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Trishie is honest and direct with her readings and connections and aims to give clarity to any given situations through her very individual readings. She can connect with the energy surrounding people and situations in your life, and connects with their thoughts and feelings which will help move you forward to greater understanding. Her skills are especially strong in relationships and connections around you. She can help find the answers you seek in situations where there is little movement and help give you confidence to bring about necessary changes in your life. She is a very empathetic reader who has many years experience, even at times being able to use her senses to feel how things can move forward for you. She has helped people through all walks of life and in addition to her psychic gift she has an instinctive understanding of peoples thoughts and feelings, through your choice if reading, through the skill of the tarot or psychic energy consultations, she also holds qualifications in NLP life coaching, integrated energy therapy and counselling. If you want a direct, honest approach to your reading with a very warm and caring lady then Trishie is the one to call. Love and light

What our customers say about Trishie

Thanks for a good reading Trishie,I hope things do change and I find clarity soon. Thankyou.

- Suzanne

4th September 2019

Amazing insight to my situation! Thank you for your honesty. I will be calling again. Thank you x

- Anonymous

19th August 2019

She blew me away with her accuracy. It is so refreshing to spend the precious and expensive 20 minutes with someone who just gives out loads of in depth information without shuffling cards, doing all the 'say stop' routine (highly irritating and time wasting) or basically just offering counselling. This lady is genuine; I did not even tell her my son had split with his girlfriend but she knew.

- Liz

29th July 2019

What ever she says to me does happen

- Sukhy

1st June 2019

I have been having readings with Trishie over the past few years, and she is one of my 'go to' readers when I need honest clarification of a situation plus advice moving forward. I rang her in March over an issue at work and she helped me moving forward. Thank you, Trishie. Bernadette x

- Bernadette

26th April 2019

Exceptional reader. Highly gifted and very accurate, spot on, outstanding, amazing.

- Victoria

10th April 2019

Thank you so much Trishie! You exactly picked up my situation! This was a brilliant reading!! Love, M x

- Mouna

16th September 2018

Amazing reader. Provided so much information and detail. I would highly recommend her

- Pindi

3rd July 2018

Absolutely brilliant, I've had readings from Trishie for a few years now and she picks up the situation straight away. Gives you insight into the other person involved. Amazing lady!!!!! Pete xxxx

- Pete

14th April 2018

Trishie thank you for your reading today. You provided so much insight into what has been a very difficult, confusing and turbulent situation for me. Thank you for your warm, understanding and kind manner xo

- G

30th March 2018

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