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Hello everyone, welcome to my profile. I am an intuitive reader and I read the tarot. I use my feelings and visions and often spirits come through. Many people come to me asking for insight to their life. I focus on giving the most fulfilling information I possibly can give, with guidance to help you through any issues you may have.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I enjoy being able to give comfort and guidance to those who may be a little vulnerable. It's rewarding for me to help those who need it most.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am an Aries. I am very fiery, just like a typical Aries. I'm strong within my beliefs, and how I present myself daily. I am calm right up till I am given a reason to show my true hurt face. I believe kindness is the way forward to help everyone live in peace.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

For as long as I remember I've always seen spirits, spoken to them and been very connected to the spiritual side. As a child, right through to my adult years, I have had "feelings deep within." I can almost predit when situations will happen. I can remember a special time I saw a past family member in spirit form and I was given a message to pass over to my aunt. She had not expected this and everyone was so suprised and shocked at how accurate I was in telling her this message. My mum and nan knew I was gifted from young.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

One of my most memorable experiences is when a first time client contacted me, asking for a general reading which I gave her.  While I did her reading she said she didn't believe it much and that she was sceptical. She then asked about her love life. From what I could feel and see I told this to her and she suddenly felt so emotional she just cried.  She said I was so spot on I couldn't have been any more correct and without me exposing that reading, I can say now that lady is free from a toxic relationship. She took my advise and sought help. She's now a regular client who fully believes and trusts me.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I read a lot for many people of all ages. I talk about many different issues and every time I've gained more trust with my clients.  I'm proud to say I've made special bonds along the way.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

You should be open minded, easy to talk to (by this I mean you can have a conversation with me and truly feel everything I'm saying). I also tell my clients to keep a pad and pen close when in a reading so you can make notes to look back on. Also prepare any questions you may want to know within our reading.

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What our customers say about Jode

Please come online Jode. Missing your guidance and uplifting spirit :-)

- NJ

4th August 2022

Jode is amazing. I hope you’re online soon Jode x

- Nelita

4th May 2022

I had a lovely reading last Thursday with Jode and she was very uplifting but still honest and realistic with her predictions. I'll certainly be back again to her .

- Antoinette

29th March 2022

Absolutely astounded. This is the second time Jode has predicted an event that I didn't see coming. She is 100% the real deal as a psychic, yet she is so polite and very humble. I can't recommend her enough. Thank you so much for your accurate guidance Jode. You are truly gifted and exceptional. A xx

- Allison

10th March 2022

Jode is amazing. She gave me a reading and as soon as I was off the phone things started happening as predicted. I hope you are ok Jode and hope you will be online soon x NJ.

- Anon

4th January 2022

Such a passionate, engaged reader with lots of detail & predictions. Felt better after talking to her.

- Kate

7th October 2021

Thank you so much for my wonderful positive reading this evening, so many validations names etc. I have had many readings but this was just amazing I could have kept talking for hours. I really hope I get to have another reading with you in the future.Xx K

- Kt

3rd September 2021

Jodie is more than Just a tarot reader, very connected to the cards and very accurate validations she won’t sell you and fair tales either

- Chan

15th August 2021

Lovely person. Spot on with validations. Jx

- juliet

14th July 2021

07.07.21 -This lady gave me a prediction about a POI is was enquiring about last year. I remember her words ' I want to save you from heartache'...... whilst many other readers, even the 'top' ones made predictions that were completely opposite and seemed far too good to be true. Well, Jode's prediction on this individual came true this week, a year later, and because I always kept what she said at the back of my mind, save me from hurt, despair and heartache. My heartfelt thanks to you. Blessings. Mx

- Marcia

7th July 2021

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