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Christina D's Profile

I am a natural born psychic and medium and was aware of spirit from an early age. My mother was a clairvoyant and gave card and tea leaf readings and taught me to do it when I was older, and my link with the spirit world has grown stronger over the years also sometimes helping to recover lost items. I have always had a deep love and respect for all animals

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I like to help my clients to see the solution to their problems give them upliftment and emotional healing especially in relationship problems to sooth the pain of break ups and lost love and see what is up ahead for them now how can they put things right what are the answers ? What is round the corner? Also to give messages from their loved ones that have passed over to the spirit world it’s good to join in the laughter and happiness that comes through. I like to make people feel relaxed and not afraid to tell me anything, after all these years nothing shocks me and I do not judge I genuinely want to help put things right and get you back on the right path to your happiness and contentment and success.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

As a Gemini I am open honest warm hearted and friendly and love to help people to put things right and help them see the right way to go forward now

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

When I was a small child I saw and felt things that other people didn’t and knew things before they happened

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Every one of my clients is special to me and there have been many memorable moments over the years I just feel so happy that I can bring the loved ones through and give answers, healing and empowerment back to them and help them with life’s struggles and relationship problems

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

Over the fifty plus years that I have been giving readings I have worked in carnivals, on platforms in churches and sat in advanced Psychic circles with gifted and experienced mediums developing my mediumship, also given countless private readings had many repeat visits and recommendations.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Always come with an open mind even if you have a specific reason for coming and you feel that you are not getting the answer you want at this time, spirit will be made aware of it and start to move things along towards the goal that you want. They are on your side and want to help you we just have to let them know.


Christina D's Testimonials

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Had my first reading with Christina early December, oh wow, she is just amazing , I had just been dentist and she knew! Never known anything like the detail. All totally correct, and she brought my beautiful kitten from spirit who is around me, really helped me so much Thank you Christina so much, you are so kind genuine, and just beautiful All my love and hugs, one of best on sofa xxxx

Christina you are the best psychic and the best medium on this site. Your gift has brought me so much healing thank you godbless jasmine

Amaxing amount of evidence this lady gave to me from my mum and auntie in spirit actually unbelievable thank u

She is lovely. I enjoyed my reading with her, her connection to spirit is clear, thank you

Ive had two readings with Christna now and both were amazing. Picked up my OH and situations around us. Her connection is amazing and so accurate with detail.She also brought through two significant people in my life who had passed over. My aunty and my partner. Both messages were detailed, accurate and very much needed and appreciated. So much accuracy in both readings even being a couple of months apart. Thank you Christina. I highly recommend this lovely gifted lady. A fellow reader.xx

What a wonderful lady. So personable and friendly. She was lovely to talk to. Tuned in very fast.

Thankyou so much for a truly inspiring reading, I gave you my birth name and you connected with myself and grandmother instantly. You gave me validation and also incredible evidence on my gifts as a healer and also a medium. My energy connected with you and you have brought the much needed assurance and courage to look past everything else and be myself. I will always look at the turquoise healing light and your true beauty in your precious words for me today. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou. I'm a medium.and didn't have to brag or feel shy you just connected beautiful Thankyou x Bless you always So big love from Tracey and Dorothy...

Just had my first reading with Chrstine and it was wonderful, moving, very insightful and has really helped me. Christine has great humility and described herself as just an old-fashioned medium - she's very, very gifted and she definitely has got a an amazing, genuine and very clear link with spirit. She brought my parents and cat through and it was very moving for me. Christine wants to help and she's caring, understanding, wise and very importantly, she very honest. What came through in my reading, will change my life going forward. I couldn't thank Christine enough for her time, help, support and kind words and compliments. These all meant more to me than I can say. Thanks so much for everything, Christine. You are a lovely genuine lady with amazing gifts! Keep safe and well, until next time! Lots of love Su. XO :)

What an amazing medium Christina is!!!! Wow! Blew me away with details that only I knew! Brought my grandma through and told me things that were very exact about my life. She picked up with accuracy and precision and great ease. She is gentle and soft spoken and has a very caring nature. She delivers proper true mediumship and says things as she sees them. I absolutely love this Lady ! A credit to Sofa ! She brought me a lot of clarity and healing to my heart and reassurance to my worrying mind . Thank you dear Christina , till we speak again

Christina is a lovely lady, her connection was amazing.picked up my partner and situation spot on. Great detail about him, character everything. Looking forward to my predictions. Then she gave me a gentleman in spirit with an anniversary coming soon. My previous partner passed away and its his birthday tomorrow. I have been waiting for a message like that for quite some time . The description , situation and words passed to me were him and the words he used. Were him. I didn't really need a reading but had been drawn to christine for some time. I'm so pleased i tried her today thank you lovely lady 11/9/20

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