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As a child I was aware of spirit which felt totally natural to me, as my family were also spiritualists. The gift flowed through from great grandparents and mostly followed the male side. In my formative years I learnt a lot from what I heard, saw and felt. I never felt shy about asking questions either. I also believe we are all gifted in some way, we just don't always know it. But life has a way of showing us many things and if we open ourselves we can grasp so much more. The knowledge and insight lies within us; all the answers are all there. It is just knowing the signs to look for and trusting yourself.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

What I like most about giving readings to clients is showing them something new they didn't realise about themselves. Also, as readers we are always learning as we go. And showing clients about opening up their instincts more and that inner knowledge to find answers for themselves. It is like looking at a puzzle but not knowing how to unlock it, but with the extra insight you could solve it. Also what is important is to find that inner contentment feeling at ease with yourself and also knowing you do deserve to be treated well by others. Confidence also is at the top of the list, that comes with time and not to give up on your dreams. Finding the right "fit" path as you would say also a priority too.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Quick to act and a leader sometimes, but knows when to give someone a chance to take a lead. I would say when I was younger I was hot headed, but age has calmed that down! Love to live in the moment at times and also impulsive too.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

At the age of about seven I can remember things I would experience and see. Saw spirit in many things, Also because I am very artistic, it helped me to feel inspired with being creative.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Making the connection with spirit names etc that came and being able to see what was around them. Also hearing joy in their voices with the connection too. Most memorable things are also about what you give about the future and they come back to let you know what has happened. Then you know you are getting good information and it is pure joy then to help everyone.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have a lot of life experience and also being a reader life has challenged me more at times because of it. Makes you ask more, and search more for your self so then you can inform more with everyone. Also traveled a lot, lived in America both east and west coasts. Travelled to India, Thailand both were very spiritual places because of the people and the culture there. Have sat in circle for development, studied different divination tools but most messages come from within and from spirit

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

The most important thing is to relax and know that you will be enlightened and will find more courage than you did before in yourself. Also to go away happier and clearer in life's problems

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What our customers say about Ava

Lovely reading how accurate will def call again Amazing really enjoyed my read then I got cut off Thank you so much love & light x

- Anon

4th April 2022

Thank you for a phenomenal reading spot on with spirit coming though Love light and healing Karen xx

- Karen

3rd April 2022

Extremely good accurate and genuine reader. Lots of validation. Clear. No flannel. Asks no questions. Surprised she hasnt had more feedback. Excellent and genuine. Thanks Ava for this evening's chat. We'll see if he rocks up by end of March?! Lisa x

- Lisa

8th February 2022

I had a reading with Ava in August and everything she told me came about in November and there was no time limit on the prediction it was amazing Ava won’t give you false info it’s always accurate and helpful Ava is a lovely person with a calming voice and calming energy Thank you yet again for todays session will update soon much love Xx

- Anon

3rd January 2022

Thank you soo much for today Ava! You are amazing!! You picked up everything around me without asking any questions and gave me some brilliant things to look into. Am going to get on it! I've just realised we have spoken before, you were right :)! Thank youuuu, take care x

- Anon

26th November 2021

Loved it! Ava immediately connected to me she is a truly gifted lady. Hope all the predictions come true. I wish you well and look forward to speaking to you again

- Isabel

9th March 2021

I don’t know what happened we just got cut off but Ava Thankyou for the amazing reading Calm accurate spot in reading and Thankyou for the advice lots of love Xxxxx

- Rena

11th June 2020

I have had a few readings with Ava. she is a natural and very advanced. She is one of the best here.She is kind and understanding, You won't be disappointed. Thank you Ava for all your help it has been a tough journey. Hugs, Diane in Vancouver.

- diane

13th February 2020

I pressed the wrong button was meant to extend the reading!! Gutted. Ava is fantastic and accurate calming reader please call her Thankyou so much you were 100% spot on and will call very soon XRemaX

- Rena

25th August 2019

An amazing warmth reader. Picked up on the situation straight away without asking questions. Gave accurate validations. Highly recommended!.

- A

24th March 2019

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