Psychic, Clairvoyant, Angel Intuitive, Spiritual Counsellor, Past Life Regression Therapist, Medium, Emphatic, Reiki Master/ Teacher. Auras & Chakras, Dowsing & Pendulums.

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About Natalie

Hi, I'm Natalie from Adelaide, South Australia. I have been working as a professional psychic/clairvoyant medium, tuning into Auras & Chakras, Dowsing with Pendulums, Angel Intuitive, Spiritual Counsellor, Past Life Regression therapist, Spiritual Healing, Medical Intuitive and a Reiki Master/Teacher for over 40 years. I am a recognised TV Celebrity Psychic as well as being featured as "working from home" in Australia and Internationally.

I am dedicated and committed to my mystical gifts and my profound accuracy in my psychic abilities has been given in testimony to the high esteem in which I am held within the psychic community. As in 2005 I was awarded the Psychic of the Year in South Australia and then in 2008 I was inducted into the Australian Psychic Hall of Fame.

I am involved with psychic/mediumship readings, past life regression therapy sessions and the ongoing facilitation of spiritual/psychic growth and development classes, channelling and healing. I have written numerous manuals for the different courses, workshops and trainings I teach. I have a love and passion for the work I do. Travelling extensively around Australia and Singapore I teach my different courses as well as consulting as a psychic medium and past life regression journey sessions.

I am a natural psychic clairvoyant medium that is genuine, caring, approachable, compassionate, motivational, inspirational and very down to earth. I am looking forward to lovingly assisting you through giving you clarity, insight and guidance on your journey in life.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

What I like the most, is being able to lovingly support the clients through their situation/s, and showing them how to be Divinely Guided by Angels and Spirit Guides to help them find the Strength and Courage to start healing their lives and to bring them Clarity, Insight, Guidance and Definition to their Life's Purpose and their journey in life.

How are you typical of your star sign?

I am a Cancerian with an Aries rising. Some of the traits for a Cancerian are true to form many are not however the Aries qualities give me the drive and greater confidence, and enthusiasm, to be more spontaneous in life's challenges with assertiveness and positivity.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

My first experience of awareness of my gift was when I was 10 years old, walking through the scrub/bush land of my parents farm I received profound insights/visions to what would be happening for me in my adult life. As a child back then I just thought it was my vivid imagination but as I became an adult all of these insights/visions became my realities and materialised. Back in those early years I had no knowledge that my mother was an avid dreamer and worked that way. I always felt the odd one out and not being understood as I was growing up.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Back in 1991 a very memorable experience for me was when I foresaw my eldest daughter's future husband, even though at the time I didn't know this and then in 1996 she actually met him. I have never liked reading for family or close friends however on an evening in 1991 when my eldest daughter came home from being out very late, I was still awake. As she stood opposite to where I was sitting all of a sudden I was shown a 6 foot tall man standing next to her with receding hairline, hazel coloured eyes and dark short hair, a solid man, compassionate, and I saw the goatee he had on his face. My daughter noticed I was being shown something and insisted I tell her, I repeatedly declined but after some time and being reassured by my spirit guides I told her and described him as I was seeing him next to her.  Some few years later after she met him and they started dating she reminded me of the accuracy of the description I had given her some few years before hand. Two years later they married and are living a happy life together now.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

My journey towards self-empowerment and enlightenment has been enriched by attaining qualifications as a Past Life Regression Therapist, Meditation & Life Mastery, Angel Intuitive & Advanced Angel Intuitive, Touch for Health, EK, Reiki & Seichem Master/Teacher, Auras & Chakras. I have completed numerous other certificates in healing modalities, self development, management and people skills courses.

I also have a Bachelor of Science in Social Work & a Minor in Counselling Psychology Degree, I am a Civil Life Celebrations Celebrant and Train the Trainer.

I have spoken and appeared live on stage at the national Mind Body Festivals, Channel 7's Sunrise Program, ABC Radio stations and Whatever in Singapore. I write for a number of spiritual magazines - Spheres the Spirit Guide, Australian Psychics Directory, That's Life Magazine and contribute to ESO.TV newsletter, articles on Angels and A Glossary of meanings of A-Z in metaphysical terminology. I am a Professional Lifetime member of the Australian/International Psychic Association.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

My belief is that a person needs to recognise that within themselves they already know what they need in answer to their issues/questions. It is purely through not trusting those feelings of answers they get, and seeking guidance from outside of themselves, and then deciding to have a psychic reading.

Through the help of my angels and spirit guides, I will support them with clarity, spiritual guidance and insights into their situation and motivating and inspiring them to allow them to take the correct, positive steps on their path in life.

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What our customers say about Natalie

I have just had a reading with Natalie and I can honestly say that this woman is truly special ! Natalie's predictions have always come true and her validations spot on. She has the most amazing insight which she delivers professionally and with integrity. Natalie pauses sometimes whilst looking into situations but always comes back with something meaningful and true. Please don't be put off by this. She will answer all that you need. 100% the real deal. Thank you so much Natalie. Xxx

- Marilyn

21st December 2016

Hi, dear Natalie, how refreshing it was to speak with you today. You saw exactly what is happening in my life and your description of my lovely gentleman friend was given in such detail I have great faith in all you have told me. I was blown away by your predictions and I also thank you for your advice which was heart felt. Thank you so much for my reading with you. It was a beautiful gentle experience and my heart is happy by all you have told me. Maureen xx

- Maureen

13th November 2016

This lady is outstanding. She knew exactly what she needed to help me with and it was all very deep. I'm so glad I phoned her and being a reader myself I know she is most definitely the real deal. She wasn't afraid to tell me off either where it was needed but we giggled about it. Lovely lady and brilliant reading xxx


23rd October 2016

Amazing ,beautiful reading from Natalie. Very spiritual and precise and comforting . Thank you so much. Wilhelmina

- N/A

9th October 2016

Thank you for a really accurate reading. Love & light xxx

- Christina

4th June 2016

Thanks Natalie for another fantastic call, (cut a little short when I ran out of credit.) The clear consistent guidance helps so much. Best wishes, D

- Deirdre

12th May 2016

Lovely lady to speak to you, she gave me very good validation. She was able to connect with my loved ones in spirit and gave me their messages, which was lovely and comforting. I asked her about my situation around me, and she said there is a surprise. And yes, that surprise happened that afternoon. Amazing. Love and light. Thank you xx

- N/A

9th May 2016

Hope the predictions come true xx


16th April 2016

Reading on 14/04/16 Natalie thank you so much for your help re my love life and financial/work aspect. You were spot on with the man in question and looking forward to your predictions happening. You sensed I had not been sleeping properly but now I finally can with your help and predictions. I will take your advice and listen to my inner intuition; something I know I do not always do! Many thanks again xx

- Jess

14th April 2016

Absolutely amazing reader - wise, calm, and comforting. Also spot on with her predictions. Have had numerous readings and miss her guidance. Please come back online soon, Natalie!

- Dee

19th January 2016

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