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Specialises in: Astrology, Clairvoyance, Tarot, Crystal Runes, Spirit Guides

I have been intuitive since I was a child. I would have dreams and premonitions that would come true. When I became a teenager, I learned how to read tarot cards and palmistry and began to study astrology to give information about personality, strengths, weaknesses, talent, potential career, and romance. Astrology will give you your major trends for the next 6 months ahead. I find the Tarot will answer questions very well. The Crystal helps me to focus on difficult situations. The Runes are very mystical and spiritual. Often I will get a message from your spirit guide for you.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love to read the clients' birth charts, and compare two charts for compatibility. The astrology gives so much information, so reliably, and in depth. It is like reading someones soul, and showing the way ahead in order to fullfill the potential.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Yes. As a cancerian, I am sensitive, sensitive, sensitive and I love to help people.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

When I was eighteen, a family member gave me one of their rings as a gift. I proudly put it on and a short while later, to my amazement I began to see and sense and feel how that relative actually felt about their life. And this was very different from the image they projected. I was absolutely amazed!I dIdn't know such a thing was possible! I instictively knew that what I was sensing and seeing was true. I never asked them about it though, I realised they would be very upset that I knew.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

A client in his forties was very worried. He had a letter from Inland Revenue asking him to come in for an interview. He said that he had never paid any tax in his life, and he was very concerned, and wanted to know what the outcome of the interview would be. I looked into the cards and crystal and his palm very carefully, and I saw him having to fill in a grey form, stating what he estimated he owed, and being given time to pay. I looked three times, to make sure. But that was what I saw. He came back a few weeks later, much more relaxed, and said that was exactly what happened. Another time, a friend asked me to teach her how to read the cards, and I agreed, and said that I would be the client. I shuffled and chose the cards as a client, and every single card was a coin card. I remember saying that "I would interpret that as the client coming into some money." Though I couldn't imagine how that would be. A few months later, a relative left me several thousand pounds in a will.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have over 25 years experience as an astrologer, palmist, card reader and token object reader. I have attended psychic development circles from my twenties, and I am always learning.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

To relax and keep an open mind. Please do not tell the psychic anything before the reading, it's easier to read without any information. After the reading is the best time to ask any questions.

What our customers say about Suzanne

Suzanne does it again another prediction as she saw she has been consistently accurate

- Anon

5th May 2022

I had a reading with Suzanne on 8th April my main reason for the call was I had suddenly come out of work and was very anxious when I’d get another job Suzanne explained I’d have a choice of 2 jobs and they would both come in within 4 weeks we’ll blow me down I have been offered two jobs this week and it’s within the 4 th week I’ve had so many various readings on this line but Suzanne is the only one that has been accurate , I have to say she is very gentle in her style and manner but she has been accurately amazing

- Beverley

29th April 2022

Thank you Suzzane for giving me clarity around my situation. You was absolutely spot on and gave validations after validation.

- Anon

20th April 2022

Thankyou so much , really provided me clarity on the situation. Her predictions come into line with another reader I really trust and everything he has said has come to light! Absolutely amazing Thankyou so much xxx

- Anon

15th April 2022

Had a lovely reading with Suzanne too early to say if these predictions will come to pass, but had a reading in the past with Suzanne and prediction came into fruition. Xxx

- Julie

2nd April 2022

I’m so sorry it cut off! But you were amazing and you picked up on many things! Without me asking! Truly lovely soul. Xx

- Anon

23rd March 2022

I called this gentle, wholly genuine reader back in January regarding my work situation. I was very distressed due to there having been an absence of open, honest communication from my manager related to my work hours having been changed and reduced during Plan B without any consultation. Suzanne said that if I could 'hang on' in that role that I would see another role where I would think 'that's the one!', in about 8 weeks' time. When I came off the phone, I marked this on the calendar - 20 March. In the week commencing 14 March I did indeed see a role that I felt was a true match: I applied on 15 March and was interviewed and offered the role on 17 March!! I called Suzanne today to thank her for her true, honest guidance. A lovely soul and worth her weight in gold.

- Anon

21st March 2022

Thank you. You was firm for me not to tell you anything at the start. ..yet you answered all the questions I had in my mind....very clear and accurate and I'm amazed actually as not many readers pick up the in depth thoughts and feelings of others and me...thats when I know its coming direct from my spirit guides

- Kully

9th December 2021

A 5*Star on Sofa! A credit to this company. Always exact and precise with information. Have known her for over 2 years and she has proven right with all her predictions. I know the best on here. She surpasses them with accuracy and honesty and she delivers only the truth of what’s she is given. Never what we all want to hear. A breath of fresh air ! Thank you Suzanne. I will always come back for more from you. You have guided me on the right path and I’m so grateful. I have listened carefully to you and it has all been to very good use. Everything you have given me has happened so far . I can’t thank you enough. Love and Light. ??Georgiana

- Georgiana

26th October 2021

I had a reading with you recently and did say a particularly gentleman will get in touch with me. Yes, he has. Thank you for a great reading. K West midlands

- Kamela

9th September 2021

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