I am a dreamer, from a young age, I never understood at first why my dreams would happen in the future, and then they started happening faster even in the same week. Others I knew were shocked I was dreaming things in the world before they happened. I believe in doing good, helping others as we are all connected as energy in this vastly ancient universe. I use spirit guides towards helping to communicate, good direction to others. I also sometimes use rune stones to help compliment this further to ask the guides further insight into your concerns.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I like giving reading most of all to help people in their situations; many times, others need some guidance. I like to be able to help those who maybe having questions about their love situations to give clearer insight. This can also be other issues, concerning family, job, or other matters. I enjoy helping others, and when they have felt at ease and said yes that did happen.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

As a Virgo my perfectionism is to try to help others in my life and go a bit extra along the way. I am a true earth sign easy to talk to and down to earth. I am straight to the point also at times. I do believe that I am true to my sign being a caring, helping person.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I remember that my gifts started from being very young with my dreams happening first. Psychic seeing developed alongside this and has increased as I have got older.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

When I was able to help a client through a very stressful time. Just being there to talk to them and using spirit guides and giving supportive advice helped them very much. They were extremely thankful as guidance given, gave the client insight, and that helped them with their situation.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

Doing tarot readings at fairs, in the past, I have also done some training in listening therapies and communication. Training in health, nutrition, and exercise, and I like to meditate and practice clearing chakras.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

When having a reading it's important for a person to be clear in what they are looking for from the reading, be open to messages, be relaxed and to enjoy the experience.

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What our customers say about Crystalrosa

Really good. So subtle and gentle and accurate.

- Rose

2nd February 2022

I've returned to this fantastic reader several times. Very easy to talk to, but best of all is the plentiful, detailed information given on complex situations. Helpful, realistic predictions rather than over-optimistic blandness. She has an amazing gift.

- Anon

11th October 2021

Just had my 2nd reading of Crystalrosa. Very pleased with her accuracy and will call again.

- Janet

5th October 2021

This lady is absolutely brilliant - thorough, goes into detail about everything. Honest, tells you everything.

- Anon

25th September 2021

Had lovely reading with Crystalrosa on 20/09/21. Wow 100 % spot on . Picked up everything without me saying much. Was very kind in delivering details in a difficult situation and was 100 % spot on with the person in questions personality. Thank you will call again. GOD BLESS xxxx

- na

20th September 2021

Wow! Spot on! Very helpful. I will call again.

- Lori

9th September 2021

This lady is absolutely outstanding seriously picked up on things no one has ever picked up on and her voice is angelic. My god I am so shocked ! She’s a diamond ???? Thank you for an amazing reading I will be back xxx

- Bianca

6th September 2021

The best psychic. Extremely intuitive. Very spot on.

- xx

3rd September 2021

Wow wow and wow. I was hooked throughout the whole entire call. No time wasting. Feeling pleased after that reading. Thx hun bless

- Sherry

19th August 2021

Thank you so much Crystalrosa,This reader was so accurate and spot on had me blown away for words.All I can say is please try this lovely lady you will not be disappointed I promise you . I will definitely be getting another reading soon . Karol

- Karol

25th July 2021

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