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Here at Psychic Sofa we are very proud to have Rose on our team! We receive excellent feedback from our regular clients about Rose’s ability to connect on a very deep level both as a clairvoyant and a Medium.

Rose’s achievements are many and varied, she can include many published pieces of literature and her latest book has become a number one best seller! Her poetry even resulted in an invitation to meet the President at the White House.

Amongst Rose’s loyal clientele she can include a member of our Royal family. Once you have a reading with Rose we are sure you will return to her for guidance for years to come due to her genuine ability to foresee you future.

Rose Your Psychic

Rose is your Psychic who will walk with you and talk with you

As your fears you cast aside

Just don`t fire twenty questions in twenty minutes

Give your Psychic time

Using cards she picks up symbols

And all sorts of interesting things

Helping you to face the future

Seeing the joy that Rose brings

Rose has seen so many issues

Raised by clients in various situations

Helped on by selfish deeds

Beyond one`s imagination

She will use her crystal ball to reflect on future days

As she walks with you and talks with you

How you have waited for this day

Before you call her number

Sit quietly and do reflect

Have a few questions ready to ask

But treat her with respect

When questions you ask of her

Give her time to reply

Do not interrupt her on her Spirit Guides

On her Spirit Guides she does rely

Your reading will be positive and you will live your dream

With the help of Rose and your Psychic Sofa Team

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love how clairvoyance works for me. I am given different options that

help the client to make a well informed choice. It is awe inspiring to see such wonders it is just like as if one runs into the park and the Angels sprinkle star dust beneath them.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

When I was about ten years old. We could not afford ink and I was drawn to

A tree across the road I climbed it and used the berries for ink after crushing them. The Spirit Guide that helped me was called Nuadha and has been a boon ever since.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Miss `A` was in tears and believed that her father had forgotten about her and stopped loving her. I predicted that he was calling her name and wanted her to visit him in hospital. I advised her to travel as soon as possible ...I also predicted that he had left her inheritance in a butter box in the kitchen. She traveled that week end he hugged her and she returned. Within days she got a message that he had died, her other sisters told her about how they had inherited thousands in the Will and Miss A found the butter box and sure enough it was packed with army cheques from the last war and a written Document leaving it all to her...What a joy!

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have a license in Para psychology, and hold the following qualifications;

PhD., B.(chiro) B., A Diploma Law I have published 25 books in the last 2 years and I along with my husband run a Victim’s group....I am an Award Winning author and was invited to the White House to present my poetry

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

They can ask themselves what they wish to know about ...The psychic world has many answers and is like the internet it can take one to far off places..... If there is no reason whatever for the person to call then I suggest a general reading to see how each day will present itself the challenges and the triumphs and how to deal with unexpected news...

The Starry Sky

Looking across that vast domain

Just what image do we see?

Are our loved ones reaching out with a message

For you and me?

Such a blaze of wonderment

Across the sky and so far away

Is the message that we hear saying

Sorry loved ones For I with you could not stay

Jesus called and his Angel came

Leading me to that starry sky

looking down on you I see

You working tirelessly in your village and your town

It was for the love of us all

That Jesus wore his crown

Rose 4569

Best Selling Published Author

Special Healing Prayer for Psychic Sofa client ...T.....


Sara lived in her little cottage,and I would see her at the door

Looking frail she smiled at me, and I would pray for her

On her own, so alone, yet the Church was right next door

I never saw her walk very far She was too ill you see

She loved having a chat with someone she used to talk to me

I never stayed for long I had shopping to do

Usually bread to go with dinner- sometimes a stew

If I had bought mother six boxes of matches

Counting them she would check them out

On finding a box with less-`We have been cheated she did shout`

One day I cycled past Sara`s cottage this time she took longer to answer me

Eventually she appeared and was unstable on her feet

She was frail, and her sight now poor

Sara needed a lot of care of that I was sure

next time I called by she never answered

It was getting late for me

Darkness would have been a problem

And it would have been hard to see

At one point there was a stream where I could not see the road

There had been heavy rain the river banks had overflowed

An elderly man had been walking home having had a drink too many

The flooded river claimed his life it really was uncanny

When I passed Sara`s cottage again the wind had blown her china down

Her lovely painted cups on hangers could not be rescued now

Shattered by the icy wind and mowed down in its prime

There was no trace of Sara, someone said she had died

I never saw anyone shut the house or start repairing it

Everything just blew away- thanks Sara for sharing it

Each evening as I cycled past it was just a shame

Now it seemed so noisy – nothing was the same

Sara was polite waving with a few words

Now loud banging in the wind – intruding on Sara`s world

She had loved her cottage and knew where things should be

Now there was nothing left...Just Sara's cottage and me..

Rose 4569

What our customers say about Rose

12th Feb 2013. Rose is wonderful! Just brilliant! Thank you so very much Rose and bless you. xx S.


What a fantastic lady. I had been wanting a reading from Rose for ages and today seemed just the right time. Her information just flowed and flowed. A true and wonderful psychic! Thank you very much Rose, I will be back for sure!


She is the best of the best. She left me speechless! You will not regret it if you try her. Very positive lady. I will come back to her! God bless you and lots of love! T x


Rose is one of the best readers on here. You can tell she is truthful at what she says. There is no awkward silence with her, she just flows with information and reels away at what she sees. She is excellent, a lovely lady. I will post back when her predictions come to light. She makes you feel great and at ease, lovely voice too. I have had endless readers on here and you are one of my favourites. xxx


Rose is certainly an amazing reader. Such a lovely lady and she made me feel so good. I am at a big crossroads in my life and I felt really down. Rose made me feel good. She has a lovely soft voice and she is very truthful. She tells you what she sees and is so honest. I have had two readings with Rose and she told me exactly the same twice. Lovely, special lady she is. Psychic Sofa are very lucky to have this excellent reader on board. I hope now her predictions will come true. I am sure they will as she is so truthful and picks up on little details. Thanks Rose, love and light C XXXX


Thanks for an update on my situation. Rose is like a friend, her spot on predictions came true last reading and I hope they will again. I'm confident they will as she is one of the best on this site and I will be back again. Pity we got cut off. Give this wonderful reader a call, thanks Rose, talk again, Carole.


Well what can I say about Rose? She is absolutely amazing and I connected with her immediately, she was straight to the point from the word go with such accuracy and offered caring and loving guidance throughout. I wasn't expecting what Rose revealed about a new upcoming relationship, but for one she has given me the confidence to get my life back on track. I would highly recommend anyone to speak with Rose and I guaurantee that you will not be disappointed! I will call again in the future to let you no how I get on. Thank you so much, I am so lucky that I spoke with you this evening. Love and best wishes, Brian x


Your predictions all came true! Thank you


05.08.12 I have just had a reading with Rose this morning. I have had many readings with different psychics on PS and on other sites but Rose this morning has left me feeling that I have no worries. That things in the future are "Rosie" and I have so much to look forward to. Thank you Rose for making feel this way and I am putting into action everything you suggested I did to enhance my future as a healer. Look forward to talking to you again, L xx


I just love Rose.She connects with you at such deep level that you do not need to say much. Just make sure you have your questions ready and the rest will be history. She is as good as Soul Spirit. They are my favourites. I will definitely call her back. She makes you feel so good.


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