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Tarot with me and my spirit guides

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Tarot with me and my spirit guides

Hannah Gyoury


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I'm of English, Irish and Hungarian origin with Romany blood on both sides. My Hungarian Great, Great Grandmother was named Hannah as was her Mother before her although my parents were unaware of this at the time of my birth. I feel a strong connection to my ancestors and have been told I have 3 spirit guides who give me the signs and answers I need especially with regard to my spiritual development. My spirit guides are the spirit of an old man of Far Eastern heritage, the spirit of a man of indigenous American heritage and an unknown entity. My cards were blessed and given to me over 20 years ago by a friend who also has Romany roots. I have been reading my cards since then and I have come to consider them a reliable friend who listens and advises me during times in my life that I or indeed others need guidance.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I enjoy connecting people to the messages and guidance available to them and giving them the space to hear their own intuition and spiritual signs.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am fair, balanced and loving. Venus is my ruler.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

When I was very young, maybe 2 or 3. I was seen and heard by my Mother and Brother when I wasn't at home. I have always had dreams in which I fly to other places, some of which are very accurate. I have also had many dreams in which I have had genuine communications with loved ones who have passed. I first remember this happening when I was about 11 when my Irish Grandmother died.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

There are so many to chose from but one of my most memorable readings was a client who couldn't understand why her peers were being promoted ahead of her. I was able to see that her boss wanted her to step out of her comfort zone. I also saw that an idea for an ambitious work project would succeed if she had the confidence and persistence to promote it to her boss.The client went away feeling excited to take the next step with her career.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have been seeing what is known as the 11:11 phenomenon for over 10 years. 11:11 has become very special to me in terms of my spiritual development as has the number 11. I once asked a medium without telling her my spiritual number if one of my spirit guides could tell me the significance of the number. (11) My spirit guide of Indigenous American heritage told me to add the 2 numbers together and then divide them by 2 (1+1/2=1) the answer of course is one! Oneness, the connection between all things.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Be open minded, often the answers to your questions are hidden deep within your subconscious mind. Consider your questions well (even if you keep them to yourself!) as sometimes you will need to drill down into the specifics to get clarification.

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