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Hi, I'm Lotus, I am a naturally gifted psychic and clairvoyant. I tune into your energy, and I consult my cards to get an overall insight into your situation. I can give guidance on many different areas of life - work, love, relationships, family, friends or answer any specific questions you may have. I have been reading professionally for over 8 years now. I am an empathic, compassionate, down-to-earth reader. My clients come away feeling positive and uplifted, and many clients return to consult with me on a regular basis, they have become like friends! My job is to offer guidance and support from a spiritual, energetic perspective to help give you clarity and empower you to make the right decisions moving forward. I would be honoured to connect with you and be of service to help you along your journey, whatever the circumstance or situation maybe. I recognised my intuitive, psychic abilities at a very young age. My psychic senses have been my guiding light and saving grace throughout my life. My greatest development was learning to trust my abilities and follow the guidance that came through. In my young adulthood, during my further education in the scientific field, my curiosity in personal development, personality and human behaviour deepened. I started meditation and began to explore and nourish my spirituality. This guided me to understand my psychic abilities better and my empathy deepened for other people's life journey. I decided to professionally develop my psychic skills over 7 years and I'm still learning new avenues of spirituality, there is never an end to learning what this great cosmo has in store for us all! In my spare time I like to do yoga, dance, create art and music and take nice long walks in nature to uplift and rejuvenate my energy. A particular quote which inspires me daily is "the pains we suffer today can be transformed into tomorrow’s empowerment.” For an uplifting, empathetic and honest reading, give me a call today!

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I most enjoy connecting with clients on a one-to-one basis. It's incredible to see the information and guidance that comes through for the client when they are energetically open and ready to receive guidance. Some clients have really fun, sassy spirit guides with a great sense of humour which always uplifts the reading, and the client connects to messages coming through straight away. I always get satisfaction in helping a client gain clarity in a confusing situation, so they can come away from the reading feeling more grounded and hopeful and able to make informed choices moving forward.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am a quintessential Libra in every sense of the word! I am always seeking balance and justice is very important to my internal compass. I adore aesthetics, especially beauty and style. I am most at peace when I am surrounded by beauty and balance whether that be in nature or in a very well-designed interior space!

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I always knew I was different, but I remember picking up other people's feelings at tender age of 3. I was very sensitive to energy and my environment. I could feel and sense the changing moods of adults and I could always predetermine how a situation would play out before it happened. Due to my sensitivity, I lived in the land of imagination in my head for most of my childhood and that further strengthened by psychic senses. Later in life, I realised I was psychic by knowing and predicting events even before they occurred. Furthermore, I could read the true motives and intentions of other people despite their outwardly behaviour and words.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I have had many memorable experiences with clients but one that sticks to mind is one of my regular clients who first came to me really downtrodden and broken. She could not catch a break in life, and she always gave her best and did her best however she was always left empty handed. Through many readings on a regular basis over several years, she was guided to see the truth of how her life was structured based on her energetic vibrations of low self-esteem and lack of self-belief. Her external reality was a reflection of her internal vibration. With guidance and support she started to see her self-worth, stand in her power and with time she set very clear healthy boundaries for herself. After making these internal changes, she was able to walk away from a marriage which no longer served her with love or support, she was able to leave behind a dead-end job that was draining her and did not reward her fairly for her talent and hard work and she cut out toxic friends who were advantageous of her kindness. She started a whole new life, found a new career path that was in true alignment with her purpose in life and a new love entered her life that really made her feel seen, heard, loved and respected, she met her divine counterpart. All these changes in her life were a process of death and rebirth for her and she became the best mother she could be, her relationship with her children improved dramatically. She is truly in a happier place now because her new life is a reflection of her authentic self and not a mirage of other people's expectations.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

Along my life journey I have acquired many different skill sets from several different walks of life. My educational background is medical sciences, and I delved into neuroscience where I learnt extensively about brain and behaviour and in particular about our subconscious mind. This piqued my interest into personal development, and I became a therapist and life coach. At the same time, I started to professionally develop my natural psychic abilities and explore the world of spiritual knowledge. I came away from these experiences by combining the best of both worlds, the scientific and spiritual, to create my own method to help empower individuals to live a more fulfilling life.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

The most important thing for the client when considering a psychic reading, is to be open to it. When the client's energy is open, messages just flood through for them. However, if the client is reserved or cyclical or trying to test the reader, their energy is restricted and it becomes difficult for the reader to tap into their energy if they are not fully willing or giving full consent. The reader can only pick up what you allow to come through, so please be relaxed and open and see how the reading unfolds for you. When it comes to choosing a reader, your gut instincts will draw you to the right reader who will be able to guide you with your current problem at hand. Always listen to your instincts as they are your internal compass.


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What our customers say about Lotus

Incredible reader. Extremely gifted!

- Lauryn

11th July 2024

thnak you Lotus so much for my wonderful reading, Lous is very gifted and will happily answer any quaetions, she is very accurate and very in tune, she is going to be very busy on safa, obe of the best, lots of love xxxx

- Anon

18th May 2024

Fantastic insightful reader, really enjoyed every minute 5*****

- Ann

14th April 2024

One word - amazing.

- Allison

2nd April 2024

This lady was amazing she brought my partner and she got him down to a t even his mother which no one would know she brought my sons spirit thought in the cards and she was spit on she has genuine giift I’ve spoke to a lot of people this lady is the real deal thank you lotus xx I will speak with you again xx

- Amanda

7th March 2024

Very good coach, very good to understanding human psychology and behaviour with information I shared. Psychic insight I didn't experience i reading. Overall I enjoyed the high level information. Thank you.

- Anon

27th February 2024

Lotus is a great reader, really intuitive and picked up on everything without any information.

- Anon

24th February 2024

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