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Welcome, my name is AmethystRhi. I’m a Tarot & Oracle card reader as well as Clairsentient. I was around 6/7 years old when I had my first experience with Spirits. As I got to 14/15 years old, I started to have multiple encounters with Loved Ones and people I did not know who have passed over. Now as a young adult who has opened up to this side of life, I connect daily Spirit Guides through meditation to receive insight of what is to come.


What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

What I like most is seeing/hearing the client’s reactions. A lot of people I read are sceptical so to see their reactions when a loved one has come through or, they are able to understand information that has been passed over really does bring a smile to my face and gives me a burst of happiness inside. A lot of the time Spirit come out with information that may not make any sense to me however, it may make 100% sense to you. Please note, I don’t do Third Party readings.


How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

As a typical Sagittarius, I don’t shy away from letting my voice be heard and I love anything challenging that can push us to do better and gain more wisdom.


When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

It started off when I was around 6/7 years old, on and off. My mum said she was going to the cemetery on the weekend and never did. That night, I woke up around 23:00 and said "Grandma said you never came to the cemetery and you said you would!" She looked at me and said which Grandma? I responded, "Your mum, Grandma D". My mum was in complete shock, she made sure she went the next day.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

One of my favourites was when I had a job in a supermarket and I was working on checkouts. One day I was working on the tills opposite a colleague that I have never met before, I did not even know her name. She kept herself to herself and did not engage with me at all. I started that day around 07:00am and by 09:38am a Spirit came to me. He started telling me he was her Grandfather and wanted me to pass on a message to her. At first I was very hesitant because I was not fully trusting with Spirit at the time and thought I made it all up in my head. What also held me back was I did not know the colleague so, I did not want to approach her with this information. Her grandfather started to get really annoyed with me because I was being very indecisive and not letting her know. Luckily within 10 minutes of this all happening, I was sent for break. I gathered composure and calmed myself down from overthinking. I approached my colleague and explained what I do and my gifts, I asked her if she is open to receiving a message from a loved one which, she was happy to and told her, her Grandfather was present. I explained to her what he was wearing and the messages he had for her. She was so happy and shocked she got Goosebumps and explained their relationship after. She thanked me for my time and effort to speak to her and she was left with a lot of clarity and reassurance. The reason why this is so memorable for me is because I was caught off guard and did not expect Spirit to come to me while working but, the situation made me understand that no matter what you are doing, if Spirit wants to speak to you, they will always find a way to do so.


What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have had multiple experiences with Spirit which can help provide comfort in people. I’m currently completing a Spiritual course which goes in-depth on how to strengthen your Psychic abilities. Going through a Spiritual Awakening is not easy and sometimes can be a bit frightening especially because you are going through this alone and not a lot of people can understand the process. I feel that this experience is worth sharing to anyone that needs any advice on it because this process can last Months and/or Years.


What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

A lot of the time Spirit and the cards tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. The most important thing is to be open minded and positive. Try to communicate clearly with your reader. Sometimes if you’re too quiet, it makes it hard fully connect with you. Understand that all advice and information mentioned is said with positivity, love and light. 

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What our customers say about AmethystRhi

Amethyst is an excellent reader and got straight into what is currently happening. Very gifted. Thanks A x

- Allison

27th February 2021

One word, brilliant. Thanks for tuning it with my grandma and the flowers, much love!!

- Ami

27th February 2021

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