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I began receiving dream-messages from my ancestors from my earliest childhood, as well as precognitive experiences of people, events, and places. My family and close friends soon discovered that things I dreamt about soon happened, and people my soul rejected at first sight, inevitably proved to be untrustworthy. I have since discovered that the spirits communicate better with me through the psychic energy of the ancient Runes, especially after intense meditation and fasting.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

Knowing that I am perhaps the only person they can trust with their deepest secrets, fears and hopes, humbles me and puts the burden of responsible, honest and caring readings on me. I try to be an empathetic, non-judgemental and positive psychic, so that my clients will feel relaxed to share their worries with me in total confidentiality. Many times, I shock myself by how accurately I tune into the clients' energies to select the right runes and tarot cards that speak directly to them, especially when the clients free their minds and allow me to connect to their energies without distractions and negative energies.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I love to help people; that's what gives me a buzz.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

On the day I dreamt of my late grandmother whom I never knew, nor had ever seen a photo of. Yet, I was able to describe her in every minute detail and tell my mother the message she gave me for her. I was only 9 years old then and can never forget my mother's tears as she listened to the message I gave her from her late mother, who had died giving birth to her. I recall my mum started asking me to tell her my dreams and soon, I realised that I was dreaming events that were both past and future. I don't always enjoy my dreams especially the ones of premonitions, telling me when someone in my family will cross over. But, I am learning to embrace the warnings and to prepare myself as much as I can for one of life's inevitable journey.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Naming someone she had a problem with in her workplace! The name suddenly flashed in my head as I was doing her reading and when I asked if the name meant anything to her, she almost squealed in shock, telling me that was the exact person she was having the problems with.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I am an Energy-Cleanser and can detect both good and negative energies in people, places and at events. Using various spiritual tools, I can clean negative energy and harness pure energy from my spirit guide, people and the universe, for more powerful divination.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

They need to know that just like psychics, they have their own personal spirit guide. Everyone has a spirit guide who speaks to them through dreams, omens and especially subconsciously, through their inner spirit, their instinct. As long as they trust their instincts, then most of life's troubles can be averted. I believe that when a person telephones me, that's where their guiding spirit is leading them because it knows that it's where they'll find the answers they seek. But, it's vital to remember that our readings can be less than perfect at times, especially when the client's negative energies are blocking our connection.

What our customers say about Comfort

I've just had another reading with Comfort. I had one a few months ago which was spot on. Comfort was spot on again today. Amazing and informative reading. Comfort is true to her name. She is Comfort when she's talking and listening to you. I highly recommend this beautiful lady. Mx

- Anon

18th November 2021

Dear Comfort I'm a regular caller and it was my first time speaking to you, and it was wonderful, truly comforting to get some clarification, you knew me well, thanks so much for giving me confidence in belieiving myself - my thoughts were right, about toxic ex, and hes not the one. I need to heal and stick to this decision. Have a wonderful rest of the year. With love XX

- Renee

22nd October 2021

Lovely lady made me feel much better on a down day not had a runes reading before I will be back if what she says and I was feeling comes to pass

- Alex

30th January 2020

I have just had a reading from Comfort. She was absolutely spot-on on everything. She has a real talent and I will definitely be calling her again. Many thanks again Comfort. Mary x

- Mary

27th January 2020

Great reading with Comfort tonight (10/01/20). This lady is truly a wonderful, honest, kind and easy going soul. The sort of person you would like to know personally! She picked and read very appropriate Runes gave much more than that too... things she said intuitively made a lot of sense and there were a few very uncanny moments (not all of which I told her about). Comfort, I need to thank you for being you and giving me a great and 'different' reading too. Right at the end of the call you asked me who a certain person was (I don't want to name names on her but the person's name began with E and she was talked about in relation to the last Rune you picked for me...the one you said you always carry around with you). We then got cut off. That person (E) used to be my old boss! I wish you all the best for 2020 and beyond. I have a feeling you truly deserve it! xxx

- A

10th January 2020

Hi Comfort, I have just had a reading with you, 07/01/20. I am leaving this feedback to say a massive thank you! I feel uplifted, strong and loved! I know I am on the right path. You are so lovely to talk to, brilliant validations using only rune stones. And as your name states, you are very comforting! Wow what an exceptionally lovely lady and fantastic reader. Thank you xx

- AnneMarie

7th January 2020

December 2019 Such an amazing reader, so gentle and funny. Runes exceptionally accurate thank you love and light x

- Angelica

12th December 2019

Comfort is the best reader with the most beautiful soul, she is so spot on & doesn't just tell u what u want to hear, told me.the day I'd receive the call I'd got into my college and was spot on with exact day & obviously that I got in. every prediction she has told me has has came true, amazing women, with an amazing talent & a lovely cheery nature, God bless you Comfort xxx

- Lainey

3rd December 2019

Comfort bought me so much comfort again today. I trust what she says, truly honest and said with peace and grace. Thank you so much Comfort, love Sam xx

- Sam

2nd December 2019

Comfort reads so beautifully, I just love her! Such pure energy and wonderful reading. Thank you Comfort, I don't know what I would have done without you today. Lots of love Sam xxx

- Sam

1st December 2019

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