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Hello! my name is Lucy and I have been reading alongside my holistic therapy business for years! Like most people, loss and trauma in my life has pushed me in the direction to heal and within my own journey I felt the need to also help others too! I am a healer in life and specialise in Reiki where within treatments I give readings too, on top of regular readings... but now I feel like I need to expand to help as many people as possible!! There is no better feeling than delivering messages to those who seek!!

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

There is nothing that I find more personally satisfying than when I give people clarity and direction in their own lives. We are always faced with constant crossroads and dilemmas, sometimes it is hard to know which path to take. More often than not I feel people need to be reassured of certain things to enable them to take certain paths. Whether that reassurance comes from a message passed over or a message from a guide, or even from the universe - the advice is there! And I love being the person who can carry that message to the client! ...To help them move forward and find the answers they need :)

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

If you are into astrology, I can certainly say I represent all of my signs. My sun sign is Virgo and I absolutely have Virgo traits! I love to be organised and do things by the book - VERY VIRGO! I love my home and also, I’m very house proud... not only is that a Virgo trait but also an earth sign trait! I have more earth in my chart... I also have a taurus moon which makes more sense why I like being at home in my own space! I also love to be in my garden in my spare time. even though I am a hermit daily with my earth signs, my taurus bull can come out if I am provoked. I always stand up for what is right and stand my ground for what is right too!

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

As a young girl I lived in a very old property and was always aware of the previous owners. it was never something that was taken too seriously when I would talk about the 'man' or the 'tall lady'. It wasn’t until years later my visions were confirmed to be real and true via research. I would pick up on people, situations and those passed regularly & easily growing up, so much so I thought it was normal. I would get infuriated with people when I was younger because they didn't feel the same. I didn't understand then that they were not seeing or feeling what I was. Through my 20's I have learnt to channel and use my gifts correctly in the right way and also in a protected way too. In terms of being aware, it was always there, I just may not have necessarily always known how to use it properly! looking back there were always moments in my life that were not logical normally but always made sense to me!

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I have so many memorable moments it’s hard to name one. I have never had a reading not resonate with a client! However, my most memorable would potentially be someone I actually already knew. I didn't know them well the only thing I did know about them was that they were married. She was a friend of a friend. I remember even before the reading I was picking up on problems in her marriage however I told myself to stop thinking this because I assumed I was preparing myself... because all I knew about her was that she was married!!! During the reading I held back the marriage part for most of it. I ignored my intuition because I told myself it was me being silly. I told myself I was presuming things because of prior knowledge.... I gave this lady lots of other points about her life, but towards the end of the read I said - "I have to ask. is the marriage, ok?" my lady then explained the main reason she booked in was because she was going through a very traumatic divorce (I had no idea - I thought they were VERY happily married before she booked and wanted a reading) the last time I had seen her years prior she was newlywed and very happy. The reason why I would say this reading was my most memorable is because, it was in that moment I realised all the info I was getting for her, even before she was with me, info I was getting days before her reading... Even when she was far away from me and not in my presence, I was getting valid information that was important to her. and it made me realise how strong and important my intuition actually is. Ever since that moment I have never doubted myself again!!! Because I was right all along, the only thing that held me back was my own self-doubt! it was a significant breakthrough moment for me personally.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have run a holistic therapy business which is all surrounded around self-care and inner healing for around 6 years now. I work mainly as a reiki specialist, if you’re not familiar with reiki, it is a treatment which involves working with energy and the aura. Most reiki treatments are different depending on the practitioner, but as I tend to have psychic and clairvoyant abilities my reiki treatments include me reading people and their problems. The idea is to pick up on blockages in the client’s life, tell them about them and also how they themselves personally can overcome the blockages. I like to give my client clarity to leave with. To enable them and give them a chance to work on their problems and help heal from within. Although I do all this day to day, my life has been pushed in the healing direction due to my own loss and trauma. Grief is a very difficult thing, it changes us. However, since allowing myself to connect fully to 'the higher vibration' / 'the other side' I feel like I am never alone, and I feel like no matter what I always have support even if it’s not visible. I love to help others feel this way too.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

To be open!! personally with my readings you get a full coverage of your life with lots of messages. unless you have a specific question, you would like me to answer, my general readings are very rounded and cover lots of areas for you. I believe each and every message whether big or small is important. All of my future reads are written within MY purpose. Therefore, I strongly believe there is a reason why we connected, a reason why you chose to call me, and there is a reason why I have these messages waiting for you and YOUR purpose! Thank you, Love Lucy x


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Very clear and accurate reader with some deep, wise, honest advice for me.

- Kate

12th May 2023

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