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JAY's Profile

I was born with my knowledge of spirit and the love that I am a part of. I was 12 when I had my first sighting of an Angel. I felt truly blessed, for the Love, Living ,Light that Emanated from Beautiful Energy is beyond mortal words. I always knew of the Love that walked with me before this amazing visit, even in the worst times of my Life, some of which brought me to question even that love. I have come to know through the lessons of life and searching for answers that all was meant to be for my Spiritual Growth/Knowledge. To help others in times of their need, confusion and perhaps loneliness or pain is my hearts driving force. In other words I feel that I was meant to share my gifts with others, I have an inner passion and desire to help to give comfort and help where ever and however it is needed, with the assistance of my Guides & Guardian Angels.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

Most of what I adore about my readings is getting to feel the love of the client's guides, guardians and past family members or friends who have on many occasions waited a long time to be able to Join in Communicate with their Loved one. The readings are from those that know them and their circumstances best, but unlike us they do not have the clutter or the Negativity that we often have, therefore the Guidance given is within Love, Care, Light and Truth. The Energy of the Love and Care that I feel on behalf of the Recipient/Client is amazing. The knowing that I am helping within my capacity as a channel/medium to join the two together is a profound privilege. Furthermore I know that my recipient/client will receive that, which they need.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

OO! Aquarius a typical? Lol no such thing, having said that I feel that: ... I am Intellectual, a Free Spirit, Independent, a Humanitarian, Love anything outside the box, Open Minded, Vivacious, Curious, Sensitive, Warm, Energised and ready for anything! I am Positive, Deep, Passionate and Loving. Empathetic, Generous and also Modest lol lol

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

Thinking back it had to have be as early as 2 yrs. of age. I was walking along an attic floor to find my Mother who lay in a bed along with my Father somewhere in the room. My vest was wet and I was very was pitch black and even though I knew my parents were there I could not see them, nor hear them. I became very afraid and felt lost as I felt the darkness engulf me more and more with evey uneasy step that I took! was then that I felt a warm loving hand take mine, I knew it was of love and was instantly calm and no longer afraid. The hand guided me to my parents bed, whereupon it disappeared My Mother awoke and gently with an outstretched arm took hold of my tiny cold body, took off my vest, and pulled me into her warm body, and I was soothed and I was safe.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Oh gosh! To find ONE is difficult because there have been so many memorable experiences. I think it must be the first time that I connected for my first client. The look on her face as her Mother began to connect with me. She was obviously so taken aback as I relayed the informmation that I was being given, when I knew her, how she was feeling, certain matters that only she could know of. I recall that her eyes filled with tears of joy and relief. It was so humbling as she walked away with such gratitude and a smile on her face.She was a changed woman from the one that had originally sat opposite me for the reading. Whats more the first uniting gave me the confidence to continue to work professionally, so it was an enlightenment in, as you give so shall you receive. 

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I... believe that all of my Lifes Experiences, my Gifts, my Knowledge and Sensitiivities came about to be used in the aid of others. I have had many of them, they have been so varied, as traumatic as they have been joyful and all the in betweens. Alll of this accumulated in my being where I am now, working for the full benefit of those that need, wherever that need may stem from, to help by using all that I am to help others. I... am used as a Channel for Healing and as such am pleased to be able to say that it’s good to get positive results for people. I... have brought calm back to places that have been under negative energies. I… am a Channel for inspirational Meditation...and Angel Therapy. I... run a Spiritual Awareness Group for young people I... Teach both within Open and Closed Circles. I... Demonstrate within Spiritualist Churches and Community Centres, Halls as a proffessional Medium.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

I believe that there are several Important things for a person to consider when they are having a reading. To think beforehand what are they seeking. What are they expecting? and to choose who they believe may be the best appropriate choice of reader. I believe that anyone having a reading is reaching out for guidance or connection of some sort, but it is Important fo them to know that a reader can offer so much.......ultimately decisions and choices are always of free will, and this is what determines the outcome of one’s own journey within this life.

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Hello Jay. Thank you for you session today. Jay is wonderful. She is very connected to Spirit and the angels. She tuned in to my situations and the angels right away. She also connected with my husband on the other side very strongly. Getting multiple messages spot on. She was a real blessimg today. She is one of the better readers on this sight. She will be busy. Thank you. Diane in Vancouver.