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About Magenta

A warm welcome to you. My name is MAGENTA, Firstly I pride myself in my work and accuracy, and I am a gifted psychic and medium and work with my spirit guides.  I have had this gift ever since I was a child. I am kind, caring, compassionate person. My aim is to guide you in aspects you wish to have clarity with, through my abilities and the gift I share with you. Blessings x

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

It gives me great pleasure to help, and give my clients clarity to guide them and support them, uplift and empower help them expand their thoughts and ideals to reach a greater understanding through my guidance intuition and gift,

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I'm sporty .I have a deep connection with nature , great compassion with a good sense of humour , I am a great judge of character but never judge, I feel empathy and can relate to people , so I feel my star sign does represent me quite well.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

Growing up as a small child I could always sense spirits and have seen spirits from time to time in the most random places, so from an early age I knew I was different. The first memory I have was when I was around 7 years old, I was playing at a friend’s house and there was something scary on the stairs I felt uneasy going up or down them, later it transpired that a previous owner of that house had in fact passed away on the stairs.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I did a reading for this lady who told me from the start that she was very sceptical and did not believe in psychics, .However as soon as I started the reading her face changed from a very sceptical expression, on her face to a huge smile on her face as she listened intently and could relate to the reading .After she said she was amazed at how much I picked up yet I'd never met her, from that day on she left becoming a believer.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

Intuition is something I'm gifted naturally , passed down from my mother , I also can read angel cards , my cards are amazingly accurate. I can see past lives and believe in reincarnation. I also have crystals I can use . I can easily tune into my spirit guides. I can see auras and quickly tune into people's issues concerns And or questions and direction they may wish me to advice on. Or maybe my clients just want a general reading this I can do with ease.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

I would have to say, try to relax I know this may not be easy talking to someone new for the first time , but if you can try to relax it will help me be able to give an accurate reading. I tell my clients to just think of myself as a friend your having a chat with. Also be open to the reading.


Magenta's Availability

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What our customers say about Magenta

Wow highly recommend; new to psychic sofa but wastes no time in tuning in. Will be hard to get hold off this reader soon so a readinng is a must. No sugar coating; straight to the point and covers all areas. I will be back Hayley

- Hayley

4th May 2020

Magenta gave me some really accurate information regarding my Nan who has passed. She was non-judgemental, friendly and lots of fun. I laughed so much - the best healing!

- Jo

4th May 2020

Brilliant very professional and she validates things very well.

- Nicola

4th May 2020

Magenta tuned in really well. She brought through my Nan in spirit and referenced an item of jewellery she had left me. She also mentioned a room I was scared of as a little girl which held a spirit (I was amazed by that). She is direct and honest about the messages spirit gives her and doesn't sugar coat it. Yet she is very caring in her delivery of information and advice. Many validations. x

- Laurie

4th May 2020

Had a beautiful reading with Magenta, lots of validations ,will be back for another reading soon,Many thanks Magenta.

- B

3rd May 2020

Thanks so much for a lovely reading..

- Gill

2nd May 2020

Great reading accurate

- Steph

2nd May 2020

Had a brilliant reading with Magenta. What a beautiful soul. Like talking to a good friend and gave accurate validations. Will definitely be back in touch. Put me at ease and gave me positivity. Thank you so much. B xx

- Brenda

1st May 2020

Excellent reader . Really tuned in . Lovely person too.

- Caroline

2nd June 2023


- Nicola

2nd June 2023

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